What the fuck happened to me

For the past 3-4 months I've been in a constant downward spiral in self esteem/confidence in just about every social situation. I used to know the right things to say but now I just can't make things work like I used to. I understand the issue but I can't seem to fix it. It's as if there's something holding me back from being myself but I can't shake the feeling that I may make a fool out of myself. What should I do

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Sounds like depression. See a psychiatrist and get a diagnosis user.

Is there any way of getting over this without having to shell out shit loads of money to a Jew doctor who is just gonna tell me what I already know

A therapist is a joke, You are not telling the full story. What led to these feelings, There must be an origin or state of being that caused you to feel this way.

Just recently started college, lots of more people to compare myself too. Obviously not the most attractive, athletic, smartest, etc... But I can't find happiness where I am and that blow to my confidence has just only become worse as time goes on. I used to live my life not worrying about how I was viewed by others but now it controls my every movement

Take whatever feels like is going to make a fool out of yourself and shine it bright and loud for everyone to see.

Fully accept what could happen and realize you're capable of taking care of the aftermath. We could die tomorrow so why spend our days caring we might be a fool for a small instance of our lives.

You make a great point, I know I'm putting too much pressure on reputation and superficial bullshit like that. I hate that feeling and know it's absolutely autistic to live life by others impressions but fuck man shits not easy to shake

Ahh the old fear of opinion mindset, Well the truth is these people ARE better than you. But they too had to put in hard work to get popularity,good physique and good grades. Six packs and straight A's don't come by just laying around and sitting in doubt. You must never doubt yourself, If you do you have already failed yourself. If you are not attractive because of acne or fatness, You must fix this by putting in the work at the gym and running everyday. You must study harder to get good grades. It is tough but it's something you simply must do, There is no way around it.

If you are not happy with where you are, You must fix it now. You will stay where you are at or you will degrade.

I'm doing relatively well in classes and I am the antithesis of fat. Its not outside stuff I'm worried about it's my personality that I feel is experiencing some kind of degradation that I can't stop. Doubt is ruling my life

You must stop doubting yourself, I know it means nothing by me saying it but it's the truth. If you are doubting yourself you must do the thing that you are doubting. So if it's getting a girlfriend, You might need to go to the gym and put on muscle to looks better. No one likes skinny shy people who look frail. Confidence and social skills are built so you must simply work up the courage to talk to people more.

I can say I am insecure about my physical stature, I have tried going to the gym but I can't keep the motivation to stick with it. Ive found myself in a sedentary and quite unhealthy routine where I go to class and come back to my room just to kill time before the next class. I know I won't talk to anyone that way, yet I feel like people don't give me the time of day cause of a lack of respect.

Some people have a hard to with motivation, You can research online on how to get into a morning routine of waking up. Do research and browse Jow Forums and the web and ask questions, google and ask as much as you desire. Wanting to know knowledge does no harm and only betters yourself. It's easier to talk to girls if you have a good body. I remember after I lost about 50lbs by running and then put on muscle at the gym, Girls started to interact with me in my classes. Everyone respects a nice looking body, Because we all know it takes work to get it. Otherwise we would all have six packs and chiseled jawlines. This is why girls intiate conversation with "chads" instead of skinny guys are obese guys. Girls are superficial, They only want what they see and by the looks of your situation it would do a great deal of good for your confidence if girls started talking to you more.

Truthfully OP, You sound like you need some lifestyle changes. You must ask yourself," Are you really the best you can be?" It's a question I ask myself all the time and it pushes me to be better and so far it has only brought to me improvements in my life.

Guess I gotta face the facts and start going to the gym and sticking with it. I can see how being approached by girls would improve my confidence and I hope it works out in the end.

Do you have any examples of this? I understand the question but I can't translate that into my own life/situation

I would advise heavily to research online before doing. If you are eager enough and search you will find the answers to get to where you need to be. Only you can do this though, I would advise starting at a planet fitness because it's cheap and has all the equipment you need to get a six pack and good physique. Remember you must never doubt yourself, People doubted troops in the roman empire over several decades and this pessimism lost entire wars because of people back home doubting. It's either start doing this now and commit, Or stay where you are it. It's a tough truth, But it's the truth nonetheless. The best thing you can do is listen to music and motivate yourself. Some slayer thrash metal always gets me going.

In my experience I will list my benefits.
>Full 10 hours of sleep because I usually go to bed early(not tonight though lol, I don't have anything to do tomorrow besides working out for an hour)
>More energy
>I can post pictures of myself topless on tinder and my photos traveling and girls will text me first
>I'll stand in the line at a subway or somewhere and girls will strike up conversation about my tshirt or what I'm getting to eat without me even saying anything.
>I'm more confident in going to the gym since everyone I know there has seen me transform since I was fat with no muscles.

In terms of lifestyle changes if that's what you mean
>Start getting on a schedule and wake up, early bird gets the worm. Also its cool because by the time your classes hit, You are already fully awake.
>Go to the gym everyday, No excuses. Have a set of gym skivvies and running shoes and go ham.

I'll look into getting my life more organized so I'm ahead of it rather than catching up all the time. I should have time to go to the gym so I'll research that as well. It's hard for someone of my body type cause the metabolism is ridiculous but I know it's been done through determination

It would be a start. I used to be anxious and worried about other people but I just put my headphones in and not worry. And about getting girls attentions, I'm not saying that you couldn't find someone that is near your level. But the complexity of the dating market and how women have inflated value in the USA is a whole nother topic. Which in turn makes good looking girls go for chads and leaves a disproportionate amount of men either lonely or with fat women. If you set your mind to anything and don't doubt yourself. You can achieve anything with a little hard work and perseverance.

Lift, run. Change alot. Stop looking at porn. Fap as little as possible.

>money to a Jew doctor who is just gonna tell me what I already know
PLUS prescribing you drugs that fuck you up forever

But yes don't come to Jow Forums if you want real advice

leave your Discord though

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Thought this board would be a bit more helpful than /b/

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