There's this guy who rarely responds whenever anyone in class greets him but he doesn't disassociate himself from us...

There's this guy who rarely responds whenever anyone in class greets him but he doesn't disassociate himself from us. What are the odds? Should I ask him about it?

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whats the subject?

and why do you care?

I'm interested in him.

Move on


so either he's there for the course and is disinterested in anything but classroom cohesion, or he's generally not a social person.

And if you're interested in him romantically, neither of those things are really stopping you from approaching him.

but if you're interested in him in any less meaningful way, sounds like asking for trouble if you don't have any other reason to get closer to his type.

you didn't give us much to go on.


Because he's just trying to go to fucking class. Quit trying to bug him because you're horny

Well I'm just worried that he hates me or the class or anything because he seems cold

He doesn't give a shit, you neurotic fool. Again, he is just going to class. Christ whatever you do, do not make a move on him because you're clearly not in a position to be a good romantic partner if this is your mental gymnastics

I wouldn't ask him about it specifically, but yeah friendship is always good and the romance will work itself out. If you're a social person then it should be easy to make conversation with him though if you aren't then I have no idea how you'd go about talking to him.

Don’t listen to these idiots, just go ask him to study or some shit, nothing wrong with a girl shooting her shot, if he doesn’t take it erst you just move on and it’s the same as if you didn’t do anything

Fuck off, it's class not a social club. If the guy wanted to speak, he could.

God I thought only woman had white nights you’re such a pussy trying to stop social interaction between two people I’m sure he’s man enough to show her he’s not interested, she might make his day for all you know. Better to have the chance than to not.

Fucking this. I'd probably quit college if normies actually tried engaging in conversation with me. Group work, fine, I'll participate. Otherwise I leave alone, and they me.

He's in class with all of them, he has a working mouth eyes and legs, if the guy was interested he would have used all 3 to make contact and associate with op or his other classmates. This isn't rocket science, if the guy wants to hang out, he will ask to. If he wants to speak to you, he will. Otherwise, keep your bullshit to yourself.

Nice try same fag but OP is gonna shoot her shot and probably sit on his dick and there’s nothing you can do about it

You're right
>guy becomes even more removed from the class and stops showing up
Haha wow good looks op

What are you going on about?

Just stating one outcome that could happen

Yeah and I guess I could die in a car crash tomorrow but what the fuck I’m still gonna drive my car


OP, if this is real and not bait, as it's clearly already aggravated at least one person, just become friends with him and go from there. If you are too suggestive off the bat, you'll probably put him off, but then again, I have no idea how much of a go-getter the dude is.

You should probably spend more time driving then.


You go girl

How do people this fucking self-centered exist? You think some guy hates you because he doesn't give you attention in a class? What the fuck?

I'm a shy guy who only speaks in class if it's relevant to the course. I would not mind a girl approaching me at all to study, fuck off autist. It takes 5 seconds to say you're not interested, don't pretend it disrupts your studies.

>It takes 5 seconds to say you're not interested
And if you're autistic it can take 15 minutes or more to get back your train of thought instead of replaying this trivial interaction over and over again in your head.

go ahead shoot that shot if not then move on.

she should get murdered

Maybe he's really shy.