How does one find himself a girlfriend?

How does one find himself a girlfriend?
>24 y/o
>Been working out consistently supplied by clean diet for the past year and a half
>I look pretty good mane
>Friends say I'm hilarious
>Not completely socially retarded, learned how to small-talk over the years
>Even better at deeper conversations
I can list positive things about me, but listing negative things will be much easier and will yield a far longer list.
I don't think my problem is looks or any of the things that are usually the problem with most guys. I believe doubt and insecurity are what hinder my success with women.
I do find myself in social situations and even when I do manage to talk to a girl, I discard myself because I feel I'm forcing my presence, and she would rather be talking with someone funnier/more attractive/better than me. Sometimes these thought prevent me from even trying, because as long as there is someone better than me around, her eyes are on him and I'm just persona non grata. Is there a way to fix my head? Anything other than "man stop thinking like that lmao"? Am I totally fucked?

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You can have mine!

I know exactly how you feel. The question I asked myself at some point was: What exactly have I done to get a gf? Like something that leads directly to getting a gf, not just working out or developing my social skills. Turns out I never really tried. Yeah I was flirty with girls when I met them but I never took the initiative to go any further.

Dating is essentially a 3 stage thing. Meeting, dating and relationship. You’re already at the relationship part in your head, that’s why you’re stuck. Don’t think too many steps ahead.
I‘m assuming you have no problem meeting girls you’re interested in and from what you write some girls must find you interesting too. So when you chat with them take the first step and ask for their number so you can meet up some time. Some girls will say no but in my experience most girls are okay with getting coffee or a drink with someone they at least remotely like. Then be your best, escalate, be funny, touchy and go on like 2-3 dates with her. At some point you’ll kiss her and then you might have a girlfriend.

Obviously a lot can go wrong in the dating stage but that’s how it works. Ask yourself; are you meeting girls? Are you getting numbers? Are you going on dates? If the answer is no take one step back and fix that.

And when you feel like you’re forcing yourself on a girl when you’re meeting her just give her space and back off after getting her number. You’ll have enough one on one time when you’re going out.

>doubt and insecurity are what hinder my success with women

I stopped reading here and I feel you have found the problem. Fix this and you will find success.

Try tinder?

It's all a leap of faith, man. Just ask her out.

>literally only guy in class of girls
>can make jokes, chat, try hard enough in class that they all think im smart when actually I've dropped out of uni
>don't want to make move on any of them because it would feel weird
>fucked up asking a girl who was interested a few weeks ago
>there is a girl who I think is terrifically hot in another class but it's be even more weird to track down when I can talk to her

I am surrounded by cute young girls, autistic and dyel as I am I have never been more fit or not so autistic and I can't do shit. I've seen the few rare guys in other classes get gfs. For some reason I can't

Aaaaaaaaaaa most anons would KILL to be in my situation surrounded by so much opportunity but I just fucking cant

Women only want the Alpha Chad or Brad.
If you are not an Alpha than women won't give you the time of day.

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Tinder is only for the 9s and 10s.


You described yourself as a chad...

Show me your selfie

Tinder is for everyone.


good friendzone material you have

In the same boat as you more or less and I must say is spot on, youve improved yourself now you have to actively pursue a relationship not passively (within reason).
For me the issue is that I take a while to warm up to people so when I realize im interested in someone the reasonable time window to make a move is gone or much harder to achieve.

Fixing insecurity like that won't be easy. The only solution I see is approaching random girls on a street, chatting with them for a bit and then asking for their number. While you do that focus on yourself. The idea is not to get the number but to overcome your stupid thoughts. It's gonna be really hard at first but that's the point. You seem smart enough. don't get your genes get darwined.

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Also what really helped me is doing things which I found to be scary. For example if the teacher asks for volunteer and the idea scares you think to yourself "aha! This is an opportunity for me to improve". This way you change your fear into opportunity. Doing things such as these will build your confidence which is what you need

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>written by a man

Why is a normie asking on Jow Forums

Haha I was in this situation as well being the only guy in French immersion surrounded by the hot smart chicks yet I was completely autistic and played the lone wolf edgy mysterious guy, basically Sasuke. There were several girls handing themselves to me on a platter but I was to much of a beta to leap on the opportunities others would die for, it just felt bad and slutty of me if I gave in. Fast forward to now turning 25 soon kv, got friendzoned by my oneitis, but texting and dating someone slowly now that will probably end sometime in the future but I'm hoping to kiss at the very least. I missed out on teen poon but I don't think I regret it, I'm more into deep connections with people and those are what I have with the two girls mentioned above.


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I wish it was. It's what happens when I really am a terrifically shitty friendless loser of a person but spent years perfecting the craft of pretending I'm not. It kills me inside. I saw a guy in the same year end up kissing the fuck out of and gf'ing a qt weeks in on the first year. Some of the girls are now close friends. I did have a girl who threw herself at me. All the girls definitely have no issues with me and I would go so far as to say they even enjoy the jokes or presentations I give, not just out of pity or because I'm the only guy in class.

What the fuck did I do except fuck it up and stay lonely?


Good luck with the one you're dating. I know people say to guys to relax, you have time, but at around 25 that's a third or more of your life.