Is gf pedofile

Is my girlfriend a pedofile? I noticed on social media she follows and likes the posts of guys about 13-18. She is 20 but looks younger and is really good friends with a 17 year old that has a crush on her. It seems like they are really close and he comforts her when we fight.
This confuses me because im.12 years older than her so I assume she likes older guys. This makes me insecure.

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How long have you been together?
Has there been any clues at all that would imply she is with you for any reason other than because she wants to be?
It could very well be that she wants younger guys who are thirsty to sweet talk her.

Hot, get her to rape a shota with you.

4 years. No she implies that shes very serious about me and in love.
But I cant help but feel insecure because they are more attractive than I am.
Why would she want validation from younger guys? Wouldnt they know less?

Maybe she needs a daddy figure (for support? Does the bitch work) but little boys turn her on?? Find out if she's into younger girls, if she is you've hit the gf jackpot.

It's exactly because they know less.

She's probably fucking them. She's with you for money and stability but at 32, you can't mentally reach down to the maturity level of a 20 year old. So she's looking to fill that emotional gap.

How does a 32 year old and a 20 year old even have a relationship that isn't just sexual? Fuck do you even talk about? You two are completely different life paths as it is and yet you think this will work? The girl is doing dumb young adult shit while you are sratching your hair out wondering.

Break up with her and grow up dude, find a woman around your age group, that has her shit together.

Shes actually the one with a good job im a cook. Despite that she does somewhat childish things like use tiktok, hence the teen boys. I dont understand the whole culture very much.
We have a couple geeky things in common but its mostly small talk. Beleive it or not not every successful relationship has intellectual conversations about rick and morty every day.

>a teenager comforts her when you fight
user you need to dick her harder and more often so that she can't be reaching out to these boys. fuck the fucking shit out of her. never fap. save it all up. dump it in her. dump it on her face. wear her out so she gives up and ignores the boys. shes with a man for god sakes.

no she isn't a pedophile. you are however being a total fucking faggot and need to man up.

>Shes actually the one with a good job im a cook. Despite that she does somewhat childish things like use tiktok, hence the teen boys. I dont understand the whole culture very much.
If she has her shit together, she seems like a keeper then. Be careful if you have kids and/or don't get too attached (it'll save you the nisery down the line), wymin can change their minds in a whim (especially in today's younger culture) and stick you for child support for a good chunk of your life.
Access how loyal she is - the socioeconomic status of parents, public/private schooling, her grades, is she religious, where do her moral boundaries lie, etc.
Again, if she's into lolis, you struck gold.

This is hard to do because its long distance. But if I could I would. Is there any other way of going about this? I dont want to lose her to some zoomer faggot
She comes from a wealthy family and has never indicated unloyalty. Shes also pretty traditional but I dont care about that. I only care that shes loyal and I dont know if her background is a tell for that like your saying.
As for the loli thing im not interested in cheating on her. Even if I was into that I wouldnt need to because people mistake her for being 13 herself.

>its long distance
you're a fucking cuck sugar daddy thats paying her bills and buying her toys while she fucks boys

here I thought you saw her regularly. sorry dude, you're being used. If you saw her regularly it'd be one thing but yeah theres no chance man you're fucked

I havent given her a cent she loterally payed one of my bills when I wss going through a rough time. Did you read the thread?
How do I know shes not sugarmommying these faggot fortnite dancers behind my back? How do I stop her from talking to teenagers without seeming overprotective?

Literally* was*
Don't mean to sound retarded haha just cant sleep

close the distance. this is literally your only option. be around more.

This is gonna sound bad but she is fucking those boys user. I'm sorry but you got played.

What makes you say that?
I dont get it. What is the appeal about them?

You're far away and they aren't.

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It's not about appeal man. A 20 year old girl isn't mature enough to see shit that you're seeing. She doesn't look at what's appealing about a 17-18 year old because she's the same age. You're 32 and far away. She's with lots of fuckboys around her whom she can relate to. What do you think she does when she meets them to be "comforted"? Unless she's getting dick from you on a constant basis, she's definitely having sex with those other guys who are the same age as her.

I don't know this girl or what her or your history together is like but none of this automatically means she's fucking other people, the good girls are still good. Sounds like this is part of the menu until you're closer together unless you become more prominent in her day because if she's smart she probably isn't chasing the dudes around her like that but yknow you are an user to us so be more analytical

Wait.. you've been dating since she was 16 and you were 28?


This shit just keeps getting funnier. Have you actually ever met this person, or has this just been a 4 year "relationship" over the internet?

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Weve met 3 times and I want to propose to her next time


Please put me in the screencap

Ok, fun's over, shitty fucking bait

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Kill yourself OP

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well, whur u fruh, Oppie?

Sounds to be the pot is calling the kettle black.
Those guy friends are closer to her age than you are anyway.
She’s got a job, she’s putting up with you not being the main bread winner. you’re looking for something to excuse your own jealousy. Unless she’s fucking these guys I wouldn’t make it into something it’s not. Women flirt with strangers and friends just to flirt, especially when they’re young and have a outgoing personality.

In terms of the 17 year old, your gf is having what is known as an emotional affair with him. They may not have actually done anything together, but she is relying on the fact that he has a crush on her to gain affection and support from him. They would not be friends if the attraction didn't exist.

Also, the fact that she's dipping as young as 13 is incredibly worrying. She is an adult flirting with middle schoolers? Hell no. That alone is a gigantic red flag and she is a predator.