How do you fix the ugly?

How do you fix the ugly?

No, It's not my hairstyle or the way I dress.

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It's not weight either

plastic surgery? Fat suction? rreeeeeeee

I'm not fat and never were
Plastic surgery is not an option

Work out, nothing more don’t worry about your shit fashion taste yet or your gay haircut, lift weights stop being a skinny or fat faggot and then work on the hairstyle the clothes the fun attitude woman want.

I am working out. I'm not fat nor skinny.
It's just literally my face, bone structure or whatever.


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I'm male

Well then what do you want a magic fucking button that makes you have a a better face?
>not skinny or fat
Workout harder, if you don’t look fucking muscular and defined then you ain’t got it yet boss

Male makeup

Same principles apply. Git gud at it.

Idk user
I actually thought about getting fat because I have big fat ears and nose so they look more natural.

Boss you gotta understand, how ever your face looks that’s the league you’re in right? You probably won’t get the 10/10 in cold approaches, but having a muscular body will make the hoes in your league wet. I mean would you rather a scrawny ugly face girl or fucking thot big ass skinny waist ugly face girl? They feel the same way. And when it comes to finding someone who is sane and good for settling down with you will be a walking example of discipline and determination showed through your results at the gym

Fix your personality. The only way you can make yourself look good is if you have a desirable attitude. You wouldn't want to look like yet at the same time have a shitty personality.

Nature makes people pretty or handsome. Anyone not in that select group can be one of two things - ugly or beautiful/striking. And the choice is entirely up to them.

Declare that what you look like is beautiful and wear yourself proudly. That's the whole secret. Look at some "attractive" movie stars of both genders closely and you'll see that very few of them are classically pretty/handsome. But they face the world with the confidence of being good-looking and the world believes them.

I am going to the gym it hasn't helped yet.
I'd say my personality is fine

Find your style and roll with it and be confident obviously

You can tell this post was written by a woman, lol.
Explain why some guys get approached by bitches yet it never happens to some guys or it happens only rarely. Fuck off with your "confidence" meme.


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Grow manly beard.

you can get a better body you can get a better personailty. but sometimes you cant fix the ugly. easiest is just accept it and go about your day.

You can tell this post was written by a low IQ kissless virgin incel NEET.

>low IQ kissless virgin incel NEET
>so many buzzwords
Literally, and I'm not even joking, kill yourself this instant.

>I am going to the gym it hasn’t helped yet.
You are a lost cause, this is Darwinism at its finest

>Find a haircut adapted to the shape of your face
>Clean your face twice a day
>Sleep well
>Grow a beard

>Hit the gym
>Find clothes adapted to your body type
>Shower everyday

This is basically enough to make any man at least 6/10