Accused of rape!?

This is a bit complicated so bear with me.

My ex girlfriend, who is from Japan. Wrote to me today that she will report me for raping her, while we were in a relationship. Not only to the local law enforcement, but she will defame me on Facebook, and further take contact to my university, in hopes of getting me expelled I think?

This all happened when I took contact to her, when I took a STD check after we broke. I contacted her, to ask if she was interested in the results once I got them.

We both know I haven't done anything like that. Everything has been consensual.

Asking for general advice, and is there anything I can do? Like report her for defamation of character or so?

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Laugh and get a lawyer. Screencap and archive all communications from her and share it with your lawyer.

Your lawyer will know what's best.

Really rough. I don’t know if my advice is any good honestly but if I were in your shoes I would
1. Cut contact, and not show any fear. If you stonewall her completely there is a very real chance she will pussy out.
2. If she posts some shit I would make a wall of text post on my Facebook where I give the story from my perspective and just take it from there

Honestly try to not show fear. If she thinks you barely care it’s likely she won’t do it - she is doing this to cause you pain after all.

I really can't afford a lawyer

I would do that too, but with all the metoo and SJW's I'm afraid I will be made out to be the bad guys, even among good friends.

Is this the daily false rape accusation bait thread?

Rape her. Why deny yourself a pleasure that you're already accused of?

What kind of message was that? Was it a message like "oh I am finally telling them now what happened" or was it like "you know what man i am going to say that you raped me"?

Better explained: if a third person would read that message, is it obvious that she is making something up or does it sound like a message a real victim would send their predator?

Tell her you are considering and will find a lawyer to exact all damages from any defamation or lies. It depends on your country but there may be free legal resources.

Also look for proof or character references now, if your friends get told it's bullshit now, it's better for you. Explain to them everything, your close friends especially.

Not bait.

Before she decided to say she has reported me she wrote like this:

"And I know u didn't rape me just use for talking to me".
"I can report to ur University, the police and the embassy".

Then I wrote: "What can you report? You can't report to University or embassy, they are not law enforcement".

And she answered: "So it's ok to report this. You don't think it works?" "I know you are saying you didn't rape me to protect yourself. I will report this to so lets see who is right".

Screen cap, save every piece of information. Be fearless, if she has literally told you over messages that she knows you didn't rape her, all you have to do is make those conversations public after the tries to accuse you, she'll be the one under scrutiny.

Best advice is to save all communication records with her. Also if you live in the States then start saving money for an attorney. The last thing you want is to get hung out to dry with someone who isn't going to go the extra mile for you.

Cut contact, save any emails or texts she sends, get a lawyer (I dont care if you cannot afford one, alot of law firms offer free consultations and can arrange help for financing), do as the lawyer says.

Also, report her pre-emptively to the police (after you get a lawyer).
This may not be the first instance she's done this and then you may have the ability to prove that filing false allegations in a pattern of behaviour with her.

But even more importantly, if this is the first time and worst case scenario, you get sent to jail - what happens if in a few years time, she thinks "I've gotten away with it once..." and does this to another ex, and they report it.
And it happens again and again until someone with a decent lawyer points out that this girl gets "raped" by pretty much every man that pisses her off, and that they were all warned prior to the allegations that she was threatening to make said allegations?

Well, your report early on could one day be used to bust you out of jail should the worst happen.
And you'll be sparing some other poor sod having this potentially happen to him.

Thanks this was really great advice I think.

I don't live in the states, but in nothern Europe

Wtf. In that case you have literally zero chance of something happening to you from a false rape accusation.

Fråga Flashback för att vara extra säker, TS.

Get ready to get raped legally.

Thats what you get for fucking with women

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Instantly cut all contact. Block the phone number, get a restraining order before she does. Refuse to meet or talk with her under any circumstances. Do not talk to the police, they will always take her side. Stay silent if ever confronted and demand a lawyer.

Get a lawyer. Consult them on whether you should wait until you're slandered, or whether the phone conversations are enough to sue already. Go into massive debt if necessary. Never save money on these kinds of things. The more expensive he is, the more likely you are to win, and the more you will win in compensation. She'll be paying his fees anyway.

If you get the chance, do whatever you can to completely destroy her. Not even out of spite, but for the sake of protecting yourself and helping set a precedent to end this evil, petty & vindictive practice.

Most importantly - don't take legal advice from your parents, friends, family or Jow Forums. I don't think you realise how much is on the line.

You're probably lying and did actually do it and want sympathy and to use this to your advantage. Rapist.

Zero chance? What if I go to Japan, I'll be immediately arrested when I land...

Don't know where your from but as far as your financial situation and you saying you can't afford a lawyer in Britain we have a citizen's advice bureau. It's free advice from a qualified lawyer and in some cases they can fight your case for you. Free of charge. And I agree with most others saying keep a record of every message and anything she posts. Don't respond to anything else as she can claim victim to harassment and stalking

Stop baiting you stupid Jow Forums virgin

The only legal advice that is free here, is mouth to mouth. Anything is not free, unless you are being charged and can get a free lawyer to defend you.

This. Even without a lawyers help, she fucked up. Just save the screen grabs and let her make an ass of herself.

Honestly, you're all covered. As long as you don't delete the original messages in case it goes to an investigation, you're absolutely solid. She fucked up by saying she was going to lie in such a traceable way.

If she goes the public shaming route, just let her. Let her run her mouth. Then when the time is right post the screenshots right along with all her shit. Send it to her friends and family too. If she goes to the cops just show them the shots and give them access to the originals.

She couldn't have been stupider than this.

>I really can't afford a lawyer
can you afford being accused of rape and your life ruined by her false accusations?
one seems much costlier than the other if you ask me

Literally screen cap all this shit, preferably with timestamp

"What do you want? A medal?"

>cant afford a lawyer
Yeah well too bad. Spend all your savings if you have to. Get. A. Lawyer.

>We both know I haven't done anything like that. Everything has been consensual.
Well she obviously doesn't agree.