Left my girlfriend of two years for someone else (the feelings are mutual, we're together now)

>left my girlfriend of two years for someone else (the feelings are mutual, we're together now)
>I told her the truth whenever I broke up with her and tried to frame the whole thing as a positive experience
>I told her that although I did love her, very much, that I felt a special connection with the new girl who entered my life; that from the moment we met, a part of me knew that we were meant to be together
>I tell my (now ex)girlfriend to look at this not as a sad ending, but as a new beginning
>ex tells me to get out
>I try talking to her some more to bring her a sense of closure, but she says "I don't want to talk. Get out and never talk to me again."
>I leave and tell my best friend about the final pages of our story
>"You disgust me."
>I ask her why
>"Do you enjoy pouring salt in her wounds?"
>I tell her that I was trying to be gentle and show her that I did still care about, deeply, and would always hold the two years we spent together close to our heart
>no response

So uh. Any thoughts on how I handled this?

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>as a new beginning; we can now find someone truly suited for us

You are a retard. Never tell the person you are leaving why the other person is better and then pepper in some crap about "I still love you but you will find someone".

I wanted to make her feel better, though, by telling her that maybe we just weren't meant to be, and that our true soulmates (which we always described ourselves as being to each other) and our best relationships were waiting for us in the future - so that she shouldn't be sad because her best memories were waiting in the future.

you're overly idealistic and your speaking is too extravagant to be taken seriously, but your friends are fucking stupid.
as far as i'm concerned, you sound like a queef, but you did the right thing.

but apparently telling the other person to fuck off and die is better than what you did.
i wonder if some retard itt will go through some dank mental gymnastics to justify it.

Overly idealistic?

That is just padding and you come off as an asshole. Don't patronize people with your idealistic nonsense.

Tell her you found someone else, wish them the best of luck and move the fuck on. Don't go on and on about love and other shit. You made an already angry frustrated person feel even more annoyed with your holier than thou position.

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not everyone gets a happy ending, user

I believe that, in the end, everything works out. God has a plan for everyone, I think.

All women are whores. Their feelings don't matter. You did good user.

not for that girl you just abandoned
you've killed two years and used an excuse of a positive experience for someone else
trying to care for her only to rub it in when you knew it was all because of your "idea" of a special someone
like kicking someone and saying "here let me treat it"
absolutely disgusting

If you wanted to let her down easy you should have broken up with her before finding a new girl

I refuse to believe you are not On The Spectrum™. That was the most aspie shit I’ve ever read on this board holy shit.

Why? Elaborate please. I would like to understand.

Its like you dont understand how regular humans react to things

see >what is neurodiversity
you think differently than most people because of your retarded train of thought that everything works out in the end and that we live in chapters of life in fairyland where everyone finds true love

Hmm. Could I have underestimated the pain this might have caused her? We did make plans to get married in the future, and our families took for granted that we would. So did I, and as I pointed out to her, I did love her and would have gladly married her had I not loved this other girl.

For some reason, I can't help but get ideas of girls telling guys who are lonely on how they're lonely and how that seems...sort of attractive in a way to them.

That, or I just got the idea of it from the picture without realizing that they're both female.

>Could I have underestimated the pain this might have caused her?
you've been with her for quite the time, while i don't even know who she is. how the fuck can you not understand how she feels?
can't even read emotions because you've been too busy fantasizing how it should be, selfish retard

You just broke this girl’s heart and listed all the reasons why this other girl is better than her. You wasted 2 years of her life that could’ve been spent with a nonretard. How the hell do you expect her to go “Yes sweetie, I’m so happy for you!”? If you did this to one of my friends I’d probably kill you.

I swear m8 he has to have the ‘tism or this is just really good b8 m8

>I'd probably kill you

I tried to make things easier on her by turning a sad thing into a positive one.

Very high levels of autism

he does indeed have the 'tism m8, doesn't look like b8

You broke her trust
How could you possibly have turned it into a positive experience

>Any thoughts on how I handled this?

Well. Couldn't have gone much worse.

It's not wise to leave someone for another person as there's nothing stopping this new person from doing the same to you down the road.

>tried to frame the whole thing as a positive experience

Finding out your partner's leaving you for another person is not going to be a positive experience. On top of finding out her boyfriend, who she's invested the last two years of her life into having a relationship with, is dumping her for another woman because he no longer feels a connection with her, telling her how she should feel on top of it... it's just going to piss her off even more. You could've just spat in her face and it would've been less insulting. Really nailed how to psychologically scar a girl 101.

You sound like a fag and your shit's all retarded. I'm not gonna pretend to know your situation, or that I know anything about your 2-year relationship, or even pass judgment on whether you made the right decision to end it, but if you want to break up with a girl, then just do it, pack your shit, and leave. Don't try to justify yourself by spouting some nonsense about love, and don't act like you still give a shit about the girl you just fucked over. It makes you sound like either an autist or a psychopath who can't understand why someone would be mad that you wasted two years of their life.