Got crushes fb password (saw her type it in slowly because she's slow)

>got crushes fb password (saw her type it in slowly because she's slow)
>snooped through her messages
>turns out she thinks im a weirdo and is just pretending to be nice to me while making fun of me to her friends behind my back
why do people do this? why doesn't she just ignore me like anyone else who isn't interested in me?
instead she pretends shes interested in me and even goes out of her way to be around me just to make fun of me anyway

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To be fair, you are a weirdo if you sneaked into her fb account. Now grow a pair of balls and YouTube search Corey Wayne. I don’t really like dating coaches but he can teach you something about what to do if a girl is not (yet) interested and when to back off and not appear needy/beta.

That shit hurts user... girls play shitty games. It’s better to cut your losses now so she doesn’t get her enjoyment anymore. It’s toxic and bitchy, youd be 100 times happier without her making you feel like shit. Trust me, one day the tables will turn and she’ll be in your shoes. It’s a matter of time till karma kicks her ass. For now don’t do anything drastic or harmful. Wait for life to take its cycle. It will hurt her more than any human being on the planet could.

>why does girl pay attention to me even though she doesn't like me

She enjoys the attention

I feel you user.
This is why I totally gave up on women.
She wants attention and validation. Ghost her forever.

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This is the perfect opportunity to make her feel second guess herself.
You can really make her feel shitty.

Just be completely unresponsive and if she ever says hi act like you don't want to talk to her or that she disgusts you. If you're with friends, turn around and laugh/snicker and act like you're talking about her.

You'll have her thinking something is wrong with her and she'll chase you for answers.
Girls that play games deserve the same treatment.

Do this, but after a while of her asking for answers, tell her that some of her friends told you that she says mean things about you behind your back. Further imply that her friends think she's a bitch, and only hang around her for entertainment or something (if she's wealthy, say it's because they just use her for clout). Don't give her any names to create a sense of uncertainty.

Hopefully you can plant the idea in her head that her friends aren't genuine and cause infighting.

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Grow a pair. Since you already did that shit thing (almost stooping to her level) you already now she's a vapid slut who deserves no respect. Ignore her completely.

Value yourself only. In 10 year you're going to look at her and say "yuck"

just experienced the same, the girl I had a crush on's mom has cancer. that made me deciding I wouldn't even date because ya know, never stick ya dick in crazy

Why are there people like this? I know we're basically all degenerates in Jow Forums but why do we accept bullshit like this?

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You are a fucking weirdo if you go onto her fb account you weirdo

I overheard few girl convos of my sister with her friends and it's absolutely horrifying how cold they are when talking about their boyfriends or guys they know are in love with them. They're literally stroking their egoes in front of each other with absolutely no emotion involved in it at all.

>People giving him shit for snooping
All of you would jump at the chance to find out what your crush thinks of you.

Anyway, move on, buddy. Break contact. You don't need that kind of person in your life. Period. Don't waste your time, it's not worth it. There are good people out there that will actually care about you.

Sounds like you need better taste in women, kid. Also sounds like you need to not intrude on other people's privacy.

Post screenshots so we know what we're dealing with here


im not at uni I think if I try to log in from home it will give off a new device alert.
basically everything i ever confided in her was completely public, things like my family situation sucking etc.
everything remotely bad would be forwarded to her group which would laugh at me

She's probably too afraid of you to completely ignore you and makes fun of you to cope with the fact that a creep likes her

but i never did anything that was creepy
i only ever escalated to her level of advances - she initiated most things first until recently

Maybe she a tundra wacko. Hate them kind.

Tsundre i meant.

>got crushes fb password
>snooped through her messages
>turns out she thinks im a weirdo
Reread these three over and over until it makes sense. You clearly don't understand boundaries or what is and isn't socially acceptable. I very strongly doubt that this is the only time you've done something unacceptable or weird. Learn from your mistakes, learn what is and is not socially acceptable behaviour, and stop doing things that are not.

>why do people do this
Probably either because you scare her or she feels bad for you. She can make fun of you privately with her friends without intending to hurt you, that shit wasn't for you to read and was an invasion of her privacy. People make fun of others who frustrate them, it happens. It's a great way to let off steam and also joke around. It especially happens in professions where other people are involved or where there are really egregious things going on.

Learn from your mistakes, and learn from the fact people think you're weird, use that to improve yourself.


god dman that's actually good advice
(im not OP)

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Fuck off you tundra wacko.

>sneaks into crushes fp account
>omg she thinks im a weirdo

jeez i wonder why

Shitty begets shitty I guess, man



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