Does anyone have some good book recs on dating, charisma and coinfidence? I already read "models"

Does anyone have some good book recs on dating, charisma and coinfidence? I already read "models".

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Real life experience. You wont get laid by reading books.

How many girls have you asked on date this year?

None. Never. I had a date once but she initiated it and I ghosted her after the 2nd date where she looked like trash.

I want to ask a certain girl out very bad since half a year and she's one of several being into me but i still fear to fuck shit up.

mystery method

Take xanax and then go and fucking do it pussy. Alcohol also works very well.

Or ask her on stealth date.
>hey i am planning to go do X, wanna go with me?
Text her if you are pussy.

>another chad in waiting complaining that he is too chicken to ask out a girl who likes him
I'm getting really sick of this. Every time I think I've found someone I can relate with, and maybe share my experience struggling with women with, it's a chad LARPing as an incel/virgin and wanting pity.

Would you feel confortable sharing your experiences anyways?

This isn't r9k you faggot, there a anons on here who go on dates but that doesn't mean they don't relate to you at all. Just because someone has a date doesn't mean they will get laid nor will it mean a relationship will blossom. Ugly girls are a big reasons anons are not in relationships because they have standards.

I can see why you are a bitter faggot based on how much of a negative shit you are.

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You’re local gym

>I can see why you are a bitter faggot based on how much of a negative shit you are.
What reason is that?

Be really honest with yourself. If you're unattractive, you're unattractive. I log onto Tinder and see no matches after having one up for weeks, I asked advice on here and it sucked to hear but at least now I know why women aren't interested. That's the first step to figuring it out, get brutal honesty from within or from the outside.

There are guys on tinder who are ugly and who are getting some pussy. You need to lower your standards user because you sure as hell aren't the creme de la creme.

Tinder is dead. Try badoo or facebook. Or even better, try real world: dancing classes. Also post pic. I will give you rating you incel.

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>Implying being a Chad is anything but a mindset.
>Wanting pity even tho I haven't posted my face or anything
>Implying I have no coinfidence issues

>lower your standards
Why do you assume I want to date models or cheerleaders? I'm not dating completely morbidly obese chicks because I would feel zero pleasure, jesus.

I'm done with online, I'm trying to meet girls IRL but it's a very slow process.

>being chad is a mindset
>I think I'm a 6' 2" white man, therefore I am!

>read models
>doesn't even apply what it said


Who is that in the pic?

I hope she has a penis.

Read it yesterday

Oh. Alright, perhaps read The Book of Pook and Emotional Intelligence. Other than that Models should have already given you the answer to your dilemma.

Okay. Thank you.

julien blanc lectures on youtube

The 3% Man by Corey Wayne is a good one.

Not sure about dating but The Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox Cabane is a decent book about charisma BUT with some exceptions. If you read it disregard chapters 3, 4, and 5. She gets a ton of psychology wrong (concepts like power posing and ego depletion were proved to be flat out wrong and microexpressions are undetectable by 99% of people and is contested anyway; these are mentioned in her book). The book is most useful as a list of overt behaviors (things that you DO that others see, not think or feel), so pay attention to that specifically, and pick charismatic behaviors to implement. I'm kinda pissed I can't recommend that book without typing out one of these small disclaimers.

Good book on implementing ANY behavior is Self-Directed Behavior by Watson and Tharp. The 10th edition is pricy on amazon but you can be fine getting one of 6th through 9th editions used for like 5 bucks. Or just go to libgen dot io and download the PDF there.

That book is about charisma specifically, but pic related is a list of books I've compiled, I call it my social skills library. And remember, the most important thing about reading self-help books is to put the book DOWN and practice what you read. Experience is your greatest teacher.

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