Is this making it bros?

Is this making it bros?

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Manon und Lutta sehen aus wie stabiles Material also ja du hast es geschafft

if you goal was to get matches on tinder then yes you made it my man everyone doing this shit for different reasons.

>thin white girls

Post profile so we know what to aim for

are you paying for tinder to get artificial boost? if not, yes you are making it.

glückwunsch brudi, sieht doch ganz nice aus.
lass mal dein profil sehen / pics von deiner physis, aus rein wissenschaftlichen gründen versteht sich

im dyel af

It's not fair guys.
1 match from a 5/10 that ghosted in less than 24h.

I only get lucky in Nightclubs. But not lucky enough because I'm socially autistic.

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Post profile

Fick sie was sie braucht bro

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I deleted Tinder after I got ghosted.

It was less than 1 week.

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>du hast es geschafft
German is a funny language.

>make tinder acc 5 days ago
>8 matches in a day
>all of them ghosted or stopped replying after a message or two
>changed pictures, bio, added Instagram
>no more matches since
>download Bumble
>swipe right on except on fatties so a 50/50 swipe
>get 10 matches
>all of them ghosted me after a day or two

Why does it hurt so much lads? It is worse matching with a girl and getting no response. I don't want to pay premiums but apparently the recent tinder changes make it so the more you are active the more visible you are, but still..

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na mal nicht so schüchtern meiner, wir sind ja hier unter uns :^)
oi, hab von dem 'gina lise bumst zwei pakis' gehört schon vor ner ganzen weile, gibts da echt nen sextape von? link eventuell?

Matches don't count you kanker
t. used tinder for 2 months

Have you tried OKC? You can usually find people that are looking for relationships there.

Tho personally I don't recommend the absolute shitty grind of cycling thru batshit girls in order to meet a few decent ones. Maybe it'll be different for you bro.

You all are first world faggots. Here were i live bitches dont use that shit, you look like needy boys. Start going out your comfort zone.

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Its your face.

Literally download a picture of a male model that isn't that well known, then swipe right. Every swipe will be a match.

Tinder is the ultimate test if you have the face to make it. Once you lose all your weight and got an athletic body. If you don't get fucks of tinder you will never make it.

The only thing you can hope for is to luck out with a girl who has been pumped and dumped too much by chad.

OkCupid is really nice if you're into fat green-haired panfluiddyspromorfic feminists and getting sued for rape.

Post face

good a tinder thread

>ask match what she's up to a few minutes ago
>just responded saying just watching films

tell a virgin what to do next, honestly out of my depth at this point

lmao no

yes, we are first world

nobody gives a fuck what happens in your country. who cares how many goats your family gives to her family to let you shag her

ask her if she wants to fuck

Tinder is a tool, and like any other, you have to know how to use it. Should have looked online for tutorials.

Same as above applies to you. Don't waste time talking to girls online beyond the initial back and forth. Pitch a date as soon as possible. The girl already knows if she's attracted to you enough to date or not, force her hand, otherwise she'll use you as an orbiter whenever she's craving some easy attention.

I would rape the shit of of Mia.

its about the third thing i've sent after a shitty joke

yeah but how do you phrase it

Ask what movie and have a discussion about movies if she seems interested in that subject. If not just transition to something else like how the New Zealand shooter was a hero or if she works out and how.

Girls older than 12 are disgusting

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how does the algorithm work again? any tips on striking the first convo?
help a prettyboy get some pussy

Experience is looking at each woman and being able to imagine what a pain in the ass she becomes after the excitement of the first few fucks wears off.

Wan sum fuk.

Tinder is a joke im average looking with 1 pic and no bio

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Die alte ist so schäbig
Ask her what movie she is watching. After that try to build on her answer to create a conversation.


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You must have an African name.

I second this

yes yes but how do you go from chatting about stuff to being at her house / at yours, that's what i'm clueless about

literally say "yeah good, sounds boring, send nudes"

lmao no bitch, go outside.

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Dude, it's fucking tinder, not a state dinner. Just say something stupid like "Let's add chill to that"

Posta profilbilder dårå!!!

Triple dubs confirmed.

Offer to show her your shrine to the New Zealand shooter, workout together or see a move some time if she’s into that shit. Or fuck it, if you can hold a conversation with her just ask to hangout and see how she reacts.

fucking lol

Give it to me straight lads, am I that ugly (6'0ft)? These are the photos I use on tinder with the description "I love chatting about interesting stuff such as space, philosophy and psychology, over a drink! Quite an outdoors person, like hiking, sports, travelling and exploring the unknown!"

What am I doing wrong? Barely any matches in 5 days

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post pic

You sound like an autist.

retarded smile/10 and cringey autistic bio

After a few days of chatting ask for her number. Then tell her you would like to meet or talk over the phone with her.
Some girls will feel more comftable in meeting with, if you already talked over the phone.
And keep it light, don‘t try to hard and don‘t be afraid to fuck it up.
This approach usually worked fine for me.


Gotta move to Sweden then

Pretty much. Just ask her out for coffee somewhere. It's low pressure, so she won't be thinking that she might fuck you and feel like a slut afterwards, it's public, so she won't be scared that you'll kidnap her or something, and it's comfy.

nice doggo though

> letting women steal your confidence gains
Never gonna make it.

you need different photos, only the one with dog is passable

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Look for tutorials online. Tinder is mostly about your pics, your bio's function is just to not fuckup. You have some good pics and some bad ones. Women don't work like us (we're looking for reasons to fuck them, they're looking for reasons to not fuck us), so even 1 bad pic can ruin an otherwise good profile.

>to much friends
>i dont see your face
>i dont see your height
>your hobby?drinking?

one good photo- with the dog

Get rid of the top middle picture. Start practicing your smile in the mirror. Not just the position of your mouth but your eyes and eyebrows as well. Bio needs to be scrapped. Girls respond better to a short bio that doesn’t take itself seriously rather than a fucking blog post about your interests.

Get a six pack and use a shirt free pic as profile and delete the boring, random descripion. I think i have like 90 matches in a month but i dont care too much about it to actually write to any of those soulless females.

>"tseheh i like traveling"
>"tseheh i like animals"
>"tseheh i like reading"
>"tseheh i like sports"
>"hehe look at those slightly reavealing outfit im wearing"

Wow how awesome, just like the other 89 females. So fucking special. Just like females in the city wearing all the same outfit, listening to the same music, wearing the same make up.

Its all just a copy of a copy of a copy.


but congrats on the matches

Too many photos/too many photos with people/cringy bio

Do this user:
- one very good pic of you (not selfie) as first pic
- second pic you doing some activity (dunno make some people take a pic of you squatting/benching)
-third pic keep the one with girls.
Bio doesn't matter, just put a joke and that's it (like 'if you like me raise your hand otherwise raise your standards')
As for messages be fucking straightforward, ask for number in 1 or 2 messages, if it doesn't work move on (don't catch feelings on tinder sloots).

don't take this the wrong way, but drop body fat, you got a wide jaw but you're covering it with hamburgers and coke

also angle your head down in photos, not up

it not true
weed and then foto

Don't swipe right on ugly chicks, it lowers your score.
Make an observation on something on her bio or related to one of her pics. Teasing usually works best, but on some girls sounding deep might be better. Don't waste time getting to know her online, just trade a few messages and pitch a simple date (coffee works almost every time). If she says no, delete her and move on.

>make tinder with pictures of me when I was 20
>200+ matches

>make another with pictures of fat me now
>less than 5 matches

God it hurts bros. I've got to lose this weight and become fit again. Part of my self worth used to be how much pussy I got, for better or worse. I'm only 25 too so I really let myself go.

No longer lads. I got into a long term thing and let myself get fat and now I miss dipping my penis into new strange every night God I miss it. I feel like a virgin at this point DO NOT LET YOURSELVES GET FAT

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i'm not a red pilled type of guy. pretty blue pilled actually.

but i had the most success on tinder having a good pictures, flattering clothes, showing me traveling and having fun. all of which i was by myself in the pictures.

when chatting with the female, boldness/cockiness worked best, mixed with sexual stuff. dont be a pussy, tell her you wanna berry ur dick, that's what they're on there for. when they call you out for it, don't be apologetic, say that's what you're looking for.

You look dead inside. Try not smiling so much. It's not convincing.

Seconded. I'd also add that you shouldn't look at the camera nor smile for your profile picture.

have had tinder for six months and have smashed lots of puss (at least 1 new girl a week plus whatever fwb's i have). the first month you should consider a learning phase.

I'd say you look good, except for the forced smile, but i don't know shit about what's attractive.
One thing i've learned from seeing people swipe is that you should NEVER, EVER put a group photo as your first pic. So many people swipe without checking out other pics, dudes and chicks.
I stopped using it after several months, and i think i'm one of the few people who goes through every pic and bio before swiping. Unless her first pic is her clubbing, then i swipe left.
I had over a hundred matches and only had sex once. Just made me want to die, honestly.

I'm the fatposter who got fat after 20 but when I was getting tinder pussy every other night my pics were

>almost never smiled in pics, maybe only one
>always looked really cocky in them
>only had one pic with other people so they knew I wasn't a recluse or whatever
>bio was either nothing or something stupidly cocky in one sentence or less

basically stop smiling and become chad, destroyer of pussy. But mostly lose all the bodyfat you can

Bruder sage mir bist du in Stuttgart? Ich glaub ich kenn eine von deinen Matches

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Que están diciendo?

I would skip all the group photos, the dog, the gym and the one in the woods is enough

your photos are very crowded. photo 4 (put it first) will get you the grills who is on tinder for a bf. Put photo 3 as your number 2. Drop the rest
>"space, philosophy and psychology"
this only makes you seem like a uninteresting person frankly. When was the last time you charmed a girl by talking about "space, philosophy and psychology"? yeah thought so.

You brought it upon yourself faggot

Are you me?

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I absolutely did and now I am starving myself as punishment

the 4 years I spent with the girl weren't that bad. I got to smash puss consistently like 2 times a day but once it was over I had realized what I had done

The doggo and you in the woods is good. Remove the others

Good lord thanks anons! I knew I would get shit on for posting my pictures here but I did the same last year when I was a fat piece of shit and the reality check made me lose 30kg and started taking care of my self better.
I guess this is the next chapter of my self-improvement. We are all gonna make it

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I like candids a lot. My most liked pics are, not gonna post em but ones just me wrangling a bass and the other just a slightly blurry pic of me laughing my ass off at a bar.

you're not ugly, you just don't seem happy with yourself, like a child who was forced by his parents to smile for every photo

Lena sieht besser aus. Aber OP hat vielleicht Kontaktinformationen von Manon und Lotta gekriegt.

in my head you have made it bro.

Anytime, my friend. Anytime.

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My bio: I pull out much faster than Theresa May.

Always get comments like “hahahaha user you’re hilarious”

That's what Jow Forums is for. Good luck user.

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jesus christ, basic bitches are the worst

nada interesante

At least we have running water and a toilet to shit in

Don't smile with your eyes. Like try to smile with a relaxed face unless you're truly happy or in a state of joy in the photo.

Use more pics with dog, bitches live dogs. Have one of you working with him/her doing some activity.


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What are you doing to fix it? Seriously man just get to the gym