My son came out as gay. What should I do

My son came out as gay. What should I do.

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Be glad he doesn't have gender dysphoria. How old is he?


You should probably give him the "you can't get a guy pregnant but you can still catch and spread STDs" sex talk. Aside from that, not sure what else needs to be said. If you're not cool with it, I'm not gonna say you're right or wrong because it's not up to any of us to dictate how you should feel about it, and I don't have kids (yet). But just remember that he's still your son even if he's gay, and there's not really anything you can do to change either of those things.

Disown him.

“Does that mean I’m gay?”

What do you want to do OP?

dubs confirm, do this OP

Electroshock therapy.

For both of you.


>Congrats on being a homo, but I wanted grandchildren. Thanks. You can leave now.

Ask him to donate his sperm so your bloodline can still continue, unless you’re ugly and below 6 foot

>spread homosexual genes
The one good thing about gays, much like women who get abortions, is that they don't spread their self-defeating genes. Do NOT donate sperm as a gay guy, please.

Love him, support him and wish him happiness


Kill him and start from scracth

Has he ever had a girlfriend or is he an incel trying to convince himself that he didn’t get one because “he was gay”

I’d be so defeated. Kick that faggot out of the house and put him in foster care or the shittiest military school you can find. He’s not your kid anymore. It would be like if my daughters told me they were going to be isis sex slaves. It wouldn’t even bother me, they’d be out of my life. Cut that faggot off!

Make him eat a whole carton of hot dogs till he never wants to suck a dick again.

If you're son came out as straight, what would you do?

Best advice

Hits dubs confirms.

Think of it this way, on one hand you’re losing a son, on the other, you’re gaining a hobby room.

Tell him how disappoint that you are about him being a powerbottom.