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The truth always comes out in the end, no matter how hard anyone tries to hide it or stop it. Lies are just a temporary delay to the inevitable.

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i hope they make my contract permanent instead of temp
2 days in and i can see what are the problems and how to solve them
but if i do a big old presentation on this whats to stop the manager going "we'll take that on board, also, your contract time is up, best of luck" and then going I solved all your problems
im enjoying being back in work, enjoying solving problems, enjoying interacting with three dimensional people, i just cant see it carrying on

slavery was a choice

>this whats to stop the manager going "we'll take that on board, also, your contract time is up, best of luck"
It might happen. They also might be impressed enough to work out something permanent for you. Even if not you might impress someone there who you later meet in a different scenario who remembers your good work and decides to give you a chance.

You're getting networking all wrong.

Personally though, just get the fuck out. Can't take another day of that suited arse-licking shite.

Whew, all done and with dignity in tact.

Banned for a month, it feels good to be back.

Mods = dogs

and not good boy! I’ll forgive you mod, since you’re probably just some fellow dweeb, but I’ll never forgive your shortlived basket-weaving tyranny.

If it was a choice they wouldn’t be called slaves lmao obvious troll

I get frustrated too easily at work. On one hand it’s understandable situations and other people get annoyed too. But I wish I could just stop complaining and not be bothered

sorry, i love you

I get what you mean, but it’s still taking advantage of people. They don’t know better, not until it’s too late. You know this.

Just phone-post with data. Everytime you get banned just turn airplane mode on and off. They pretty much have to range ban your entire city to stop you.

Thanks user

What is wrong with me?
>attend a small liberal arts school on a double major
>Dean's List, constantly involved with several clubs and organizations on campus, rushed a frat
>am committed to many hobbies on campus and back home (mostly music - I'm in a few bands, one of which put out an album a few months back)
>confident, pleasant, always make an effort to look good and get to know everyone
>still no gf

No girl's ever told me she's been interested, let alone given any explicit signs I could pick up on. The one person I see myself entering anything long-term with is my close friend back home (to whom I am practically identical - we talk until 2 or 3 really often), but she's 16 and idk whether long-distance would be worth it.

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I'm going back Spring 2020 to finish my Video Game Design Design Degree!


I got my life back!

Fuck you Bipolar- I won!

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Good job user. We're proud of you.

I couldn't have done it without you guys

I have a lot of work to do now

work I actually WANT to do

I'm done being a cashier

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Stop larping as me fucker

It is unrequited

I wasn't larping as you, asshole. I was butting into your conversation.

Started working for the first time again in 2 years and:
Self esteem has gotten lower
I'm becoming more distant
More depressed
More anxious

Shit always happens during the weekend. I thought things were supposed to be getting better.

I moved to a much better apartment. I wish you would come over but you’ll never talk to me again.

Be careful on your scooter.

I'm taking the bus


I got a looooooooooong way to go until next spring cause I got to work 2 full time jobs while taking the bus to pay for college this time

I needed a goal and now I have a very clear one


I'm still in love with Abbie, don't think I'll ever fully get over her. Guess you can't always have what you want, at least she's happy.
I'm lonely.

My nude picture is still there, but I can't get my other self portraits :(.. wah

They deleted all of them but kept me nude. But the others were good too, there's still me nude though.

>No girl's ever told me she's been interested, let alone given any explicit signs I could pick up on

That's your problem. If you like a girl you're the one who has to go forwards and ask her out. Waiting for ''signs'' will lead you to loneliness, or to being chosen by someone rather than choosing her, which is never good.

i completely forgot about this for years until i remembered it, but i'm sorry to the lovely irish boy i met that one night, held hands with, and then snuck off in the morning before he woke up, because i was afraid. It must have been confusing and shitty to wake up alone, if i could go back i'd at least tell you goodbye.
At least you were better off without me, who was a hot mess back then.

reeeeeeeeeeee i fucked up and i miss you reeeee you are gone forever i am tremendously autisitc
oh well I will be able to get back to life at some point but this one hurts extra bad. I don't even have an autism diagnosis but it would give so many answers I kinda wish I did
I'm a fuck up


We all have to say goodbye sometime

I think I have a crush on her just because she treats me nicely and she cares about me, but I've always been sure she does the same with others. Luckily, she destroyed me before I started loving her too much, but yeah, it hurts anyways. It's almost 1 AM and I'm always checking my phone, hoping for a "just kidding", but an ugly fat retard never had a chance

I'm so mad about you

I miss you all the time. I need to learn to be okay with the distance. I guess you don’t want to be close to me, probably never did. I felt so close to you, though. I still do. I think, maybe, you are dating someone. You should tell me. I need to close my heart for good.

I am going to sub Attack on Titan Season 3

Name of sub will be [Scouts]

I think I'm finally starting to defeat my depression. But now I'm very afraid of something bad happening to me that could send me back to the dark place where I was before.

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I don't know if he wants to know I like him..

If you want him to ask you out, tell him you like him. Otherwise ask him out yourself.

Question: What's a better priority? Spending as much time with your parents as you can? Or spending that time trying to learn how to live by yourself and being independent?
I know the answer is probably "but why not both?" but I'm bad at thinking outside the extremes.

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Make a calendar to get what you need done done

your social life like parents are there until they die, which you have to remember they will die so be there for them


I am attracted to males sexually but I hate the idea of being a faggot. I am also attracted to females sexually and in fact there was a girl I met the other night that I would very much like to sit on my face in a grinding motion. I do not act like a faggot but being around my straight friends (except the brown one) gets me hot under the collar and I frequently masturbate to the idea of being romantically involved with them. Practicality and my reputation prevent me from acting on this, but my god I swear on the grave of George Michael that if one of those sexy motherfuckers comes out of the shower, steamy, toned and dripping wet with nothing but a bathtowel on I will bust some cheeks. Also fuck niggers. Thanks

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i feel like an intellectual dumbass

I keep unintentionally talking aloud to myself and my memories.

By unintentional I mean at the drop of a hat I'm engrossed with some kinda of memory or deliberation. I don't see the world anymore, I'm just deep in my mind, but I speak my opinions or what I said then. I would presume its a type of hyperfocus. I also think this usually occurs when I'm idle but can start a few seconds after being idle started.

In a deliberation, my mouth is my subjective side and my inner voice is the objective. Its kinda like when you bicker with yourself when your problem solving but the one I ascribe to myself here doesn't have me active in the world; however, I do perform the more normal in-the-world version as most people do. Deliberation can but rarely occur during or after a memory recollection. Thankfully, I never talk aloud to things which are purely imagination.

I hope nobody sees me do this. Ever. People already think I'm a lunatic but if they saw this they'll think I'm genuinely insane and I'm going to get incompetent social workers on my ass.

Holy fuck this is literally me, except I've been caught out a few times. I have depersonalisation so I find it impossible to leave my mind at the best of times, combine that with the maladaptive daydreaming I'm basically trapped in my mind.

Maybe I will see you tomorrow. It would be nice to... that and grab some grub lol

everything is being decided for me by my parents and if ive gotten so used to it i dont know what i truly want to be when i graduate

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My best friend cheated with someone a few days before breaking up with his gf, spent a few weeks sleeping with new girl and now it looks like the original girl and him are back together. I'm not sure she knows and don't want to get involved, but I find myself being annoyed and with little to say around him, he either doesn't realise or doesn't let on that he knows why. He's my best friend but I lost a lot of respect for him all of a sudden and don't know how to deal with it.

Also I'm closed off from intimacy with the vast majority of people while he can walk into a room and flirt effortlessly with the first person he finds attractive. I don't know how to stop completely emotionally freezing up at the first sign of chance of romantic attraction.

I think I'm destined to be a mediocre npc until the day I die. I always thought I was well-rounded and interesting, always try to be friendly and cheerful. But this week I was straight up told I was a boring person and lacking a personality. Throughout my life, I've been told similar things, that I'm pathetic, unlikable, etc.
I'm not really sure what else to do. I don't have any friends and really the only reason I stay alive is my family. I think when they eventually die, I'll an hero, so that's something to look forward to.

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If you found out something stalking me, I'm disappointed. That's not fair, you know. I feel insecure now. I guess you regret everything

>maladaptive daydreaming
Oh is that what it's called? Maybe I have that or similar. I do seem to daydream intensely with my internal world for a long time but never gave it much thought because I don't talk aloud then. The memories is what I usually fall into though. Shame, I'd rather the internal world its much more enjoyable and more vivid imagery.

Never expected to get a reply from someone who knows what this is like - and you know it more, as well! Too bad you have depersonalization though. That must suck. I hope your mind brings happy things to get lost in to help alleviate any stresses you may have.

Thanks for responding, user. You may have springboarded me to make this more manageable someday. Thanks.

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I need to roughly be fucked and lusted after. My boyfriend and I have sex once a month. He's a great guy but the lack of his sexuality is really depressing. I don't want to break up because everything else is great. I don't know what to do.

I dropped all my paper trail on the internet and cut all access to social media cause of stalking as that is all I see that stuff is good for.

be careful if you have social media cause that's what people get off to these days as scary as that sounds it is true

>it took her 5 days to respond to my text with a brain dead response
I don't understand. Why are you even bothering?

At least you got a response.

slavery was still a choice, by obvious reasons

Have you tried communicating with him? What's preventing you from being honest?

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Another weekend at home, boys. 29 years old, don't know what the fuck to do. Tinder doesn't work for me (no matches in the past two months), and girls on other dating sites/apps are just not attractive in mind or body. I'm sure if I met them in person they'd be more interesting, but if I have to read another okcupid profile from a "traveling foodie adventurer" I'm going to fucking lose it.

I've been learning some baroque dances on the recorder to play at the ren faire that's coming up, but it just hit me hard today that I have nobody to go with anymore. If I just show up alone I'm sure it'll end up like everything else I ever try to do alone, which is me having an anxiety attack, mentally shutting down and depersonalizing until I can finally work up the strength to leave, then crying on the way home.

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To my future self:
They, the vermin, will tell you that you are the abomination, instead of them being the abomination, they will tell that you should had never be born, that they should had shot your parents way back ago in some civil war or in some world conflict, they tell you are a mistake, but you know the truth, to know that you are here to make them suffer, you know that revenge is the fuel that keeps you alive.
They are fat, they are lazy, they are luscious, however, that does not prevent them from feeling entitled to the sweat of your brown, and not only that, they feel entitled to hate you. They were born months earlier than it is common, they are disabled, they are incestous, they have alergies, they have mental illness, they lack any natural talent, creativity, passion or empathy, however, that does not prevent them from showing their smugness in front of you, that does not prevent them from feeling to what you used to posess, that does not prevent them to steal your hard work because they were born upper class.
The vermin, the ones that made you suffer, they are here to stay, don't forget that, but so are you, so you are here to stay, make them suffer, make them suffer for good and try to not get caught during the process, now they are your entertainment, now you are the one with power, now you are one who commands. Godspeed.
Oh, I will show you, as a matter of fact, I am pretty sure I am the only one who can truly show you anything, teach you anything useful at all.
Welcome my son, welcome to the machine. Where have you been? It's alright we all know where you've been.

Don't date online
It's not worth it and I'm tired of fucking explaining how "literally one thousand guys to every one woman" is completely fucking fallacious and you shouldn't waste your time

Maybe you'll meet someone at the ren faire, user. Sometimes things happen when you least expect it, go in with an open mind and hope for the best

Confront him about it dude.

No shit fuckface but despite how terrible it is it's still better than finding someone in a bar, club, concert, or literally anywhere else (see: having an anxiety attack, mentally shutting down and depersonalizing until I can finally work up the strength to leave, then crying on the way home). I'm a fan of early and classical music (and play music myself) but I can't stand going to concerts, for example.

I'm not a virgin but I haven't gotten laid in 2 years and I've only had sex 5 times in the 9 years since I lost my virginity.

Any shameless denial of it, only makes my beliefs grow stronger, every insult, every agression, every additional harm they do cause to me only helps me to interconect such thoughts deep into my soul, as they burn deep into my skull, if in the end there is such a thing as a soul.
Because they, those decadent faggots, those smart-asses, have already done that, I remember when I was just a kid, I remember how much the hated me without an apparent reason, I remember how the abused me, hitted me, threw punches at me and spitted me, I remember the pain, I remember their attitude towards me perfectly, it has marked me forever and ever, it will be always with me, I will surely never forget about it, I may forget them but I will surely never forget what they did to me.
I don't know why they used to hate so much, I don't remember why they abused me as merely a kid, I don't know, I dont' want to know it, I don't remember, I don't want to remember it. It does no longer matter afterall, as I can no longer feel sadness, only emptiness, emptiness that is no longer filled with hedonist happiness or temporal joy, but that is filled with eternal rage, rage I cannot see me free from, I am not going to be able to look at vermin at the face without feeling an intense feeling of hate, I hate them, I hate them so fucking much, and rage is the only thing that makes me feel alive anymore.
They burn my skull, and I like it, it does me feel alive, as a matter of fact, I feel more alive that ever before. I like my current self, my dearest future self.
Humanity as a whole has ripped apart the Social Contract, if they don't respect it, should you? You live in an empty Godless void, there is no justice, there is no transcende, there is only nothing, deal with the angst already and carry on!

How do I break up with my gf

We have been together for 3 years now but throughout that we haven't shared a single interest and met through a friend. We get along well and we are very close but not sharing an interest has made us only able to do shit like travel and go out on dates. She also has some personal problems regarding her mental health and family and I feel like the emotional punching bag sometimes. I've told her this and she feels bad about it but then she won't tell me whats wrong or about other issues. She has bad habits such as eating her feelings or not eating regularly and seemingly something new affecting her health everyday such as panic attacks and weightgain. I have been meaning to break up with her for awhile now but it never is the right time. She is in school and the stress starts to get to her during the school year and especially during finales and I feel like I need to be there for her. Then when she is out of school/finales we get along really well and have a great time but again we share no interests so we are limited during the summer. I really do care about her, it's in my nature but I can't see our relationship going very far. At the moment I just want to buckle down and work and save money for the future and having a girlfriend obviously isn't helping my saving. How do I get over my caring nature and break up with her.

How do I break up with my gf that I care for but share no common interests with and so I can save my money and be relieved of her emotional weight that drains the happiness out of me.

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FUCK I’ve made everything soo much worse. I never should have asked you out. I’m hate that I actually care about you.

She likes the attention but only when it suits her.

I want to quit this place, but I can't

I make no money from it, but it's going to finally give back to me once I get my Big Tech Company Job like m00t

"I got the letter from m00t"

"I didn't know whether to dress for the party or dress for business so I kinda dressed for both"

"Little did I know- this was an ambush"


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fix your profile, reevaluate your self
uwu u fucky wucky

I feel stupid venting and what I should have said was nothing. From now on, in non-user circles, I promise I'm going to pretend that my life is amazing and smile more like I'm never upset. Because no one honestly wants to deal with a depressed person and they're lying when they say "what's wrong, you can talk to me about anything."

tru but not
really, what's your issue again?

Thanks faggot. Nobody cares about you or your life, do you how fucking annoying it is to spent all day working hard and then some faggot complaining about their fefes-feelings IRL? Jesus Fucking Christ, you should be thankful we don't punch annoying craphead like you in a consistent basis.

Thanks user, this is exactly how people feel when they talk to me. I'm glad I can put them out of their misery

They could have fought to the death. Instead they chose to be slaves.

I feel the same way

In the Book '48 laws of power' not talking to somebody for awhile is a power principle

sometimes I need somebody to cheer me up though, but I recognize it is a hindrance a lot of times so I bottle it up, but talking to somebody about what you are feeling is good.

A therapist is ideal, but Jow Forums is free so meh

I just wanted to say that I hate niggers so fucking much more than I thought

I broke up with my gf a month ago and everything in my has seemed off since. I haven’t had any motivation to work, work on my side projects, or do anything really social. I’ve been becoming extremely critical of myself comparing myself to other guys I know, mostly physically (I.e I’m skinny as fuck). On top of that, I feel like where ever I look my friends are happier than me, whether they’re in relationships or not. Idk what’s wrong but has anyone else kinda gone through this?

I’ve been in and out of 3 relationships in the last year and before that none. I just feel like shit now. Not sure if getting tinder again right now is a good decision

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that book is so good

I'll have to check that book out, thanks for the suggestion

are you a racism?

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For your information, the authour of that book is a literal jew, I am not making this up, he is part of the (((chosen people))).
Read his wikipedia article.

What the fuck fucking retard? What's going on with that fucking retarded question? Now that you're under meds and such, you start to think on shit and playing the victim with your fucking questions. And on top of it I have to feel bad because I shouldn't have been bad. But I do not give a fuck, this is what you've earnt. Fuck off with your questions about superheros and normal fucking people, dipshit. You're just a sack of retardation.

I don't even know what I want from you right now lmao fucker

cock&ball torture? :/

I'll kill myself after I get the house organized because I'll have nothing left to do in life.

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I mean

Aren't you sure that you should also be taking schizo meds?

Wash your dick buckoooooooo

I got fired today, and it's really made me feel shitty, because it's one of the few times I can see myself having done a completely unjustifiable wrong.
I worked 16 hours a week at a corner shop, little family run place, and they were all a good lot, pleasant, fair, fun. Gave me work when I needed it, and over the 6 months I've worked there I've taken from the till, or the odd pack of cigarettes, or bottle of spirit, for myself or my friends demanding it, I didn't deserve the extra, didn't deserve more than min wage, I did it because I wanted more and thought I was too clever to get caught. He has me on cctv as far back at five weeks, and he said he was waiting hoping I'd just admit it, run it into a tab, but I just chose to keep lying. And I did, I already cut myself because I'm a fucking idiot, but this, I'm no better than that, a liar and a thief, it was no more than like £160 of goods and I repaid it, but I'm no better than that, if I wasn't caught, I'd still be doing it.

A couple of years ago after my mum brother and me were made homeless I went to A&E and stabbed myself lighting with a Stanley a couple times then went in, I'm just feeling like doing that again, fuck it just keep going.
Liar cheat thief liar cheat scum pathetic.

I'm about to graduate with a degree of engineering. I'm a very analytical person, so much so that I can't help but see fault in everything and everyone including myself. Sometimes I wish I was dumb like the rest of you. Ignorance is bliss after all.

Also, I wish I desired relationships more so I wouldn't disappoint my parents. I mostly only see women as walking pieces of meat who's worth is only their physical appearance.

They did fight and they did die. These people were tortured. I know you could never endure what they did you weak human


The way I see things even Hawaiian whites are niggers at this point.

>black people
Hi plebbitor.

Based engineers. Almost didn't believe this post for a moment.

Im not gay but id make out with Will Toledo.

Am I supposed to feel bad about the victims of crime?
There is nothing fairer in this world than chaos and pure randomness, if you are not able to defend yourself from a criminal even though he is both in social and legal adventage respect yours, I think it is time to consider you subhuman trash.
I was never stolen and I was only assault once, I am afraid the dude is not going to repeat it until the next reincarnation (so to speak), if you are a victim being an able bodied adult you are simply a coward and part of the weak pathetic vermin that lives in this Godless world.

Why? Because I hold a grudge?

Imagine being this triggered on a regular basis

Here goes.
>be 19
>no friends since they all go to college
>I go to community college so much harder to actually get to know people
>still live with parents
>just end up going home and playing vidya almost every night
>each day, grow more disappointed in myself knowing I'm wasting away my youth
>dont have the friends to waste the time with
It's just an endless cycle of school and home. It sucks seeing all the fun other people have while I just sit at home not getting any invites.

why is this relevant

every race thinks they are the chosen ones

The only chosen people are soldiers that DIED for their country END OF STORY


Desiring intimacy but being too insecure to accept it.