What to do when your employer asks you to commit a crime?

i am working in a company that produces medical devices, in the testing laboratory. We have this project running for a few years now that is waiting to be released, but the tests i conduct for the FDA regulations seem to show that the product wont meet the requirements (The whole project planning was a mess). The Company has been struggeling a bit lateley, and it was made clear to me that these tests have to pass. Similar to the past, they will want to have their report for the FDA forged. By me, with my signature under it, what do?

thinking about blowing all those forged tests over the last years to the FDA since the company treats its workers like shit, but since my signature is under many of them, i'll probably get my own noose if that goes down...

>TL;DR massive medical company wants me to forge results for the FDA, what do?

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Blow the whistle. You'll be protected by whistleblower laws

it's a weird situation tho, since the company is american, but we with our site are located in middle europe so i have no idea what would happen...

You've done it before for money, why the revelation to change now?

This. Your employer is gonna be ducked if they try to fire you for that. Just make sure that you have as much documentation as possible that your employer knew about the situation and was the one calling the shots.

report them

Dont put your good name on the line for some one else...

it's the first job i've gotten after school, desu i didnt know how work life works. Mostly it was rather harmeless (reports for test method validations etc.) Often its reports that i know will not directly go to the FDA.
Documentation is sort of a problem. I conducted the tests and wrote and signed the reports. any direction to manipulate those would come verbally from my boss....

Hah, dumbfuck. You're the patsy.

i let myself be pushed to this due to several personal problems, and thats what makes the situation so sticky for me. If i dont say something maybe it will never be found out ( i was tourough) but maybe in 10 years imma get fucked in the ass when it comes to light in some other way. thats why i am asking for Advice.

The problem is this only the tip of the iceberg. There have been materials in use in the patient body for dacades that are unsuited.
Mandatory reports of products (of the sort that is required to be reported to official agencies) that have been covered up for years because the department didnt want to admit they screwed the product over. i know the guy who did the tests on those and he says he was forbidden to write a bunch of stuff into the reports on that product, so this shit has been going on for 10 years minimum now.

this world makes me sick.

unsuited as in mildly toxic, i know there is a whole boatload of problems from our biological division. Most of the people are actually really alright, its just the managers that are rotten to the core....

blow the whistle dude. you just said so yourself that things keep piling up.

Do you want to deal with bad shit right now or REALLLY bad shit years down the line? Pull the plug now. Your company hasn't realized its survival of the fittest.

These guys have the right idea. You will be protected by various whistleblower protections and you have a duty to the consumer to say something if there's even only a 1% chance someone could get sick/die. Not only that, if you go along with this, it could be you that goes to jail. You already know what you need to do.

>I conducted the tests and wrote and signed the reports. any direction to manipulate those would come verbally from my boss....
No, no, no, user. You knowingly okayed things that were wrong. Which makes you the sole perpetrator of fraud, malpractice and intent to harm general public health. It is your signature there. Your boss didn't du nuthin.
So unless you're willing to wear a wire consider yourself deeply fucked in the ass.

we must destroy the medical pharmacuetical industrial educational military complex. take them down op and be LOUD. Start the conversation about the real drug war being run against the people. individuals like you are our best hope to destroy the sick system from the inside out.

it's not that big. None of these products would be able to kill you, the device remains inside the patient, but its more an aesthetic than a life saving product.
jup, thats the other side of the coin

thinking about going to an internet cafe and asking them using tor and a fresh e-mail with their online form to "Report Suspected Criminal Activity", not giving identifing info in the beginning to figure out how screwed i would be. On the other hand im not stupid enough to trust them to conserve my interests over theirs. I know that cops lie to get confessions out of people, why would the FDA be different.

Think of the outcomes OP

You turn them in and may fuck yourself

You don't turn them in and a faulty medical product goes out and some people die. They trace it back to you and you are massively fucked.

like i said, basically no chance of anyone dying from that product as it is more "quality of life" than "necessary for life" (or the implications of my tests). Because of the way the reports are handled it is quite easy to dispose of or tamper with the evidence, as there is basically no chance of prooving that samples or documentation has been switched or redone until it worked, since i always knew this could fuck me, i've been thourough and even quite helpful at times.
The scales are a bit more even than you make it appear.

The way i see it i would probably have to go as witness to court or some shit like that if i hoped to get this through. And i have zero interest in my face appearing all over news or whatever. Not looking to be famous or some shit like that.

basically i did a few things in my past that i dont want government agencies to look over. And as a result i have a somehow working concept of covering my shit up. Also my direct boss was quite supportive during some of my harder times and recently got 2 kids. His problem is that he doesnt have the balls to say no to the higher ups, but his family doesnt deserve to be totally fucked either...

i care about the people there, but my hatred and anger with management really pushes me to report this. But we also all know that those people will most likely get off without anything while the thousands of workers get fucked by the company shutting down. The morality in this isnt as easy...

it feels a bit like burning down the factories with the workers still inside.

then again, i'd like to see it burn.

I basically came here because of this fundamental conflict of my conscience.

I wonder if this company would bail you out of jail. I bet they won't. I'd contact a lawyer and run it by them first and see what they say. With luck, you can sue and get money from this.

your fucked either way user might as well blow the whistle