What advice would you give to yourself 10 years ago?

What advice would you give to yourself 10 years ago?

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stop wasting time and study hard you useless piece of shit.
Also move out of your parents house ASAP.

If you kill your cousins now with arson, we might have a greater share, or/and come out without jailtime.

Stick to the video game design major- you were good at it and could have worked at EA or something

hell- go back and do it again!

Play guitar

You talk to much when your nervous, shut the fuck up and chill out.

"The next 10 years are not going to feel as redeeming as you'd hoped they'd be for how much you lost in your childhood"

Mine bitcoin, buy ether. Lose weight, hit the gym hard, go get your teeth fixed and buy some nice clothes. You will meet lots of nice girls, Fuck them all.

Quit the video games, stick with an instrument, avoid Jow Forums at all costs, avoid porn and masturbation., embrace Catholicism sooner, stick with basketball, don’t date B she was better as a friend. The hard part about this is that expressing what I know at 20 to a 10 yr old would be difficult. There’s so much that could be said.

Find someone to at least fuck now or you'll probably kill yourself 1 to 2 years from my own present time.

Actually, who am I kidding? 3 to 4 months because I'll have a birthday then.

quit smoking
start exercising
do not come back to Jow Forums ever again

Don't fuck with those hoes

Last part hurts so good

Turn your loneliness into aloneness
Don't make friends because of mutual hobbies
Meditate more
>Explaining how to meditate.webm
Study more
Play even more vidya with your lil bro

Pee pee poo poo

Dump him right now and move to Europe.

Stay in the US. Doesn't matter how hard it gets, stay in the US. Go to trade school. Find a girlfriend.

>don't come on too strongly to Crystal
>ask Zorina out on a date
>fuck Dalia while you can before she leaves you
>alternatively, ignore women and focus on your studies so you can get your degree

Don't waste your opportunity asshole. Study harder. The adult world isn't like high school and life can go downhill real quick if you're not ready. Don't worry about being bullied or not fitting in, just keep studying until you get out with honors and everything, all of it will be worth it. If you're not careful you'll waste years barely getting by at a minimum wage job you're not passionate about relying on drugs/booze/smoking up to pass the time wondering what your life could've been like if you chose differently. Try to be more understanding of your girlfriend. She deserves better and you're not going to date anyone who's going to care about you as much as she did.

Don't make friends bcaz of mutual hobbies?
Why not? I have had friends I couldn't connect with and I just ended up feeling lonely even though I was't alone.

get your shit together before you meet that girl of your dreams so she doesn't break up with you when she finds out you're pessimistic and fucked up inside. you will have it made, youll move out of state and go on adventures with her and you wont want to kill yourself.

>study a university degree part-time via distance education while you complete your apprenticeship, this will save heaps of time down the track
>apply to be a police officer when you are 21, not 29
>ask out girls. even if they say no or things go bad ,you need this experience now, rather than learning the ropes at 29
>do NOT get that personal loan. you WILL make the next ~5 years incredibly difficult
>persevere with your move to the city despite being homesick and life being a bit of a struggle, rather than go back to your home town and move back with parents
>make more of an effort to keep in contact with friends, rather than stay home and play video games because making friends as an adult is near impossible
There's probably more, but that's all I can think of for now.

>Stop being friend with a specific friend and try to make normal friends, people that have social life and don't spend all his life playing video games or on the internet and is always at home.
>Stop wasting so much time with video games and the internet. Instead try to make more social activities.
>If you go to college study something that has value, if not go and study something to work a regular job that is available where I live.
>Move out from you parent's house as fast as you can.
>If you have an opportunity to go to another country try it.

If you make friends that don't resonate with you, there are chances they will leave you. But I guess we must always take risks and try new things, thats just advice to me.

>>make more of an effort to keep in contact with friends, rather than stay home and play video games because making friends as an adult is near impossible

Yep. Sad thing is i did everything i could to maintain contact with my old friends but i guess i missed them more than they missed me. Now im a lonely faggot and i dont feel like theres much i can do about it.

Dear 17yo me, please cut off all contacts with mom. It'll help you to socialize dramatically and will give great mood. Please do.

While I don’t regret my relationships and I think I’ve grown from them a lot I would absolutely reccomend not getting into any relationships for the next 10 years. Focus on yourself, your education and have fun.

Also you can get better at math, go to community college and get an associates rather than go to a 4 year and take a gap year after graduating high school.

dont listen to your mom

The outcome is the same no matter how much you fight, so don't blame yourself for what you are or are not. Find reasons of happiness.

It's never too early to start being an insufferable faggot

Jesus I was 11 years old at the time. First of all I wouldn't spend so much time in front my PC and do more outside stuff, things that kids/young teens are supposed to do. Also I'd do more for school, not that 6th grade matters that much but it can't hurt to start early. Getting into a team sport would help too. Basically anything that prepares me for becoming a functioning teenager and not the anxious wreck that I was.

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Dont go to the military and fucking finish your degree you lazy and non-decisive shit.

Wouldn't give any advice. I need those life experiences and lessons I learned.

Basically this and "buckle down earlier"

Stop wasting time, your twenties won't last forever even when it feels like they will.

Start listening to people more, you aren't perfect and allknowing.

I would have been nine, which was pretty close to when I moved to america. So,s omething like this, but cleaner: "Hey don't try to fit in with these fucking faggots. Theyre fucking dipshits, they wont go anywhere, you're much smarter than they are, and in about 5 years you'll realize 90 percent of them think that as well. You're probably not gonna be good at social interaction and shit until you fuck up a shit ton in high school. You matter. Don't let /anyone/ tell you otherwise. Almost half of your mistakes come from you underestimating yourself and the other half is you not working hard enough. You don't need to worry now, but work is important, dont fall behind. School sucks now, and it kindof always will, but it gets better. That said, enjoy your time as a kid. I know you're told it very often, and you wave it off because adults get to do whatever they want. For the most part you're right, adults get to do pretty much anything, but that wont matter because you'll either be too busy or too depressed to. Being a kid sucks, I won't lie to you. Being told what to do all the fucking time sucks, but being a kid isn't all bad. Don't be afraid to be you, and don't be afraid to do something just because you think others might hate you for it. You don't need these losers, and ten years from now you won't want them either. If you want to talk to adults about some super smart shit don't be afraid. If you wanna talk about minecraft or stuffed animals or some shit, then do it. If you need help, then /ask/. The people at school are paid to help you, I guarantee at least one of the asshats there will at least hear you out if its important. If you only hear one thing out of this whole speech though: don't be afraid to be who you really are. This is a lesson that I still haven't learned and im over twice your age. Don't hurt others, and overall try to help others, but your life doesn't depend on a bunch of dipshits who won't even remember your name by the time you grow up."

Take school seriously
Save money, it's actually important
Workout now rather than later
Enjoy life while you can, don't sweat the small stuff
Go to anger management, you have a mental issue.

Men don't get matches on dating sites and will lie and mislead you in order to keep talking to you.
You can tell them all you want that you want a serious relationship, and they'll say something like "I'm looking for something more casual, but if I meet the right girl I would be interested in a serious relationship." So you give them a chance.
Even if things go well, there will be a point in the future where they tell you "I told you at the beginning that I only wanted a casual relationship."

"Get over yourself and join the military."

This misery can't be taught. It has to be experienced.

Eat less to lose weight. Get used to being hungry. Stop going for hour-long jogs to try to outrun it, you'll just fuck up your waist.
Ignore what everyone said about you being talented, you're not shit and you need to work. In fact treat yourself as below shit and aim to be the best.

She'll resent you if you don't date her. I know you just want to be friends, but that isn't enough for her and you may as well get laid while you're at it.
And yes, you feeling shitty and dead inside isn't ever going to go away. Just get used to it.

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Though on second thought, 19 might have been too late for that. I can't remember if I thought I'd signed up for that scam of a vocational school that year or the one after.


Don't be such a pussy ass bitch and get your dumbass in shape and put some serious dollars into bitcoin.

Don't get too attached to that roommate of yours, you're gonna find her dangling from the rafters soon and its better to be cynical than sad.
Also, invest in bitcoin, don't just think about it

eat less fat fuck, and dont be shy

Hope you're ok man

good luck user!

Convince my parents to let me go to school. Convince my parents the world is not going to end. Convince my parents to invest in their 401ks instead of building bomb shelters, buying guns, filling our 3600sqft home fill to the brim with food storage. Should’ve gone to cps. Should have told my friends parents. Why did I lie about my education for so long? Why did I let them manipulate me. T. 22 year old pathetic loser. I’m not dead tho. I’ll be successful at something. Or I won’t be. I’m a failure in their eyes no matter what I do.


>And yes, you feeling shitty and dead inside isn't ever going to go away. Just get used to it.
Thats right bitch, lay down and take it.

hi me, its me
when you get made redundant end of 2016 start looking for new job immediately
dont take time out to diy the house you get
that path leads to a dead end job and you leaving and then not working for most of 2018 and struggling to get another job
also, study. you have the experience and skills but you need that bit of paper to show everyone you can actually do it
all the best me, i believe in you
ps: alison will invite you over for hardcore femdom in a few years, enjoy it. i know i definitely did.

its ok to be alone.

"When you leave him after 12 years together, he'll replace you instantly within 3 weeks and won't fucking care about you or your feelings - so stop pouring so much of yourself into this fake relationship. If he really wanted to be together, he'd make the effort. Your new boyfriend not only makes the effort, he worships you like a queen and this is how it SHOULD be. This shit's gonna hurt, but you're going to be fine."

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Stop thinking you need to do more. Grafting in the dirt is where you belong and you'll thank yourself for accepting it.

"Kill yourself. You're not going to do anything good anyway."

Don't chase her, dude. She's exactly like your first crush in every way. She will never change, and her family had a good reason to hate her. Don't waste energy on her, she's a leech.

Hey - it's me.

Mom's crazy. You spent your whole youth wondering why she's so hard on you and why she does what she does, and the truth is that she's NOT normal .Your childhood is NOT normal, and people pity you for it.

You will probably eventually want to forgive her, but that doesn't mean you have to be best buddies or anything like that. She's getting worse with age and it's not you. It's her. All that shit? That was her. Not you or your fault. Remember that so you don't carry it with you longer than you need to.

Mom's a monster and she's hurt a lot of people. You don't get to live a happy life when you treat people like shit because they remember that and karma IS real and ugly when she needs to be.

She wasnt the girl of your dreams then

People don't care what you do.

Actually think about what job you want to do instead of just going to college and "hoping it will work out" like everyone was telling you. Everyone was wrong. Now you have an engineering degree and drive Uber. Good luck faggot and go smash lera she's asking for dick daily you pussy.

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I ruined my education by being lazy, and now I feel like shit and have no self esteem due to this

I would also tell myself to not overthinking things

To change sex, but I'd also have to print out all the information we have right now about sex change that wasn't available for a 10 years younger me who barely had any internet.

You don't have all the time in the world. Do what you want to do NOW, and keep the ball rolling. If you wait around, opportunities will evaporate.

It's not going to get better. In fact, it's going to much worse.

Dude don't start masturbating at 9 also take growth hormone however you can find it you will be short otherwise. Also try to branch out during your highschool years.

Take pleasure in not knowing things. You don't need to do something just because someone else is. Who cares if you aren't world renowned? Most importantly: run.

dont waste all the life insurance money when my mom dies
pay off all my debt and invest in bitcoin
dont let any of my friends come live with me, just rent out the house and get a sick apartment

Kill yourself

Nobody should worship anybody and you shouldnt be comfortable with it.

Lol how pathetic. Instead of trying to improve yourself you would tell your former self to give up. You have no one else but your own pitiful ass to blame for where you are.

Don't masturbate
Lift heavy weights
Do calisthenics
Find a sport you enjoy and can play with others, do it once a week at least
Drink loads of water
Save more money

How, retard? Staying together isnt a part of someones personality, a dream girl is just the best possible person you could imagine to be with.

You cant change sexes you delusional faggot.

>Play Guitar and Piano
>Strength Training
>Everything will get easier in time
>WoW peaks in WotLK. You won't have anymore fun after the 4th expansion. Save your time and money.
>Just say you love her. No, not the married redhead. You'll know what I mean.

Do not prioritize girls over school
Dont settle for minimum wage even on a part time job, you can do better
Save as much money as possible
Start lifting and running regularly
Talk to your parents more
Drugs are fun but dont get carried away
Sex without a meaningful connection is horrible and being alone is better than sec without love
Dont eat out so much

I don’t think I could give any advice to myself as a teenager. I had a girlfriend, I was in good shape, I got straight As and had a job, and I was overall happy. I think if anything, my past self should be giving me advice.

Sure, but you have no idea how lovely it feels to have a partner spoil you rotten after being in a manipulative draining relationship. It's nice to have someone give ME the attention I spent on someone who didn't deserve it. It's nice to be coddled and treated with respect and love. It's so drastically different and I love it. I give it back and it's a mutually satisfying relationship. I don't think that's wrong at all.

>If you're not careful you'll waste years barely getting by at a minimum wage job you're not passionate about relying on drugs/booze/smoking up to pass the time wondering what your life could've been like if you chose differently.

Fuck I'm worried this is going to be my fate at 21. What the fuck do I do

The same my mother kept telling me to do. Brush my teeth, study some shit, get a job as soon as I can, fix my posture, work on my social skills.
Thanks, Mom.
I would also recommend myself to became mgtow and do nofap but I didn't even do what mommy told me so no chance.

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Stop being a pussy and pull the trigger. You won't get another easy chance like this ever. You just end up alone.

You're not going to organically learn how to socialize. You're no normie and life is going to be hard and not come naturally. Make the effort when it's easy and there's fewer consequences.

Don't join facebook, work hard in school and make an effort, don't take life so seriously, get some confidence... heck, maybe even say yes when girls ask you out.

Oh, and when your friend offers you the well-paying part time job fixing 3d printers, take it.

>quit smoking

why? it's hands down the best networking method for introverts

You're going to be really sick for a while, forgive dad for not caring he will turn out alright at the end.

Depends on who you want to socialize with.
>Smoking is also extremely common in prison populations where cigarettes and tobacco have become an informal currency exchanged between inmates. Smoking is also much more frequent in minority populations (including racial and sexual minorities), as well as among people with lower levels of education and socioeconomic status.

Do not lift those fucking packages because it will activate a disease called Ankylosing spondylitis and you'll be extremely sorry you did lift those packages.

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"hands JBP book"

Don't trust your parents shitty advice. Work out way earlier, get a good pair of running shoes when you do. Study more and focus on Math, you'll regret taking all those short cuts. Cut shitty people out of your life asap. Don't move in with S, she's a piece of shit. Don't trust people so quickly and don't jerk off all the time.

Not planning to go to jail and I'm from estern europe. So about 100% white and 95% straight

buy bitcoin and sell on 1st of december 2017

I am optimistic about my present and my future, but I would tell my 10 year younger self:

1) Accept yourself. The anguish you inflict on yourself is unwarranted.

2) Eat more healthy stuff. Don't neglect good diet, sleep, and physical activity.

3) Be nicer to the people around you. Be more of a helper, less of a lousy buffoon.

4) Find some other sport to play in. Keep yourself active.

Still, ended up pretty good and I feel things coming around.

Don't procrastinate, nothing will happen unless you make it happen

Become a monk. You’ll end up chasing jobs to make more money to buy overpriced things to impress girls to get sex. And you’ll get all of it and sex will be great and girls will be hot. But despite all of that and the money nothing will make you as happy as spiritual growth. And you’ll be way less stressed

I fell for the meme that worldly desires are worth anything. A fucking fool I am

Your parents mean well, but don't depend on them all the time for advice/direction. Listen to that voice in your head and follow it, he knows better for your overall happiness.

I was right the first time. I should have killed myself after graduation.

Quit drinking and smoking dope, avoid thots like the plague and concentrate on your career.

lol wat a loser

I was in an alternative education program in high school for kids with behavioral issues- absenteeism, violence, despondence, etc. At one point, a case worker was there and she had us all write letters to ourselves, with the promise that she would spontaneously mail them to us at some point in the future.
I finally got mine back a few months ago. Wrote it freshman year, I'm 24 now. I forgot what was in it, expected it to be something sappy, "It'll get better", whatever.
Even then, I knew I was a failure. Letter was angry, implored me to kill myself ASAP. Was mostly correct about the trajectory of my post-high school life.
>mfw reading it

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Well you can always kys now, but I know you wont. See ya around buddy!