Would any femanons be willing to edate me provided youre ok with my looks and personality?

would any femanons be willing to edate me provided youre ok with my looks and personality?

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No one like dudes that selfpitty.

Go show your face on >>/soc/ and pray for another NEET lady that isn't a catfish.

/soc/ is indignant, ive posted my face there before, in rate threads, but got mixed signals, and the girls I've added from discord threads are naturally suspicious of me, being a stereotypical virginal internet male / potential axe murderer in their eyes, and it being the case that none of them want a relationship in the first case. The only one who seemed interested in me turned out to be a porn star with 20k views on her content, on pornhub. And that's just a level of rankness that im not prepared to indulge. Altogether /soc/ is an almost lynchian experience for me because although im a khv at 21, I dont rlly share their peculiar disease, im just some lonely who doesnt yet feel like a man.

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Gotta start somewhere, boy.
Make friends with women and keep getting rejected after asking. A line of communication with women is better for learning than only ever asking them out.

I dont understand the alure of egf s. Unless i can physically be with that person, at least without the possibility i just dont see thst much a reason.

Sure i can fly to a European country once per month since i am also a eurofag, but wouldnt it be silly to start sth lets say in USA if i am not go8ng there in the foreseeable future?

I am not trolling, please explain if i am missing something.

I mean, I met my first boyfriend on Jow Forums, it could work

This is worse than those pua videos... u rlly think i need to be shown the basics of interaction & attraction - be interesting, have hobbies, have passions, etc... im not some dumb blob i dont need to be told these things

beggars cant be choosers... id rather have half the experience than none at all

How about you take in the entirety of the video from the ground up, mr khv?
I'm mentioning things that are towards the end, but establishing framework is also important.

towards the end... dont be overbearing, be funny, be friendly... incel problems

mhm, these are likely your problems... keep going.

I'll be your egf if you buy my loincloths on a subscription basis.

ive been alienated from society since birth n only managed to remain cognizant of common discourse thru the internet and books fundamentally speaking this is my problem not some lame incapacity for intelligent behavior.

And you know what's the only cure for that?
>Actually participating in society as a practice until you develop understanding of what normal socialization is.

I’m willing to be your egirl if you buy me stuff

>I’m willing to be your egirl if you buy me stuff
This is the way the physical world works also.

i cant buy ur love...

The only girls that would be okay with this are fucked up. You're just going to get fucked up by them.
Try to find normal girls and interact with them on a friendly basis doing group activities.

ive known this but i cant seem to get any form of social circle... I didn't go to primary school, I don't go to college, I'm too poor for the night life, and I don't enjoy it anyway. I live in a shitty crime den of a neighborhood.
I'm lonely and wanna feel the warmth of another person cause ive never felt it before but I keep hearing about it... but I didn't live a normal life, so all the normal methods don't work for me.


sorry tumblr got shutdown user.

It doesn't matter how fucked up your life is, you have to pull yourself out of it. I felt the same way and it never helped. You just have to focus on getting ahead no matter the obstacle. Get a better job, go back to school. You need to have goals and start working on yourself.
Better yourself and you'll have more options.