I can't grow up

I can't grow up.

I'm 24, I literally weep almost daily, wanting my childhood back. I wanna live at home, I wanna quit my life and just be a kid but I can't and it kills me

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Live your life user. Set aside some free time every day to be a kid.

Clean your room Peter pan

My 13 year old daughter doesn't want to grow up either. Since she was 10 and realized once it's gone....

You don't have to grow up dude.

I'm 25, I think girls are gross, I play vidya, ride my bike and not a car everywhere, work a job where I act like a buffoon all day, play nintendo switch and xbox when I get home, and have sex with dolls.

You just gotta do what you gotta do

It never goes away, you just learn to deal with the feelings and find things in the adult world to direct the energy towards.

t. 29

Sounds like a quarter life crisis

You'll never be a Child again you have responsibilities to yourself and to those around you. So better to acknowledge this and work with these inevitable demands than to complain about them.

t. 27 year old

I feel you user. I keep feeling overwhelmed by life. I want to have a day to relax, to just do nothing, but there's always something that has to be done or something that has to be worried about. Just when you think you're all caught up, something else shows up. I'm tired of having to work a stressful job so I can live in a shitty hotel and barely scrape by when I could live at home, in a more comfortable house, and eat better food for free. Like what the fuck is this bullshit let me go back

A thousand times this
based and redpilled

Being an adult isn't that bad. It's better than being a kid.
Sure, there's bills and shit, but it's all worth it since you don't have to deal with abusive parents.
Guess that's one of the benefits of a shitty childhood. You don't miss it when it's gone.
Well, not that much, anyway.

tl;dr: Just do dumb shit as an adult, like all the shit your kid self wanted to do "when you grew up".
Eat nothing but ice cream for a day. Go ride the roller-coasters. Do a barrel roll. Fuck the rules.

shitty apartment
no clue why i said shitty hotel lol

Not OP, but I might as well be. Thanks for the advice

With roommates my apartment sure fucking feels like a hotel.

you can never go back to childhood, but you can give back to the kids

I can't watch anime anymore cause I don't have any kids and I am 27 so I just translate it now

I can't play games, but I can study them to make my own games cause I can program

Still they say being a kid is peak happiness and you can never go back to that sadly

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This is happening because the world of your childhood bears no resemblance to reality. Your parents allowed you to develop in a chamber of nonsense, and as a result you are psychologically and emotionally unprepared to face reality.

You are withdrawing from the fact that you will have to face down real life and grow to understand it, because you are very ill equipped to do so and it is terrifying. That is understandable but you MUST attack the problem.

Adult life can be extraordinarily satisfying once you develop enough to understand and live it. Once you learn how, you will look back and see that your childhood was a pleasant but empty shell of nonsense.

You can figure this out, DO NOT keep avoiding reality. Your mission is to understand yourself and understand life and develop mental and emotional and psychological skills to make sense of adulthood and to thrive. Attack.

No one who knows what they're talking about says being a kid is peak happiness. Peak happiness is living an adult life with a totally alive heart and mind, facing reality right in the fangs, and making something beautiful of it.

I got that line from the John Steinbeck book I am currently reading

He won a Nobel

Is there an age limit to enjoying anime? I am quite depressed lately, but want to see some shows that are on my watch list

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There are mature shows

Honey and Clover

Golden Time

Beck (High schooler haning out with the cool Older Kids)


Here's a song for your feels:

Whats so wrong with your life that you still want to go back to being a kid so badly? I think i felt that way up until i started making money and got a car and started fucking girls. Kinda went away after that.

Growing up is the biggest lie there is. We see adults as these completely different beings when we're kids and that leaves the impression that they have changed somehow after childhood. They haven't, there's just tons of added shit they have on top of the person they have always been. Growing up isn't changing, it's literally growing. You're still you.

The games you play progress, you move from level to level and so does your life, accept it. There is always beauty to be experienced but you will never see it if you think like this.

>wanting my childhood back
Just blew way too much money procuring brand new PS2 stuff. Dunno what's wrong with me, mate, but I know the feeling.

i don’t know a single child who fucks dolls

>you have responsibilities [...] to those around you

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You ask the do you?
I did used to hump pillows and cut holes in teddybears under the age of 7 - it felt good

The more I remeber my childhood the more I see how boring it was playing video games, and watching tv.

user you have to grow up sometime but you can still carve a corner out for yourself if that makes sense

my career is going great, my relationship is going great, but I still have a kaiju film collection and still play video games sometimes, even collect a bit.

My childhood was boring because my parents were divorced: it meant that i had to wait for hours afterschool until my mom picked me up. I rarely saw my friends on weekdays outside of class, and because my dad lived in the next state over, I couldn't see them two weekends a month.

But I can still empathize with OP since I really miss the freedom, freetime, and lack of responsibility that I had when I was in highschool, now that I'm 23.

It wasn't boring then.

What the fuck is there to understand? It's a shitload of shitty shit.

No there isn't.

I will never understand people who say "oh I'm this age so I can't watch this show or play this game, I need to watch THIS show and play THIS game because that's what adults do"

It's the dumbest shit, there is no real reason for it.

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Go backpacking desu.

OP you are 24, that means that you are no longer a child BECAUSE now it's time to go reach your childhood dreams. For example when I was a kid I was always a huge fan of Ford Mustangs. Now that I'm in my mid 20's I started saving up and finally bought my own real Mustang. I've been depressed as fuck since I was 15 and still am (I don't think there's a day I don't think about killing myself) but buying the car gave me a huge boost of happiness for a while and I still can't help smiling when I drive the car. So now it's time to make those childhood dreams come true

I think it's depression, not age, that keeps you from enjoying things. That's why all the adults now are manchildren that enjoy Marvel movies about dudes in spandex hitting each other, and feel no shame about it whatsoever. It's because they are not depressed.

That's funny, I've really wanted a convertible Mustang. Are they reliable? I like cars that you can get up to 200,000 miles. My biggest dream is to be an actor though. Not famous, just a working actor. That's why I moved to a city.

I'm so sorry you feel depressed. I have a roommate who is facing the same thing. I think I'm much more anxious than depressed.

Please get help too,



>you have responsibilities
Where are these "responsibilities"?

Sound like a retard, rather than a child.

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I'm not sure if they are reliable but I guess they are. Mine is from 1981 and the previous owner told me it used to just sit in a garage for 20 years until I bought it. The gauge shows 90.000 miles or so, assuming they didn't change it. I love the convertible ones, especially the 90's ones, but I couldn't find one of those for a decent price in my country (the 1981 Mustang "hatchback" I have is probably the least rare where I live, but I love it).
Being an actor is probably one of the hardest goals you can have but that doesn't mean in any way that you should stop pursuing that goal. Quite the contrary.
I used to see a therapist, I thought it wasn't helpful but looking back I think it was, somewhat. Back then I was afraid of relying too much on therapy and also didn't like spending that much money. But also it was very far away from where I live, so I stopped going. I think I should probably go to therapy again, but it would be hard to see that therapist again because of the distance (he only works on weekdays and I get off work late) and I'm too lazy to find another one and start over.
Break a leg, I hope I get to see you on TV or in a movie some day, even if I don't know who you are or what you look like.

Paying for the place where you live if you don't have someone else who can pay it for you. Otherwise the government will kick you out, unless you live in some comunist country I guess. Also the responsibility of feeding yourself because nobody else will. Food costs money and if the government gives you free food you still have to get dressed and go get it.

Also thanks, and yes anxiety fucking sucks, I hope you manage to overcome it soon

Hi there user

I've been on Jow Forums since i turned 18 in the last year of highschool (2005).

I remember my early 20s were a very adventurous but hard time.

But damm do i wish for that youth/vigor back.
Being in 20s, you physically and mentally bounch back from things very fast.

Once you start to reach 30s, you find that you are in general tougher and stronger, but when you take a hit, its hard.

What im saying is....your youth is a gift. Dont waste it. Now is the time to push yourself to your limits.

Somethings need to be set aside like playing freeze tag or going to the ball pit. Somethings you can still do like play your favorite games and watch your favorite movies/shoes from that era.

I'm 29 and my life just became shit even more. Health issues came and fucked up my life. Been home for a year and going to die soon but I been watching my favorite shows and playing my games from that time of my life.

Adult life suck but you dont need me to tell you. You do need to grow up but you dont need to give up all of your childhood. Never let anyone tell you you are immature for doing those things. As long as you can be responsible for yourself, thats all that matter.

Those are choices, not responsibilities

24 as well.

I want to return to my comfy video games now that I'm employed full time but the gnawing fear of not making enough money to live comfortably and the suffering from loneliness it brings keeps me away. This is what it means to grow up.

This picture weirds me the FUCK out. It's like they just created this girl in a lab to be attractive like "hey kiddo! you like them animes and vidya games don't cha? Well check out THIS saucy dame. She has the same taste as (You)!"

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actually inspiring. thank you for this. am 20. i wish to waste less time and work harder

What job? A-asking for a friend.