I'm a computer science major and bordering between beast and dyel. How do I meet people?

I'm not a big partier and a slight introvert

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Install gentoo


go on or for actual help on this question, which is not really fitness related
this board is filled with shut in autists who think that picking things up and putting them down will magically give them the social live they crave.

Woah based

not sure how you being a cs major relates to the rest of your post... actually I'm not sure how any of this relates to fitness at all.

>slight introvert
you realise introvert/extrovert is a meme right?
Extrovert means chad, its not a personality type. Along with all that other personality shit "Oh i read books, and sit closer to the walls in my classes, that makes me a bla bla bla". It's all pseudo science done to make nerds feel better about being losers.

>extroverts are all chads
not true at all. several of my friends are very outgoing attention whore types but are total losers.


>dissing your "friends" like that

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Im just being realistic and using anonymity to its advantage.


Hey bro, I graduated from CS. I made friends outside of the programme, and made friends with the kids in CS that I met at parties, instead of the ones I met in class.

You really need to network outside of CS if you want friends, since most people in CS aren't really well adjusted. If youre not a big drinker, join some fun clubs. Youll meet the cool CS kids outside of CS.

Also, install gentoo

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>most people in CS aren't really well adjusted
This is true. My friend is in business and wanted to go see a movie on acid. He happened to go at the same time as a networking event was happening and ended up with a conversation with some business guy. He could barely hear what he was saying thanks to the acid and still managed to hold a better conversation than all the CS students and engineers.


>He could barely hear what he was saying thanks to the acid
How do you know this? Are you actually the "friend"? Or are you just taking your friends brag completely uncritically?

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when you realise most chads are total losers you might realise what he said is right

cope of the year.

I mean loser in that they are unsuccessful with women despite their efforts which I think is quite the opposite of chad.

No I'm not the friend, but why would he lie to me? Obviously he could still hear if he was able to converse but the point he was making with that detail was that he was struggling to keep up. He wasn't "bragging" he was just telling me a story about his experience completely casually.

If he told you he "still managed to hold a better conversation than all the CS students and engineers" then idk that sounds like a brag. Also kind of a dickish thing to say, even if true.

no i meant as in they have shallow personalities. Im speakingmainly about people "born" chad. They don't know what its like being on the backfoot so as soon as their hair goes, or they get in an accident and look ugly, they have no idea what to do with their lives. That's why the baldcel is such a big issue. If you get all your confidence from looking good, you lose your confidence when you dont.

This is why you "make it", you don't "become chad", chad is a curse.

That's retarded and you are stupid and also wrong

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We've been clowning on the social ineptitude of these people for a long time

i would pay 100$ for those girls to watch me jerk off on skype for 20 minutes


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divine intellect

Start smoking weed