What's the point of living if you aren't tall and good looking...

What's the point of living if you aren't tall and good looking? They literally have the best chances of success and at finding a lover. I won't have shit a because I was born wrong

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>his whole life's meaning is """love"""

Never said that. In fact I put success ahead of love

Then why you ask "what's the point of living if I don't have good looks", silly? You need good looks only in something like media business or escort.

Not true more attractive people are more likely to be hired and promoted google.com/url?q=https://www.hofstra.edu/pdf/orsp_shahani-denning_spring03.pdf&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwjHy5-ggZnhAhVIF6wKHQCxAnYQFjABegQIChAB&usg=AOvVaw0qACxDeb8wHs9cqbF4UP5-
Also well as taller people because they are viewed as more able leaders

Your attitude is shit, brother. Change that and suddenly life is magical.

And not a single person mentioned anywhere had to go cry on Jow Forums.

Of course when faced with facts you resort to personal attacks. True to form

whine whine whine aww does youre pussy hurt user?

>point out that successful people funnel their efforts into constructive outlets
>get mad when I point out that such outlets aren't Jow Forums
H m m

I'm not mad. is not me
Also is has nothing to do with outlets or whatever, even if I'm qualified they will still hire the more attractive person over me

>living like this
How do you do it? I ask as someone with clinical depression and anxiety, diagnosed.
How do you live like this? Constantly under ephemeral thumbs. Constantly under someone's rule.

I'm below average in most capacities and I'm doing alright for myself. Just be interesting. Do things.

I wouldn't call it living at all. I'm constantly considering suicide I have even tried a couple of times. The world is unjust and we've all been lied to

Really? How tall are you? Post a pic of your face so we can see if you are bullshiting or not

You don't have a reason. Just end your pitiful life now

>Post a pic of your face
Nah, I'm paranoid. Why would I lie about being slightly below average though?

>We've all been lied to
Other than self-imposed or Disney-imposed illusion I can't think of anyone who didn't tell me life would suck
They didn't tell me how bad it would suck, but I just feel more like people lie to themselves than to others

I only really say life sucks jokingly now. I spent so long saying it unironically that everyone starts worrying though.

But it does suck. There's no irony.
It's just shitty.

Nah, it's alright, better than nothing.

>better than nothing
>has contemplated suicide
I don't know who you're telling that: you, or me.

OP, let's play a little game:

Let's pretend you have the world's most perfect apple. It's shiny, perfect skin, nice weight to it. It looks delicious and you can't wait to sink your teeth into it.

Now take a bite. Surprise! It's full of worms and the flesh is rotten on the inside. Would you want to take another bite? Is it still a "perfect" apple? No. it's not. It's gross and totally not what you were expecting based on how it first looked.

Try to understand that people can be exactly the same way. You can be gorgeous, tall and a 10/10, but if you're a piece of shit with a horrible attitude and you treat people like shit - ain't nobody gonna wanna mess with you. Don't matter how hot you are.

Find you someone who understands this and you'll be fine.

Most people in life are going to be midcarders or jobbers.

You exist to be a economic unit to tax.

Anyway only 14 percebt of usa is above 6 foot.

>contemplated suicide

Is not Op

>is not OP
Gotcha, it's vague baseless platitudes

>it's vague baseless platitudes
Tell yourself that if you want but I've come out the other side of a decade of misery. Just sharing the news it can get better in the, quite small, chance that it helps someone in the middle of it. I know I'd have reacted the same a few years ago.

>a decade of misery
If this has a SINGLE FUCKING THING to do with a woman you're fucking annulled

You can tell a woman wrote this post.

The problem with your example is that the apple was bitten in the first place. It doesn't matter if it was rotten to the core; you still indulged. or attempted to, anyway.
There are plenty of very good looking men who are psychopaths and narcissists. Does it stop women from flocking to them? of course not. In fact, sometimes it makes them more attractive. But even if a woman was disgusted by that personality type, she could still easily be seduced by such a man because he is incredibly attractive and shows no fear. Would such a man even care if she discovered his rotten core? Of course not! He got what he wanted.
So many things in life are a numbers game. My psychopath (your apple) would eventually find someone to totally indulge, regardless of the hidden contents. But the prettier the apple/human, the more potential suitors there are.

It doesn't, all me.

what's the point if you're tall and good looking?

protip, even if you are tall it doesn't matter, because all they eyes will move to the tallest
>t. invisible at 6'1 next to friend that's 6'4

>born wrong
Borg warner

You're assuming a lot here with blanket statements and labels, fren. First, I'm a male. Not sure why gender needs to play a role in your brain about who's advice you choose to take. Would having a vagina change the meaning of my words?

Second, not all women are vapid and shallow like how you seem to want to white-wash them. Yes, there are many women who just want a quick dick-n-dump from a hot guy, they do exist - but they are not the majority, I've found. The sparkles fade with time and exposure to their horribleness. I've had several girlfriends complain about this in the past. They think he's amazing, heard he's got an ego because he knows he's amazing, and after giving him a ride and realize that his flaws do not compensate for his looks - dump him and move on.

Your attitude and how you treat others is what gives a relationship like that staying power.

Looks matter, money matters, etc. If you don't have that shit you better be busting some ass to improve some shit outside of that realm. There's more to living than dicking down some girls on a Saturday night. Improve yourself mentally, go to the gym, advance further in your career, etc. The girls will come. Why do you do all that? Because that's the way the game is.

His point is that those people are still better off. That he, as an ugly manlet, is handicapped successwise. The tall beautiful guy can be as capable or loving as he is.

As for I don't know. I get that same sort of anxiety thinking about those things even though I'm a bit above average. The thing is, everything relating yo your success is a dice roll. That preoccupation of yours, you didn't chose to have that. The guys talking shit about you at this very thread have an advantage compared to you, since they aren't self conscious about that shit. Then there's IQ, how hard working you are, where you were born, your race, your childhood. It's an infinitely divisible stack of advantages and disadvantages that you already accepted as "not worrisome", so why would you care about height and appearance? Do for height the same thing you did for all the other ones.

Obsessing over advantages is pointless, because you can't really quantify it all, just some of it. There's a decent amount of short, ugly, successful guys. Why don't you worry about the characteristics that put them above you too? It's a pointless distinction, we can only look at raw success objectively. It sounds like you want to find excuses for underachievers.

Vaginas people are brainlets.

>I can't figure out why I'm still single

So OP is ugly AND mean spirited, eh?

How am I mean spirited?

Still no sufficient answers

The thing is you haven't offed yourself yet so there's some hope left in you. People who have fully internalized their despair get over their fear of dying/suicide quick.

I'm not interested in debating whether more attractive people follow more traditionally successful lifestyles. Not because I'm in denial or dae be yourself but because it doesn't fucking matter

Youre looking for some kind of reason behind any of this, there is none. There is no rhyme or reason to anything in this world, there are made up rules and natural physical limitations. That's it

When you ask what's the point of living the only answer I can give you is "well, you're already alive so." I can't justify killing yourself either because there is no reason to. And killing yourself BECAUSE there is no reason to live is not a solution either, it's another symptom of the same problem: you look for meaning and you realize there's none. So you want to end it, but in order to end it you must be admitting that there is a reason to live, and you don't have that reason. You can see suicide is absurd following this logic

Basically the point of living is because you're alive. You can't make any other choice but to keep living because to do so means living incoherently

And get better, all right?

You'll never overtake that fear because you're letting it win, Achilles.

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The world is unjust. And you are in the top 1% of humans who have ever lived faggot. If the world was just your ungrateful ass would be traded out for some 3rd world child who is facing a lifetime of real true misery, not the whiny bitching you take part in.

>African children argument
Doesn't invalidate my suffering. It's all in context for all we know there could be an alien race suffering worse than either me or the African children

>Doesn't invalidate my suffering.
No, but it does illustrate that you're incapable of seeing past yourself and analyzing your issues with any kind of worldly, mature perspective. You say the world is unfair because you're not happy with your height or bone structure when, objectively, you've been at one of the most privileged end of the fairness stick your entire life. However, you refuse to acknowledge this because you're more interested in validating your own suffering then letting it go. The only person who vehemently defends their right to be miserable is someone who isn't interested in moving past it.

your looks only impact your career if your career involves actively interacting with NEW people constantly.

you also don't need to be tall or good looking to get a partner. Getting top-tier (appearance-wise) is probably going to be very hard for you, but most people don't get that anyway, and appearance is fleeting.

You're literally fine. Just don't give up, and stop thinking about this FALSE shit.

You've got no chance because you're a sook, got nothing to do with being 4ft tall with a goblin face.

Love is A chemical in the brain