21M kissless, hugless, virgin

>21M kissless, hugless, virgin

I've kinda accepted it, I know I'll never experience true love.
What are some other stuff I can do to make my life worth while.

Society portrays someone like me a failure. You're a failure if you don't experience love, don't have kids, marry....

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If you want to fix all 3 in a row just go into grinder and pick up a bottom,
I don't know why but people say 'sex is gonna change your life' but nothing happened after i lost my virginity

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I'm straight

Just go to the gym and get ripped. If you want a fish to nibble on your hook, you gotta use some good bait. Abs are a great bait.

You need to selfcare so you can increase your confidence and evolve from friends that are girls to girlfriends.

>this again
I'm happy with how Jow Forums I am thank you but no, gym isn't an answer to everything. Being a musclehead isn't an requirement and only fat people think otherwise

But if someone isn't interested in you romantically in first place you can hardly change their opinion, you'd have to have a 180 on your character

I'll give that video a watch.

How many girls have you asked on date this year?

I don’t get this. I’m 5/10 at best and chronically ill with an average dick and I can find a girl in a week ezpz. You’re simply just not trying I feel like.

Define trying

Jow Forums is full of pathetic faggots who think lifting is the answer to everything but it's not a bad suggestion to start exercising more desu.

Yeah, the point of trying to date is to not have oneitis and hyper obsess over not getting one certain girl. There are plenty of other girls and times for you to encounter similar ones.

>this again
Chill the fuck out.
You think you're an adult but you aren't.
There's nothing wrong with you, not everyone has sex before 21.

My weight isn't the problem.
Well I'm not encountering any and I'm trying to, there's no point, I did try asking someone out a few times and got rejected every time no one ever sees me as boyfriend material.

Chilling the fuck out got me this far. Nothing guarantees me I'll find love, there's no point.

So how many female friends do you have that you hold conversations with?

How many females friends with which I could talk to normally? Over 15


No wonder nobody likes you.

21 isnt that old i think man

didn't have sex till i was 22. You didn't miss out on much and the only thing might me that you will have to learn the nature of women through more reading ressources than experience if you don't wanna fuck things up. Otherwise put work into yourself and yourself out there and women will come. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get after it, you are young as fuck

You're crying at the starting line.

Ok, next, how many times a month would you say that you go out to social gatherings where other women that are not your friends exist?

being a virgin at 21 isn't as bad as you think it is, but seriously, how the fuck does a person end up hugless??? I always feel like people are lying when they say this... even girls who are just KINDA friendly with you will hug you even if they dont wanna fuck. what gives?

I've been feeling like this since I was 17, nothing has changed since then, I've gone through my self improvement phase many many times and nothing changes.
Once or twice a week, I accept every invitation I get to anything.
And how do you initiate that? No one is just going to randomly hug you.

Ok, next, Do you have any clue about reading body language or how to insert yourself politely into conversations?

Sure you pathetic loser will die alone and will never experience how fantastic it is to have a girlfriend which loves you as much you do. With which you can laugh, cuddle and have sex. There aren't that many things which get close to it.

You other option: Stop being a bluepilled dumb nigger faggot who refuses all tipps and doesn't want to go to the gym.

You pathetic faggot

I was going to the gym for a year you dumb moron, going to the gym isn't a requirement I don't understand how someone can be this dumb without trolling.
>Just go to the gym BRO
It isn't an answer to everything, you're the bluepilled one dumbo.

I guess I can read body language just fine, what do you mean insert myself? Like go and insert in a random conversation? I can do that but I don't think that can help, it can only make you more annoying


>I guess I can read body language just fine
>it can only make you more annoying
If you're a little shakey on these things it may be something for you to read up on. These are the advanced socializing properties that help you to gague their intrest. Of course walking in blindly to conversations will make you annoying, because that's not how you do it correctly nor politely.

It's a meme advice, I have asked girls out in the past and I got rejected every time.
That's just "how to be more friendly" I already am friendly that isn't my problem, I don't know what is.

How many girls have you asked out since 1.1.2019?

2, asking more isn't better it just makes you a desperate man slut.
You've taken too many bluepills friendo

You're 21. You're just starting. All that stuff you're complaining about will happen. It shouldn't even be your focus right now. Your focus should be being on the right path. Get through your education, get good at the things you're passionate about. The most attractive thing to women is a man who has potential, knows what he's doing, and is valued by society. Get your career path in place, and women will come along. Though at some point you're still going to need to learn to grow a pair and go talk to them.

Btw, when I was younger I read tons of dating advice books. 99% are bullshit. The two good ones are:
Models: Attract Women Through Honesty by Mark Manson
The Manual: What Women Want and How to Give It to Them.

Besides those two, the key book for socializing that everyone should read is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

But before you do that, make sure you're on track with your education, your career, and your skills.

One thing: you know how people always say women are attracted to confidence? You'll never be truly confident unless you know you're doing the right thing career-wise, with focus. And as soon as you get on the right track and have that focus, passion, and tenacity, you'll automatically radiate the confidence women find attractive.

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No, it's absolutely better to be "more" friendly or flirty if you are a single male in your friend group. It makes you come off to EVERYONE that you are a good person to date and not just the group rock that they carry. It could be eventual that maybe someone your friends know ask them about you, and if your reputation with them is as a mopey fuck and not a charming romantic then you will get no referral set ups or good rep.

And when should my focus be finding a partner and love? Not for marriage, that comes later, just a partner and my first love.
I'm doing just fine in with my studies.
Doesn't help
Well I'm always like that, that's me. I'm always nice and friendly without an ulterior motive like that.
Also for the referral set ups, I don't know how to make someone set me up with their friend, I don't want to be the one asking for it.

If you're on the right path, then your problem is probably that you're not initiating enough.

>just wait until you are a 35 virgin, that will make life easier.png
In real life, women don't give a shit how much money you have, they make their own money.

>Well I'm always like that, that's me. I'm always nice and friendly without an ulterior motive like that.
That sounds way too faked for that to be the end of the story.
>Also for the referral set ups, I don't know how to make someone set me up with their friend, I don't want to be the one asking for it.
No, you don't make others set you up. They come to you typically. Honestly if you have so many friends, go ask them for what they think you could improve about yourself. I'm sure it would be a lot more accurate since they have spent time with you and I have only what you have typed.

>1 girl per month
not bad. If you manage to keep this up, in few years you will meet your wife. Stay patient or triple the frequency. Ideally you want one try per week.

Why do you have to be so weak as to accept things as they are?

I'm 25 years old and I'm like that too, but I'm trying to improve myself in many ways.

That's all you need to do, improve your self. ;)

>boilerplate roastie canard that doesnt explain why my dating app matches tripled after changing nothing but updating my profile with my six figure job

>Women don't give a shit how much money you have

Women usually go for men wealthier and more successful than they are regardless of their own wealth and success.

This is half the reason there are more and more lonely women in their 30's; they priced themselves out of the market.

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>these incels think their 5 matches on tinder aren't bots trying to pickpocket them.
>or that trophy wives don't lead to sexless marriages

You must have really well developed traps and forearms from all the goalposts you keep moving you dumb roastie

It's ok to be mad, I know that get was so perfect
Just look at it

>YOU guys are wrong!
>Not me!

And tell me all about how you totally didn't make a Jow Forums thread about misery brought on by your decisionmaking that none of us are posting in right now

You're alright for a roastie tripcunt desu.

>I have no real response, so I will instead be a tripfag wasting trips on virgin shaming

>implying men who advertise their wealth on fucking TINDER are looking for a wife
you seriously can't be this stupid

You people seem to keep going to Tinder expecting a wife too, man, what do you want out of anyone?
In 2019, after this many years of watching helpless virgins flounder, what's left?

What's left of Jow Forums besides shit bait, shitposting and tripfags?

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>Implying the original trolls said anything of value
Oh no, I never said that either. They just probably got robbed off of backpage and want to trust a new application to not just have craftier hoes.

The post you responded to about being a good little wagie so you can try and finally get laid at 35 is pathetic, true.

But my issue is the myth used universally that women can or will somehow provide for themselves financially in ~the current year~.
It's not true, they do not. They clearly care about how much you make.

It is a boilerplate roastie canard. You can act like that is a troll post but it's not. I am completely sincere.

>he dates people who care about his money
Never ever ever never ever
Not even once

imo to an extent theyre right, but if you go with any whore on the street like most women are now
then that really isnt success either. there really isnt any winning when it comes to life anymore.

learn to love yourself

You sound like the spitting image of my college self

I eventually met a really beautiful woman at work who would gladly flirt with me and gained a lot of confidence through that. She was already taken, but the self-esteem boost did its job nonetheless.
Met another cute woman shortly after this and asked her out. Fast forward 3 dates later and I was balls deep inside her.

Lost my virginity at 24, and neither to an escort, nor to an uggo. You can do it user.

You're what's giving people like me hope.

Lost my virginity after 30. Change your attitude bro. The easiest self fulfilled prophecy is saying that you are going to be a failure.

Where do you go to ask a girl out?

>he still lets society dictate his life
Look, sex probably feels good, but is that what you want your life to be about? I can understand kids, or a family, but if those are after the fact rationalizations, then snap out of it. What do *you* genuinely want?

You are 21 mate. Don't sweat the relationship stuff right now. Focus entirely on making yourself better. Work toward securing a career that you can be proud of and that provides you the type of life you feel you deserve. Go out with your friends every now and then and enjoy life. Go to clubs and bars and maybe have a one-night thing with some stranger. I stayed a virgin until I was 28 years old and had my shit together then I pursued people to spend my life with.