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>What do girls/guys think about ?
>Do like ?
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of .
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, bit by bit, step by step. There is no "magic moment" (or activity) that will instantly change you.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out. "Signs" of attraction are meaningless.

>Where do I meet people for ?
Anywhere outside. Or online. Above all, leave your comfort zone.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me.
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Coffee is the preferred first date, but any of the following may work: lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, froyo, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, gallery, park, .

>I'm insecure because of my penis
>Do women prefer penises of certain qualities?
>How do I my penis?
Fuck off

>Why can't just give a straightforward rejection?!
>Why are terrible? . .
Fuck off

>Why is there no new thread?
Make one yourself! Try these macros:

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I keep matching with Asian qts on tinder. Is Tinder trying to promote WMAF couples? Or do I just appeal to Asian grills?

i asked an e- girl to skype and she said she never do video chat with anyone ever, shall i cut the hope and break the deal of a future gf project?
and she's not catfish.

yes or no / why and why not?

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Anything I can do to become more attractive as a femenine guy? Physically and and personality wise

on a scale from 1 to 10, how is it important to have clean shoes for a guy? Why?

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No. Because staying invested emotionally in your ex partner is disrespectful when you find a new one.
Unless you have very valid reasons (children) staying in touch is always a big, fat nope.

Male 23 here ,never had any problems with wlmen except this one 19 y old girl im friends with, asked her out and told that i liked her in november and she said yes , couldnt go because "she was busy" then asked her out again in february only to hear she was seeing someone , she then became closer to me in this last month and says shes single , she both shows signs of interest and then acts lime she doesnt likes me, i dont know what to do ,i really like her but her indecisiveness is troublesome.
Any advice bois/grills?
I told her clearly that i like her and i dont want to be only friends with her, ive expressed myself clearly with my actions and words.

Yes, because long-distance shit like that doesn't work.

>she says she's single
>she says this after you've been a sperg and done the confession nonsense
Ask her on a date you fool.

Well. Your shoes should be decent (no holes or stuff like that) and you should never have extremely dirty shoes that are gross or smelly.
But it depends on the shoe and the occasion. You can afford to have little dirty sneakers that you wear casually, you can afford to have dirty hiking boots, you should never have dirty shoes in a formal setting (whether it's work or a date) and absolutely keep your very formal, dressy shoes spotless.

How to I get my bf to try gentle femdom? I don't mean stuff like pegging or humiliation, more like me being the big spoon and tying him up and riding his face?

Why would anyone ever. I mean, how dependent do you have to be to think "Hmm, friendship with this person I used to be intimate with and inevitably will start fucking other people - hmm, yes"

Nah. You broke up for a reason, and odds are it wasn't mutual (even if you both claimed it was). Someone's gonna get butthurt and act like an idiot when the other starts fucking someone.

I just went for it. It's not the kind of stuff that requires a huge talking, in my opinion. The things you want to try are fairly vanilla. And I mean... I like being dominant, so it's not a problem to take initiative.
I just got on top of him and started to ride him, or asked him if he could be a good boy and let me sit on his face.

At this point yeah, tho she clearly express her dislike of the idea of us dating, people often joke about it since we are close and she looks visibily upset.
I guess third time is the good one right?

How do men and women talk to each other in the grown up world? How does that talking lead to physical contact and then sex?

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It sounds like she doesn't want to be your gf to begin with. I had no problem being on webcam with my bf and going to see him, because I liked him.

damn. that girl confuses me. she always flirt with me and so, and when i don't text her for a while she asks if i'm okay etc... am i being manipulated to be her attention giver and ego booster?

I’m not saying to ask her to be your girlfriend. I’m saying to take her out on a date. Don’t confuse going on dates with her with dating her.

Kind of? Seems like it is working too.

I don't know, met my boyfriend on here, and right after we met we were on webcam almost 10 hours a day. And I don't go on webcam much.

Thats what i did , ive never told her "i want you to be my gf", thatd be creepy as shit , i asked her out as in "hey i like you(as a woman) and i wanna hang out with you".
Thanks anyway senpai.

How to make up for shitty looks?
Is there any chance?
I´m 25 and never had a girlfriend

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any sex
Why is eye contact so important to you? When I'm speaking I feel perfectly comfortable looking on the ground. Why are you forcing me to look in your damn eyes? I just want to understand.

Is that you?
You don't look like shit, you're pretty cute in a slav way.
Shave that pubes on your face, smile, work out and you're a 7-8/!0 in my book.

You arent ugly
Your haircut is cucked tho.
Trim that goatee , get nice clothes , learn to talk to people.

Eye contact is probably the biggest part of non-verbal communication.
By looking someone in the eyes and smiling at them you look so much more personable, likeable, attentive and kind. If you look away, you're communicating you don't care or you have something to hide.

Do you have any developmental problem? Incapability of keeping eye contact is one of signs of autism.

>Incapability of keeping eye contact is one of signs of autism.
not him. but lol i think i have autism...

Don’t do that either dude. The whole explicitly saying “I like you” is as bad as “please be my gf”. Just ask her to coffee.

so was awkwardly emailing with this girl
>i like things do u like things? lol!
and got digits, a pic, and an invitation to call or text
texted her a pic of my face
i have a Gimley beard and it scares animals and small children
haven't heard anything back in a day or so
>yhes i read the FAQ
>nho this isn't COMPLETELY fear of rejection
Don't want to come on too strong
should i call her?
or play it cool and go back to emailing?

also am i being stupid and overanalyzing all of this?

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Shave. Wash your hair. Don’t dress in all black. Wear a shirt with a collar sometimes. Looks are fine. Yeah your eyes are asymmetrical, but that’s easy to overlook.

So there's a girl i like but I'm afraid to tell her. But do girls know when a guy likes her without us telling them?

It's just one.
There are a lot of symptoms that govern more than just social skills.
You might also just have social anxiety.

Nah. We get hounded by guys all the time, so it can be really hard to know when a dude just want to fuck or actually likes you. So we treat guys like ghost, try to ignore them and hope they go away.

It's more likely a catfish.
No, it's bad for both of you.
Appeal to your crowd.
like 10/10 important unless they have a working job that requires being nasty.
It's a bad impression to keep shoes around until they develop holes/look dingy, says potential hoarder/clinger.
Trust and patience to educate him with safewords and propper protocol.
With sex education and confirming attraction.
>short jawline
I really think you'd at least look more normal shaped without facial hair.
You got froppy jaw, my dude.
It's part of non verbal communication in developing trust and attraction. Looking at them in the eye means that you like/trust them.

>Is that you?

>you're pretty cute in a slav way
If slav means slavic. then that´s interesting.
I´ve been on holiday in slavic countries twice and it was the only place where girls somehow were attracted to me.
Thanks for the advice!

No more goatee anymore, alright.
Thanks as well

If a girl is quite in love with me, what are the steps I have to take to have sex with her and persuade her?

Oh aight , ive never had a problem with other girls telling them that.

Was friends with a woman for 4-5 years. Recently developed feelings for her and dropped hints followed by asking her out to a no. Do I just end the friendship because of the barrier?

If you can’t handle it—and it’s fine if you can’t—then it’s proabbly better if you just walk away.

Guys, is it fine texting a guy anytime if he presumably kinda likes you? I just can't take this weird situation anymore and I need to talk it out. I'm so afraid of texting people because I think I'd just be a bother to them, especially if other is busy.

Post face. Otherwise we don't know if your looks actually scared her or you're paranoid

It's fine, it's just a text.

I'm 29 and have never had a gf. I'm not fat. What do?

>I'm so afraid of texting people because I think I'd just be a bother to them
Sounds like a general self esteem issue, not a gender specific one.

>especially if other is busy.
People can text back whenever they have time dude, so that doesn't matter.

>Guys, is it fine texting a guy anytime
Yeah, just do it. I believe in you internet person.

Yes, text him. It can be about anything. I wish the girl who liked me would just text to chat, but we both fell out of the habit and I can’t think of anything to say.

same question, is there some sort of clear cut or a sliding scale rule when you can express interest without dropping all the spaghetti?

what if it's like a break and the S/O moves out?
also what if then they want an open FWB relationship?

We live in a modern age. People read texts when they feel like it. So no pressure.

Well it's kind of late right now, so I'll move it tomorrow (also I had a shitty day so I wouldn't be at my best shape). But I'll do it tomorrow afternoon! Lets hope for the best, I'd finally like to discuss things with him over the phone too.

work harder if you want a good gf. "not fat" should be the default.

Not him, but what does it mean? I work as software engineer which is pretty decent I think. Salary is nice too. What else?

Make sure you actually do it. I keep swearing I’ll text her “tomorrow” and keep putting it off. Or that I’ll ask her out for the weekend, but I remember I need to get a haircut and need to get my beard lined up, and I don’t know what I’d wear... so then I put it off.

So please don’t do what I’m doing. Don’t make excuses.

>No, I will not eat pizza or watch Netflix with you
What kind of women will I get with this tinder bio?

It’s always better to focus on something positive than a negative, it’s more attractive. Even if someone aren’t into pizza or Netflix, negative attitude is usually a no-no

Is it creepy to invite a girl on a hike (platonicly as friends not as a date)? I can see how it could be considered creepy since it's basically "come out to the woods with me" but with a proper term. I've never had a girl say yes to a hike, but I've had guys say yes to it. Am I just asking the wrong people or is it something that can actually be considered creepy?

Girls tend to be more careful. Need to befriend them and be more trustworthy before suggestion alone-time activities

I'll definitely do it, I need to fucking clear this mess up and put an end to games created by a misunderstanding. Last message I said he can't escape certain things and he answered "What? I'm not escaping anything" etc. I think this is a sign for not to worry that much.

How to do this if I cant actually hang out with them? I dont really think I'm creepy, I certainly dont have any bad intentions or anything, I just tend to get along better with girls. I just have difficulty finding something we could do that wont cost a ton, since we love in California and everybody my age is always broke, myself included

People say women like guys with hobbies. Is running road races something I should tell Girls about? Or is running for goobers?

Second date with a girl I really like in a few days. The first date went okay/good I guess, we talked a lot and she asked me out again so she must have enjoyed too I think. I was unsure about how far I should go on our first date already so I have a few questions.

Is it okay if I kiss her on the cheek when greeting her? We’ve seen each other at a few partys and went out once already.

Is kissing her on the second date normal?

Our first date was fun, we talked but there wasn’t a real spark or magic if you know what I mean. It was more like talking to a good friend. I think we were both very nervous lol.
How do I create a nice, romantic atmosphere where we can let go and magic can happen?

If you overthink it, it’s gonna be awkward. Just read the situation and moment and go from there.

I think you need to not try sending “messages” and just talk about stuff. Chat. Hint that he should take you out. I’ve been lucky in that the girl I like has been really proactive in that way. It’s always, “Hey have you heard of [movie, event, or museum]?” And then she’ll talk about how she’s interested in seeing it or going there.

If you don’t have confidence in your hobby, the girl definitely won’t have it.

It’s fine, lots of girls love running.

You’re probably right there

>How do I create a nice, romantic atmosphere where we can let go and magic can happen?
Basically do what you did on the first date. Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you’re legitimately getting dates with her, then you’re not on the friend zone track.

I'd say just go for the mild stuff.
The last one I think you should talk about before hand because lack of air can be pretty damn scary.

Yeah dude. It's just a text. I'd welcome it 2bh.
I'd like to ask you a question, how long does it take for you to reply to messages?


i'm totally stealing this guy's girl
they've been together for five years and they have a 3yo son together. they also bought a house. they're not married
he works 17 hours a day and she's home alone with their kid
her and i have been texting all day every for over a week now. it's still in the early stages but i can see where this is going. we'll end up sleeping together
am i an asshole?

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>a break
Same as breaking up
>the S/O moves out
That actually makes it more likely that you'll become friends someday. Continuing to live together would make things intolerable pretty quickly.
>also what if then they want an open FWB relationship?
Don't do that. It's all or nothing.

Yeah you're an asshole. But if she wants to fool around she'll find someone to do it with.

but i've given her like 5 chances to break it off and she hasn't

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Is it okay for me to pity women since they have to deal with bleeding their innards out once a month?

If you look at the ground, it shows a lack of confidence.

Most important is having the confidence, assertiveness, and decisiveness to actually try. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

If you are actually trying and not having luck... Either you aren't trying enough, or you have to work on some aspect of your appearance or personality. Without knowing either I can't say.

Don't pity, be empathetic. Pitying someone is kind of condescending.

>Pitying someone is kind of condescending.
How so?

I'm guy who asked the question. Pitying can include an implication of disdain and contempt. Empathizing is relating to.

I also forgot to say I just had the wrong word! Lesson learned.

>Pitying can include an implication of disdain and contempt.
I don't think this has to be the case. I think pity is synonymous with sympathy, which is close to but not exactly the same as empathy.

What's it mean when your wife doesn't want to share her sad feelings? I asked her why she is sad and all she told me was a lot of sad things happened and she's okay.

There is a whole lotta context that we don't know but ime when a woman says this it's usually because she feels talking about her feelings will just make it worse right now. Some things are just better off being worked through alone.

Alright, me and this girl are at the point where whenever we're with our group of friends, we end up separating from the group and talking just the two of us, and we usually leave together too. We don't text, probably because I have no idea how to maintain a text conversation (or any conversation really). I suspect she might like me, but she's a friendly person so I could be reading it wrong.

How do I take it further ? We're in the same friend group so if I fuck it up it's over for me. However if I take it too slow I'll miss my chance.

A girl at work who I have a crush on gave me her unlocked phone.

We were getting Ubereats together and it was like 7 mins away and she asked me if i could go pick it up because she had to go upstairs to grab something.

As she left she said make sure to flick between apps so it doesn't lock.

Was this a subtle hint to look through her phone?

I didn't end up doing it, i just tapped the screen whenever it went dark to stop it from locking.

>girl asks you to order food
>Do I stalk her facebook, guyze?

Why would she ask me to flip through her apps instead of just tapping the screen though?

I guess I'm overthinking.

Probably doesn't even know to tap, there are phone illiterate women that exist.

should have dived for nudes. you fucked up.

Yes, a huge one.
I don't even care much about him, but they have a kid. You're going to ruin this kid's life for a quick fuck.

Every since I've gotten a girlfriend that clearly likes me and I like her back, it's been fairly nice, my sex life hasn't been more enthusiastic, we have great intimacy and chemistry shared humour and interests, yet, despite all of that I feel so hollow and empty on the inside Anons, feels like my personality is dithering away I used to be warm and witty and full of confidence a general person who knew what to say and what to do, now I'm acting so sappy and heartstrong my emotional state feels like a hormonal teenager to say the least, is there any way to get over these feelings Anons?
Usually I'm guessing people like these feelings but they just make me feel this awful mixture of cautious, scared, "paranoid", evasive and just make me want to cry and get out of the situation I'm in Anons.

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Nah she is very phone literate.

well what other apps were up?

I didn't look, I just stayed in the uber app.

I mean for all you know she could have just had grubhub or a map up of the store. I wouldn't read into it. You missed your chance to know.

She was baiting him to look but kudos for respecting her privacy.

Girls why do I keep running into young ladies who keep wanting me to buy them things even though we do not know each other. What vibe am i giving off that makes them do that to me, i would like to know.

I asked this girl if she wanted to meet up sometime (we had a class together once) and she said yeah, but then ghosted me for a month before giving me the "I was busy".

Why would she wait a month to tell me that? Why didn't she just stop talking to me all together?

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Do you think you can unlock a good side of someone if you give them a chance, or should I go with my gut instinct?

She doesn't want to go out with you but she didn't want to tell you that directly so she pushed it off before coming up with an excuse.

You aren't giving anything about them to go off of, but if this is in any way an "I can fix them/make them a better person" scenario you're best option is to spend time with people you already like.


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