I've done a huge mistake

I've done a huge mistake

I'm in Poland right now, and on wednesday i visited a stripclub with some friends
problem is that i got drunk really fast (one of the others suspected they spiked the drinks with more alcohol)
At one point i take two grils to a room and play with them a little. only until after i've paid a few transactions i notice how much they take, even only for one shot
I also suspect they may have given me something other than alcohol. I am actually considering talking to a lawyer.

Should i go back to the club just to confront the strippers before i leave, or should i just leave without going back there?

Anything else you can recommend me?

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Don't try and confront some strippers in Poland who you suspect are willing to drug you unless you want to get the shit kicked out of you, robbed, murdered, or some combination of the three.

Take it as a learning experience and dont do strip clubs in foreign cities without a local dum dumb.

But if i am able to prove drugs were involved, that they took way too much, and then take legal action to get some money back, shouldn't i?

No, you will be putting yourself in unnecessary realistic danger. Learn to live with the sting.

If you go to police you might be laughed at, but i suggest going there first at least. Even if not is there any evidence that will change it from a "he said, she said" situation, can they be tied to drugs? Is it money you can live without? Did you actualky withdraw from an atm, or just gave them the money that was on you?

Remember Jow Forums kiddos, this is what Poland is actually like.

To the local police?
I payed by card, so i can prove that. They also took what i had in cash when i didn't look

I can live without, but it's insanely much and my most expensive night of my life

GBL is traceable only for a few hours

Ofc to the local police, you might also attempt to contest the card in the grounds of that you might be coerced, but not sure how good that will work.

Also, ar least i hope you learned your lesson..

No it isn’t. You’ve never been there have you?

Call bank, make opposition asap.
Go back home, go to police, fill a complain. Go to your bank, use credit card insurance. Worked fine for me.

you agreed to the price, not your banks fault you bought $100 shot of vodka or whatever

Move on, If they're already commit a crime with your cards, they capable to do everything they want to you. Don't be stupid, do the right thing and stay away of this shit.


This sounds suspiciously close to the "Poland story" on the Misfits Podcast #1

You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes OP. Next time, pull out a set amount of money and don't go over it - like how the rest of us adults do it.

OP here

Maybe because it's so common?
I went to two police stations, and both places told me "this is not uncommon". At the first one, the guy even said it happened to him
They couldn't file the report because the translators weren't there. and i'm leaving in a few hours, so i have to talk to police in my country

Your first great mistake was going to poland in the first place

I have and in fact I am going there in a couple of hours. I know it is a poor shithole filled with grumpy people and scammers, not the white paradise with traditional virgin waifus that Jow Forumstards think it is.

This and don't get belligerently drunk in unfamiliar countries where you likely don't know your surroundings, you don't have the resources for help, you probably can't speak the language to ask for help or communicate what you need in a dangerous situation. Definitely don't fucking go into shady locations i.e. strip clubs

This. I mean, it was extremely stupid of you to allow yourself to get so shit-faced in an environment that you don't know and in a country where you don't speak the language. It's almost as if you were ASKING them to rip you off.

I'd consider this a very very expensive life-lesson, OP. You lived, you learned and you're NOT going to make this mistake again, are you?