Random question but kind of seriously directed at women

Do woman really want to fuck dogs and other things? Through out my life I have known girls who have let their dogs lick them in ways that is pretty extreme. It's hot, but do many girls have this fantasy? I am curious. Having sex with a dog or other things.

As OP, it kind of turns me on in all of the wrong ways

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I personally know from some of my own degenerate faps that some women indeed do fuck their dogs.

You only need the right search terms user..

I know girls like doggy style

I assume from videos?

Is it wrong this turns me on?

So, do girls really like fucking dogs?

it seems crazy


The real problem is finding a dog who likes fucking women

I somehow doubt that

maybe woman should just admit it?

I can't speak for all women, but it's probably one of the few things that I find genuinely disgusting.

why do some girls enjoy it?

I don't know. Maybe the taboo, maybe it's physically pleasant, I can't imagine.
I find the idea absolutely disgusting.

Dude, we're human beings; we literally want to fuck EVERYTHING. If it moves we want to fuck it. If it doesn't move we want to fuck it. If it has a convenient phallus shaped appendage or a hole approximately the right size we want to fuck it (and sometimes it if doesn't we want to fuck it too).

So, yes. Women want to fuck dogs. Hell, some men want to fuck their dogs too.

I suspect it's a mix of the subservience and that--if the dog is appropriately trained and she just doesn't let it mount her wherever--the dog's dick is there at her convenience and doesn't require the same amount of investment and vulnerability a relationship does (with a lot of the feeling of emotional connection and companionship). There's also the whole knotting thing.

The only place I have heard so much about people fucking dogs is this degenerate website. Before I came here I did not know that people abused their pets in this manner.
I think it's absolutely revolting. I certainly have no interest in doing anything of the sort. If I learned someone I knew was abusing their pet or an animal in such a manner I would report them to the police.

Videos, pictures

I am not even talking about literotica

Well there are some that in fact do. I'm surprised that the number isn't higher in fact.
t. man who wants the same, AMA I guess
It's not abuse if you use a tad of common sense.

>It's not abuse if you use a tad of common sense.
It is animal abuse. An animal cannot consent to have sex with you.
Do you actually believe it isn't abuse? That is definitely not a normal belief.

It IS abuse you degenerate. People that have sex with animals should be stoned to death.

>You only need the right search terms user
which are
come on user

Sluts are sluts, that's how they do
We had one we called 'tuna cooch' because the tale was she'd slap down tuna and let the cat go to work
idec if it was true; the fact is if you treat yourself professionally, you want to make sure pictures of you fucking a dog don't get out there

That is actually true. It's really weird watching that fucking degenerate girl trying to make her dog fuck her for 5 minutes just for him to cum in 30 seconds. The walk of shame to the camera afterwards is pretty funny too.

I'm a furry. Does that count?

>It's not animal abuse
Have fun with that one

No. Pup play, horse play and being a furry is completely different and totally fine, because you've having sex with human beings with the ability to consent to sexual activity.

Furries are still degenerate as fuck but if they're helping me beat the shit out of people that abuse and have sex with animals they're okay by me

"People" like you should be gassed

An adult animal can indeed consent (though it still varies between species, but I'm mainly talking common beastiality ideals i.e. mammals), how do you think they consent between each other in nature? A dog can't verbally say "no" but it has teeth and claws you dunces. If a dog jumps on you and starts to hump your leg, is it you that's abusing him?

Besides, there's the whole nonsensical double standard in play here. Why draw the line at sex? You bathe your dog against his will, take him to the vet against his will, hell you can fucking dock a baby dog's tail or cut off his balls and nobody fucking blinks an eye, because it's supposedly "for his own good" (yeah, riiight) - but start talking sex and suddenly you need a written permission from him with a pawprint signature.

Win a world war first and maybe your opinion will start being relevant

Just google "k9vidz"

Might put .com at the end of it. Has tons of pop up but its there..

Hope this doesnt get me banned..

You deserve to be skinned alive.

>Why draw the line at sex?
Its a different species that you can't even properly communicate with you fucking sicko.

You can't skin me with your head so far up your ass.

>the guy that has sex with animals thinks the normie is the one with his head up his ass
user, I have some bad news for you: you're the retard here. Pathetic as fuck too. You're only open about being a sickfuck because you're anonymous.

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Define "can't properly communicate". Can you talk with a dog? No. And yet there is communication. First of all, there's dog body language which we understand in part - there are entire books about this - and yes this includes courting behavior. Second part is more individual; it's hard to describe in detail if you're not a dog owner, but eventually you develop a mutual language of sorts. Dog standing in front of the fridge? Perhaps wants a treat. Standing in front of the door? Probably wants to go for a walk. These are overt simplifications of course.

At least admit thet your problem with it is that you just find it disgusting, and stop trying to rationalize your disgust because it's simply not working.
You don't even have an argument though. You're just namecalling and proclaiming threats of violence. Are you sure you're not the one that needs help?

Dude you're the one currently trying to justify the act of fucking dogs and you're trying to ask if we're sure that we aren't the ones that need help.

Have some self awareness. No matter how much you try to normalize this shit its as bad as pedophilia, but at least pedos fuck their own species. So yeah, you're a fucking sick fuck and should kill yourself.

Even when i fapped to it, i only fapped to male dogs fucking females. Atleast i justified it with the dogs being active party. I know it is warped but still..

The other way is just no go kys if u bind s dog and rape it.

It's not normal in the sense that it's not something that people generally do. But at the same time, provided the right precautions (most important being, actually paying attention to your partner), it is in fact harmless and victimless, and you've provided no counterpoint to that so far.

Live and let live, they say. But you'd rather kill somebody who's different rather than accept him for who he is even when he means no harm to you otherwise. That's a sick outlook on life.

>the dude that fucks dogs is trying to tell me my outlook on life is sick
Nah senpai. You deserve to fucking burn. The counterpoint is simply this: don't fuck dogs

Try to unthink me trying to fuck dogs for a second and reread the post again. Or should I give you a tl;dr for your miniscule attention span?

You arent just a sickfuck, you're also autstic.

I mean seriously, you just asked me to disregard what makes you so fucked up as if that makes your argument any more sound. No one will defend a dog fucker in public. You SHOULD feel shame and would if your ass was dragged out in front of everyone and you were filleted right there on the spot. You're a pathetic dog fucker and your pleas for understanding will never be met.

One of the advantages of dogfucking is that nobody pressures you to be public about it. So yeah, stay mad you asshole.

>he still thinks what hes doing is morally sound
The mental gymnastics you dog fuckers take I swear. Look dude, no one pressures you to be public about it because the second someone finds out its game over for you. You're fucking done.

>stay mad that I fuck my dog

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>getting baited
Why? Do you believe you're changing something?

>replying to a thread in Jow Forums means I think I'm changing something
user why do you believe you're changing something?

I knew a girl that did this
She said she had a big secret she never told anyone so I did some convincing and saying I won't judge then she said her dog ate her out twice I told her shes fucked up and hung up the video chat

Hopefully most sane people don't do that shit.

I for one dislike dogs and would never want to fuck an animal

>the chain continues unto eternity
>thus they asked each other until time stopped
user why do you believe you're changing something?

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I like girls who have sex with their dogs and dated a few of them. It's more common than you think. And if you live in a city and you see a woman walking with a large un-neutered dog, especially if more than one, she's more likely than not having sex with them.

It's really not a big deal and those screaming animal abuse in this thread are just virtue-signaling.

As a woman, I'm not into fucking dogs or objects

There's a reason women laying with animals is mentioned in the bible.

Women's sexuality needs to be put in check, otherwise society degenerates into sexual immorality.

>its really not a big deal for you to be a filthy degenerate that fucks non-humans.
keep telling yourself that. While you're at it, go out in public and tell people this.

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>relying on democracy to dictate your morality
I bet you think capitalism is better than communism too.

Look, the fact of the matter is, that if I can literally kill a donkey for no reason other than to eat its corpse, why is sex so wrong?

>muh communism

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I am just curious about this and how common it is

I think about 10% of white girls. It's very common and I know well more than one girl who does it.

>Not a single true thing has been said in this post. Just a retards gathering.

Whilst you're very correct, that is kinda synonymous with Jow Forums.

That was a joke, dimwit

It's pretty degrading for the women which is why I like it and I'd like a gf that would be into that taboo shit. It's not something I'd want to explore in real life though. But great for dirty talk.

Love doesn't discriminate.

OK. Here's a question for all the male anons. How many of you have had sex with an animal?

woah woah I think you're overestimating a tad buddy
Does getting one's dick licked count? I've tried to do more but she wasn't into it, so there's that.

How can you be sure the doggo will not bite off your dick? Try explaining that to the guy in the emergency room

I would NEVER do anything to a real dog. Thats messed up. And I feel sick when I look up bestiality.
That being said. Uhh.. there is something in pure fantasy that exists, this appeal to this wild and animalistic urge. The beast, the pure and raw power. Dogs get so horny too. Fuck, I just want to be fucked.

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I've been living with doggo for 8 years. Doggos aren't retarded and can realize (whether instinctively or by experience) which actions are going to hurt you and which aren't. Same way as doggos can wander around small kids and not maul them to death for no reason (unless they're one of those abused pitbulls or whatever). Back when she was a puppy, we were playfighting with my dog and she bit me really strongly in the lip, I still have the scar from that. However what I did then was suddenly turn around and angrily walk away to treat the wound and guess what, she never dared to do that ever again.

I mean... I really dont. At all. That sounds incredibly gross. That said, I've heard of it. Some people in general are just kinda freaky. You could probably find someone on a proper fetish forum or something.

He has a point. If you can physically chop off bits of your dog, some degenerate slut ought to be able to bend over and take the knot without it being animal abuse. You seem to be confusing typical retard american fear of sex with actual morally wrong things.

Not to say that degeneracy on this level isn't morally wrong but it's not abuse.

No one here has defended chopping up a dog you illiterate swine.

Sex with animals is wrong and fucking pathetic.

The fact remains that it is a practice that continues in countries that otherwise forbid animal abuse. This is a valid point you can't refute and worse than female human/male animal copulation. I'm not even going to consider female animal/male human copulation that's just outright wrong and I won't even begin to play doubles advocate for that. I am arguing semantics but in semantics that user and I are correct. It is morally wrong but it is not the morally wrong you claim it is.


>implying girls fuck dogs to any meaningful percentage
>implying it's not horses

There's a reason why it's a red flag when a girl says she loves horses.

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Shits fucked up. Soon as I find out someone fucked an animal I cut them out.

I dont want you sickfucks in my life

I hope not, I’m sure there’s freaks out there but it can’t be normal to act on simple curiosity to actually do that. I understand the need to see crazy shit when you hear it exists, like the video of the dude who died getting fucked by a horse. But going so far as to cross that line yourself is something I wouldn’t say is a regular thing.

I don’t trust furries for this reason, it’s just one step forward away from fucking animals.

Really now? It isnt the fact that all furries are autistic retards that recruit other autistic retards?

>An adult animal can indeed consent
They cannot consent, they are not human and do not understand the world as we do.
Animals do not consent in nature they act on instinct. What an animal does sexually would often be considered rape in the human world.
Let's take the example of a tiger killing someone. It isn't murder. The tiger doesn't understand that you're a person with a family and friends that care about you and will miss you when you're gone. He doesn't understand consequences either. That you're not going to be there to do your job, that he will be tried and sent to jail for murder. He's a fucking tiger! He's defending his territory, practicing hunting or hungry.
At best you can teach him how to behave through behavioral reinforcement but this is merely an act. He learns based on rewards, not an understanding of the impact of his actions in the human world.
>Besides, there's the whole nonsensical double standard in play here. Why draw the line at sex? You bathe your dog against his will, take him to the vet against his will,
This is an absolutely retarded argument. I bathe my dog and bring her to the vet because it keeps her healthy and is for her benefit.
You're fucking your dog for your own selfish reasons and it doesn't benefit your pet at all.
An animal cannot tell you whether it is uncomfortable with what you're doing. Many animals that are sexually abused become anxious and have behavioral problems. Their selfish abusers are blind to the reasons for their discomfort.
Also, animals in nature are attacked when they are injured and will often hide that they are hurt or in pain.
You're also teaching your pet to fuck humans. What happens when you're not around anymore? What if it's adopted and put down because of these behavioral problems? Don't you feel the least bit responsible for that?

The study done that determined most heterosexual women were actually bisexual actually determined that women are aroused by sexual activity taking place and not what is doing the activity. They responded sexually to scenes of bonobos mating specifically. Tldr there are undoubtedly women who fuck their dogs as they are actually proven to be willing to fuck anything compared to men.

Makes sense but I'm more of a Xenomorph kind of girl

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so the bible was right and women's sexuality needs to be held in check by men? Well fuck me sideways

You'd have to be stupid if you think mounting and pushing your penis into a hole isn't consent. Males are the ones that initiate the boning so our consent is simple to interpret.

Females need communication to interpret if they want sex, that's why it's wrong for men to fuck animals, but if you're a woman you're already intelligent to make decisions about your own body.

As long as the dog is mounting and the woman wants to be mounted, there's no reason why they can't have sex. Don't be such a prude.

Animals dont have sex out of joy, this is exploiting an animal devoid of concious thought that is reacting to its instincts. Is spreading peanut butter on your dick innocent because the dog is choosing to lick?

The dog is getting peanut butter, who cares where it comes from. A dog mounting a woman wants his seed inside her womb, mission accomplished, who cares if she doesn't get pregnant?

You're making a big deal out of nothing.

>Don't be such a prude
This isn't a good argument for having sex with a non-human you fucking moron.

>it doesn't matter
Neither does your life, dogfucker. You're a piece of shit.

There are lots of guys who have sex with animals too. It's not just a female thing.

and its even more pathetic. These people are damaged. They are not worth being friends with. They are not worth being fuck buddies with. They are not worth being life partners with.

They know what they're doing is fucked up and pathetic, and that is why they scramble so hard to normalize it and claim victim status. The exact same tactics pedophiles use today. They're trying to spin this shit as the new homosexuality and appeal to our good nature but it will never work.

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I think there's only a few weirdos that try to normalize. Most do it in private and that's it.

>most do it in private
I can confirm. Left a girl after I found out she fucked a dog. she was fucking mental outside of that but was fun in the sack.

Protip: Don't fuck dogs and if you do, don't try to normalize it. We don't fucking want you animal fuckers. You're pieces of trash.

I really don't think I am.

I recommend restricting "animals" to dogs only for the sake of convenience (also since it's the thread's subject after all)
>They cannot consent, they are not human and do not understand the world as we do.
While rape does happen in nature, plenty of animals can still consent. The female can give away that she's available and willing via body language and scent signals - take tail flagging for instance:
>Tail flagging and flirting: Whereas a bitch may previously have tucked her tail to fend off a male's advances, she now begins to behave flirtatiously. This can include inviting the male to mount by turning her rear toward him and holding the tail high and out of the way. She will fan it lightly to make sure he catches her scent. If conditions are truly right, a full mating may take place.
Also I can't help it but have to ask this: now don't consider the dignity/immorality of the human involved, but the welfare of the animal - if rape really was the "status quo" form of sex between animals in nature, how much difference would it make for the animal whether it's another dog or a human doing it? Would withholding animals from all sexual contact altogether be the moral thing to do then?

>Animals do not consent in nature they act on instinct
These two aren't mutually exclusive. When a human has sex, he also acts on instinct - you simply wouldn't care about having sex if you didn't also have sexual urges. What you can do however is to consciously regulate this instinct and withhold it when it is inappropriate.

>Let's take the example of a tiger killing someone. It isn't murder
False equivalency. The tiger is killing outside of his species. When we shoot a rabbit or a deer, we don't give a shit about its family either, do we?
>He learns based on rewards
You could trace all of your life's knowledge back down to rewards. Even if the reward was something immaterial like "satisfying your curiosity".


>This is an absolutely retarded argument. I bathe my dog and bring her to the vet because it keeps her healthy and is for her benefit.
Yet the very reason you keep her around is to make you feel better! How is that not at all selfish?
>You're fucking your dog for your own selfish reasons and it doesn't benefit your pet at all.
Is sexual release not a benefit? What if the dog initiates? Is it selfish then to let it do what it wanted to do?
Is it more selfish than cutting up animals for food? But we need food to live, you might say... but you could also live as a vegetarian.

>An animal cannot tell you whether it is uncomfortable with what you're doing.
But yes it can. A dog has a whole subset of body language for expressing submission and anxiety. Ears retracted back, tail between legs, avoiding eye contact... If it feels particularily scared or cornered, it might try to run away or react aggressively.

>Many animals that are sexually abused become anxious and have behavioral problems
No shit, they've been mistreated. The problem is that you conflate sexual abuse with consensual sex.

>You're also teaching your pet to fuck humans. What happens when you're not around anymore? What if it's adopted and put down because of these behavioral problems? Don't you feel the least bit responsible for that?
Statistically it's unfortunately far more likely that I'll outlive my dog than vice versa, but even if... it'd probably get adopted by the rest of my immediate family. The most sexual she gets around other people is sniffing their crotches which is quite fairly innocent, and any vet willing to put down a dog just due to that deserves at least a prison sentence.
The fact that we'd rather put down animals than try to reeducate them only drives home the point of just how fucked up human ethics can still be whenever animals get involved.


>Tigers kill outside of their species for food
>This means there is of course nothing wrong with attempting to reproduce outside of own species
Get a load of this absolute retard dogfucker.

A tiger can't sustain itself or its species through cannibalism you fucking RETARD

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Do you think a tiger consciously thinks about the wellbeing of his own species? You absolute mong.

I have a fantasy for it but besides doujins and Pokémon feral I think dogs are too gross and they probably have millions of infections
Also haven’t seen irl videos or anything in that sense

When I was young a friend of mine had a sister who was like 7? She ran up to me one day and said "Barkley likes to lick my butt!!" I was super confused. Never really went over there after that

Of course not. It does so instinctively. Gosh you're a complete and total retard. As expected of a dogfucker.

Wrong. It sustains itself instinctively. It sustains its species circumstantially. A tiger wouldn't really care if the rest of his species suddenly vanished, beyond frustration in finding a partner.

>a tiger wouldn't really care
No shit but it doesn't go around fucking non-tigers. It instinctively preserves its species by seeking out tigers to fuck.

Jesus fucking christ man. You're such a fucking moron.

The reason for that is more complex than a flick of a magic wand called "instinct". There's a whole slew of factors that contribute to it, including territorial overlaps, pheromones, being receptive to sexual behavior...
>doesn't go around fucking non-tigers
Or so you think...
And some stories on other species