When/how did everyone meet their current wife/their partner closest to their soulmate?

When/how did everyone meet their current wife/their partner closest to their soulmate?
Just curiosity and i want to read some cute stories

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the closest thing I've had to a woman in over a year is this girl that lives in japan I matched with on tinder when I was spoofing my location
she never initiates conversations with me and just replies when I say something generally giving very short answers, clearly showing no interest in turning it into a dialogue, and usually only answers 3 or 4 times before she ignores me

then a week or 2 later I will send her another message and the cycle continues

Right here on Jow Forums

Im sorry about that user :( hopefully you do find someone don't lose hope!

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I was in a bit of a hipster ass dress all business and go for drinks in nice bars phase for some reason.
Anyway I was on my home when a pal texted me he wanted me to come meet his friend. Showed up at the bar and met her. She was shy and quiet and didnt know what to say around me. She's really vulgar when she's opened up so I guess she told my bud as soon as I was gone "he's really cute I wanna fuck him!".

I guess the conversation lead to him telling her I speak french so she added me on FB and was all coy like 'hey I wanna learn to speak French!' so I said whatever, wasn't up to teaching her because I feel you really gotta teach yourself but I asked her for a drink anyway.

Got talking, turned out we had extremely similar humour, we had an hour and a half text exchange entirely in gifs, we ended up going on a huge party bender together, booze and hotels..

Wound up fucking, then together, and now were engaged. Been together 5 years since a month ago.

>Hipster ass phase

Sorry forgot to explain the relevance. I was dressed up when I met her and she really liked it.

She was a fan of my work and reached out and we hit it off. Been with her about 6 years now.

i didnt

I moved to a new city in my final year of high school. We both were smokers back then and would see each other during breaks. Continued dating during college and married once I got a steady job.

I met my husband on a Death Grips (favourite band) discord server. We didnt really text there and only a few weeks after it got deleted we started to talk more. Its currently long distance with an ocean between us, but we already met and spend some weeks together and will in summer do it again. Long term I'm gonna immigrate to his country and we're gonna marry, too. He's perfect in every way, we're connected on a very deep level and had similar life experiences and we love the same kind of music.
I was feeling butterflies before we met, but when we finally met IRL it all just made sense. All pain in life was worth it cause it led up to this. Like broken puzzle pieces clicking together. God, I'm so much in love

>tfw no qt foriegn deathgrips gf
Why live

Would hopeful fantasies count?

I think i have good one for that.

almost 2 years ago i was alone at a party. I was loitering around outside and her brother came over complementing my slav squat. He introduced me to her, me not knowing it was her brother. We talked a little bit, I told her that I think she looks fine and we had our first date a week later. Instant success.

We went through some harsh shit because I just came from another relationship where I got cheated on and I discharged my doubts and negative feelings unto her for half a year.

She stuck with me nevertheless and now I can't imagine ever finding a woman that makes me laugh like she does.

I love her

I don't know how sweet it is, but I met my wife as boredom fling. I was going home for my army leave and saw a cute girl waiting for the something, as I was waiting for my train in my uniform. So I approached her for a chat. Half an hour later I'm boozing her up in the bar, two hours later I'm fucking her in the hotel. We end up meeting every weekend behind her husbands back. She was living in a different country and soon he got suspicious of her visiting Finland for a business trip every weekend. So he followed her once and busted us, but by that point I already told her to divorce him and marry me. She was unsure, but he pushed her towards divorce by sperging out and trying to beat her up. He was too much of a pussy to hit me. Now, six years later we have two kids and she's a stay at home mom

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>So I approached her for a chat
How do you just approach somone and start a conversation. Like what specifically did you say?

>stay at home
Are you sure she is?

I actually heard her talking in Russian and knowing a Russian myself, i just ask her to if she's wait for the P train in Russian. She was slightly taken aback, then said no and I said that I've been waiting for that piece of shit for three hours. Then she asked if I served nearby and we just hit it off. I began bullshiting her about being a mercenary. Then I said that this is a shitty way to spend my leave and suggested a bar nearby and the rest just fell in place by itself. Taking Russian courses back at Uni really paid out

Yeah, I highly doubt that she'll cheat on me, since I plow her like no tomorrow on a daily basis. I did do paternity tests, just in case tho

I met my boyfriend on here.
It's pretty nice and we're very happy with each other. The distance sucks but I go see him every couple of months. He's funny, intelligent and a very kind guy. And hot as shit.

Thats really great to hear

How did you make contact, did you find each other on soc?

No. Just exchanged contacts in a random thread.

I was working and made a delivery to her workplace. A little bit of flirting and then I asked for her number.

>I go to see him every couple of months
Not trying to be a dick but I hope you close the gap soon. You know long distance relationships can't stay long distance forever.

Nice, you're both lucky to have met

>hot user boyfriend
Either he is batshit insane or this is bs

Roughly two more years to get all the papers and shit together. We're working towards it.

I wouldn't say he's batshit insane, but we're both really weird people. He's much weirder than me.
I kind of like it. We're similar kinds of crazy and get along.

A lot of so-called hot guys or girls are just normal adults who aren't ugly and have their shit together. People say this about them because they find the whole package attractive. I wouldn't read into it.

Friend knew I was suicidally depressed due to loneliness and rejection in every possible way, not just romantically but by friends and employers, set me up with someone that expressed interest in meeting me due to comments of mine she saw on a website, friend said it was a romantic setup but a few days after meeting her it came out the girl had a boyfriend and was only looking for friends, I'd already completely fallen for her as she has basically every trait I'd ever dreamed of in a girl
Shockingly this didnt help my depression

This is cute. reason why i made this post is because i feel like i wont find someone but so far people have been meeting their s/o unexpectedly
Ive smiled to so many of these thanks guys KEEP GOIN!

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You will find someone. I actually went into the army to shoot myself, since can't get guns in our European paradise, but found friends and a wife instead. It's a good thing I didn't go through with my plan, because now I'm genuinely happy

>last relationship I had was at 15 years old
>be single ever since
>feels bad man

However my parents are one of the rare ones to have only ever married once and are still going strong 30 years later.
They met when they were both working at Target as young 20 somethings. Though they had never met, my dad at least was aware of my mom way before because my mom's dad often drank at his dad's bar. My dad and my mom's dad were actually kind of friends.

He proposed to her at a red lobster with the elegant words of "So uh, wanna get married or something?"

They had one rough patch around my senior year of high school where I was basically just waiting for one of them to come tell my sister and I they were splitting (My dad was having a SUPER shitty midlife crisis that was slowly sawing away at his ties with all of us. Unfortunately I don't think his relationship with my sister ever fully recovered and probably never will.)
Idk how they did it but they did eventually work through that when my dad calmed down more and accepted he was getting old and his time to be a cool young single guy with no kids had long passed and it was not coming back.
That was around 2013. Their relationship just continued to steadily improve over time until my dad had emergency heart surgery and almost died. I think that situation really put shit in perspective for both of them and now their relationship is stronger than it's ever been.

I could only dream of having a relationship like my parents, where you can fight and argue, where you can come so close to the brink of divorce like that, but still genuinely WANT to make it work.
I don't think relationships work like that anymore. They're a relic of the late 70's/80's.
(Here's a cute pic of them playing Pong together at a video game museum, the only game they both recognized lmao)

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I don't know user. I want to believe what you say, i genuinely do.

But, it seems to have not happened for so longs i just can't help to feel a bit unhopeful?

Thanks to all anons who shared their stories and i wish you all happy lives.

Hope i join you in the future.

Women find people they're close to more attractive.
That's why your female relatives will call you handsome when nobody else does, because they know you (if it's really bad, then out of pity). It's also why there is such a stark difference in the blank-slate (i.e. no prior knowledge of each other) ratings of the other gender's attractiveness, where men rating women follow a rough bell curve, but women rating men have a heavy skew towards "unattractive".

My guess would be that user is somewhere in the 5-7 range.

I was a dancer in a large production and there was this stage hand girl ugly as all hell but nice and could dance, but wasn't in the show due to previously mentioned ugliness.
The female dancers were rude and cruel to her so I took her out on a pity date.
A few weeks later my now wife messages me out of the blue (facebook) calling me a dickhead, we'd never met or spoken before but apparently that ugly girl from the show had been telling her girlfriends that me and her are best friends and she's inlove with me and I ghosted her, I explained to my now wife exactly what happened and she had a good laugh because apparently the ugly girl is pretty well known for pulling shit like that.
Anyway she cared about her friend and I liked that so I took her out and we ended up together for the last 9 years.

It'll be a nice story for the kids, I'll be able to tell them I remember their mothers first words to me "Oi dickhead"

Through my ex's sister in highschool. He (my s.o) dated her for awhile. Everyone ended up splitting up and years later we started hanging out as fwb and just clicked

>Through my ex's sister in highschool. He (my s.o) dated her for awhile.
I'm trying to understand this... So your ex-boyfriend dated his sister as a rebound from you, split up, and then you became a lesbian with his sister?
What the fuck?

Can't relate to any of this. No girl has ever shown even an inkling of interest in me.

How does the ugly girl feel about this?

Hahaha so My ex has a sister. When I was with my ex, his sister had a bf. We all used to hangout. eventually I broke up with my ex and my ex's sister broke up with her bf.

Years later the sister's ex-bf contacted me and we started hanging out again.

Who know's haven't seen her 7 years, she didn't seem to have a problem with it, it's not like my wife and i started dating straight away after we met, I mingled with their friend group for 3 months or so first.

I'm a tard at relationships but the longest and best one I've had was with a man I met at a rock/metal bar in my hometown. I couldn't get my eyes off him, and when I went home that night I couldn't get him out of my mind.

Next time I saw him I added him on facebook but unfortunately had to leave for university, but when I came back for the summer I asked him out properly and we dated.

Women have no trouble finding partners, your input is both useless and unwanted.