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>What do girls/guys think about ?
>Do like ?
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of .
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, bit by bit, step by step. There is no "magic moment" (or activity) that will instantly change you.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out. "Signs" of attraction are meaningless.

>Where do I meet people for ?
Anywhere outside. Or online. Above all, leave your comfort zone.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me.
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Coffee is the preferred first date, but any of the following may work: lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, froyo, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, gallery, park, .

>I'm insecure because of my penis
>Do women prefer penises of certain qualities?
>How do I my penis?
Fuck off

>Why can't just give a straightforward rejection?!
>Why are terrible? . .
Fuck off

>[online dating platform] is only for hookups, don't go there for real people!
Fuck off

>Why is there no new thread?
Make one yourself! Try these macros:

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How can I hide the fact that I am a very lonely person from girls? Because that seems to be a huge dealbreaker for them


What do you think of guys who do not do casual sex?

What do you think about girls that do casual sex committedly, like for years, and that establish actual friendships with them?

At which point in dating is it no longer okay to sleep with other women?
Have a first date on Wednesday, possibility of sex date on the weekend, very high possibility of different sex date during the next week, and two more women who want to sleep with me in two weeks.
I'd drop all of them if things get serious with the girl on Wednesday, but I also don't want to miss out I'm case she changes her mind after two dates or something.

what the fuck are you trying to say
"casual sex committedly"

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You didn’t answer my question

There's some understanding that happens in there that you're exclusive. Usually it needs to be vocalized, but sometimes the girl may expect you're there without it being voiced. It can be a very uncertain science.

>casual sexy committedly
This doesn’t make sense. The point of casual sex is so there is no commitment

Yeah, without a relationship, just as friends. The commitment is towards being just friends that fuck each other.
Like we'd have vastly different goals and not be able to have a relationship, but we can fuck and find each other attractive.
What is your opinion on that?

I'm 18 and my 24 years old coworker keeps flirting with me. She's a degenerate thot and I don't like her, how do I tell her to stop ?

you're fucked up and you're here 24/7 giving thot advice
get the fuck out

You still haven’t answered my question

need me a freak like that
sounds like a cuck

that’s slutty

I went out with a girl two times now. She seems to like me too because the second date was her idea. We haven't done anything more than hugging and playful touching. It would be okay to at least kiss her on the cheek next time we see, right? I feel like if we don't kiss on the third date it's never going to happen.
What should I do? Is she just waiting for me to take the iniative?

Also, what are some good third date ideas? Should be something in the afternoon/evening so we can be at a nice spot during sunset.

Guys advice is appreciated too

>need me a freak like that

I think a bit less of them.
Which is totally hypocritical because I've done the same, also without commitment, and irrational as well.
I just wouldn't ask about these things, would expect not to hear about them and expect not to be probed about my past

need advice ladies
what does this girl want out of me
for some important context, i'm hot as fuck

That’s degenerate. You’re using your friend as a toy. There is no emotion. You simply just want to feel a throbbing cock in your mouth, so you use your friends.

Guy here:
If you didn't feel it, then maybe she isn't right for you. Otherwise yeah go ahead, you are expected to be the one to make a move.

>It would be okay to at least kiss her on the cheek next time we see, right?
Yes, absolutely. Don't be awkward about it either. Casual kiss on the cheek is basic.
>I feel like if we don't kiss on the third date it's never going to happen.
It depends on the girl, but it's not a terrible rule of thumb.
>Also, what are some good third date ideas? Should be something in the afternoon/evening so we can be at a nice spot during sunset.
Movie isn't bad. You've already been out twice.
Dinner someplace new/fun.
Museum, aquarium, planetarium.
Honestly anything.

Does it matter if a guy doesn’t have many guy friends?

Yes. It makes him seem like a loser and dull

Didn't we just BTFO you in the last thread?

She likes you, though she may be in denial about that, and isn't aware (or, I suppose, doesn't care) of the idea of emotional infidelity, so she's justifying it to herself that you're "just friends". It seems true to her because nothing physical's happened at this point, especially if she's in denial about liking you. If her boyfriend calls her out on it, she'll say you're "just a friend". May also accuse him of trying to "control who she's friends with", depending on her personality and the relationship.

What is a loser anyway? He can fight, he can talk, just not casually with guys, cus he wouldn’t have fun.

Let’s continue here. I’m not getting the answer yet. I still don’t know what I should be doing. Like, where do I start?

Having some friends that you only speak to during class/work: acceptable
Having literally no guy friends: red flag

uh oh

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Male to Female
I draw porn for a living... how big of a problem is this? What would be the right time to bring this up? If ever?

Like you actually make a living doing that? Such that you can pay your bills and could support a family?

I felt it, but we weren't in the most romantic places and I'm a pretty nervous guy. First girl I'm ever really dating lol and I'm surprised how much she's into me to be honest

Thank you. Yeah, I might be overthinking the cheek kiss thing. Thanks for the ideas too. We had coffee and a drink on the first date, and went to the aquarium and played bowling on the second. What I have in mind right now:
>either movie or picnic at a nice spot (more casual than dinner)
>dessert at a floating restaurant nearby
>talking a walk during sunset afterwards

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I'm a guy but make a joke out of it lol. It's kind of funny and drawing itself is pretty cool. Unless you're doing weird shit like tentacle furry porn I don't think girls would mind, and even then you could say something like "crazy how much those creeps are paying for this stuff".

>Having some friends that you only speak to during class/work: acceptable
Well, I have a job, so of course this is me. It’s just that no one has been that “deep” or meaningful to me. I like funny jokes but idk, I just can’t “spiritually connect” with them. I laugh at their jokes, I talk sometimes, work related or not, but I don’t hang out with anyone on weekends. I just go out by myself, having coffee, smoke cigs, sometimes I shop, watch movie, etc all by myself. But no best friend or whatever, all solo during weekends. But at work, I talk sometimes.

Am I still a loser? I have a job.

I'd collab and pay you if you turned my novel idea into a manga.
Let's build a world together~

How in the hell do girlies deal with how weak and frail their bodies are?

>either movie or picnic at a nice spot (more casual than dinner)
>dessert at a floating restaurant nearby
>talking a walk during sunset afterwards
Sounds fine to me. The going to a different place for dessert bit has always struck me as a creative move. I've actually not done it in several years, because honestly I'd forgotten about it. Creativity is good. That it's a floating restaurant (I assume you mean a popup or a place without a fixed place of business) adds to the novelty.

I'm dating a girl right now and even though she's into me and I'm into her I have a problem. We've been talking alot and I've realized that she is pretty boring. She's cute, good looking and all but I'm running out of things to say really. Not that I need a girl I can really "connect" with or talk about smart stuff, but she's just so basic that we can only talk about things like school, traveling and movies. Most other girls I know are somewhat interesting, even if it's in a fucked up way. Like some of them are just goofy and silly, others are stoner girls or athlete girls or art girls... you get my point. She's really cute and nice but I just don't know what to talk about at this point and I don't want to sound like a broken record.
She's also pretty quiet for a girl. Most other girls I know wont stop talking and conversation is super easy but with her it's pretty tough.

So my question to guys: What do you talk about with girls like this?

To girls: What do you wish guys were talking about with you?

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>duh i haz a job
Necessary, not sufficient.

>assume you mean a popup or a place without a fixed place of business
I'm guessing it means one on a boat desu.

>So my question to guys: What do you talk about with girls like this?
I honestly just start talking about deep shit myself and ask for her reflections. Yeah, a lot of the time she won't fucking understand and anything she says will be absolutely disgusting, but you're not gonna find a deeper topic of conversation unless you branch out.

You might also try talking about things she would have encountered in her basic life but from a deeper perspective. Like I'm sure she's all about traveling. So talk about the things you'd like to see and places you'd like to go when traveling. Or ask for her input on a subject you don't even know the basic bitch stuff about (men's fashion, perhaps).

Good to hear, I was afraid it was a bit over the top and "too well" planned lol
>I assume you mean a popup or a place without a fixed place of business
It's on a boat, I figured a girl would like this. Relaxed atmosphere too

Good point. If you run out of things you're doing to talk about then just start talking about things you might want to do.

Hmm good idea. Thanks

>It's on a boat
Yeah that's still pretty novel. Do think about popups though; I think it's a great way to get a girl excited about going out.

What does that mean? So am I okay or not?

>I was afraid it was a bit over the top and "too well" planned lol
Nah, don't worry about that. It's your third date. It's supposed to be a bit more planned. My general tip for any event though: Do not be too rigid. If something doesn't work out, be ready to have a fallback plan. You get to the restaurant and they're full for 2 hours (or lost your reservation)? Have a fallback. It's raining out (so a picnic won't work and walking into the sunset won't happen)? Try going to a movie instead and go window shopping under an umbrella.

>The weird stuff

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Do you ever lead on guys just for attention, or is that another incel myth?

If A, then B. A is a sufficient condition for B.
B, only if A. B is a necessary condition for A. These two statements are actually equivalent: If A is a sufficient condition for B to be true, then B is a necessary condition for A to be true. Put differently: If A is true, B must always be true. If A is false, B may or may not be true. If B is true, A may or may not be true. If B is false, A must always be false.

You said "Am I still a loser? I have a job." Using the framework above, this is effectively asserting "If I have a job, I am not a loser." My response was that you misconstrued necessary and sufficient conditions. Put into the same framework, I am asserting that the correct statement is "If I am not a loser, I have a job." In other words, all non-losers have jobs, but there exist people with jobs who are losers.

Guy here, I have literally been told by a girl she's leading a guy on for attention.

There are bad people out there but they're far and away the exception. Most times if you feel led on, it's either that your intentions were misunderstood, or you didn't catch that she had lost interest in you.

So am I a loser or not? You didn’t answer it, smart guy on the internet.

On a scale from 1 to 5, how important is to have a job for a guy after 25?
Also, how much money in comparison to average do you have to make to get 80% of girls open for a date with you?

Solely on the basis of you having a job? You may or may not be a loser.

she's not boring. you're boring. girls are girls.

No, dwight scrute. On the basis of my social interactions.

You sound like a loser to me. You're sure acting like one lol

>ask a girl that supposedly likes me if that's true or not
>she gives me an unclear answer
>conversation devolves into inane babble
>eventually tell her that unless she has anything important to add, I wish her good night
>she says good night and apologizes for the umpteenth time for answering late (she doesn't check her messenger often)

What do I make of this? I don't see any point in texting her any further, if she wanted to tell me something, she would. It's been almost two days though, so I'm not holding my breath.

And why is that? What can be changed?

It's just that there's this girl I'm talking to who can take up to 5 days to respond to a text and I'm questioning why she even bothers.


>ask a girl that supposedly likes me if that's true or not
lol why would you do that? if it's true she's gonna panic because it's so sudden and she's probably not clear on how you feel (and might not be clear on how she feels). and if it's false, she might think you're trying to confess to her, which she might not know how to handle
>she gives me an unclear answer
that could mean a dozen different things
>conversation devolves into inane babble
that could also mean a dozen different things
>eventually tell her that unless she has anything important to add, I wish her good night
wow dude you're an asshole
>she says good night and apologizes for the umpteenth time for answering late (she doesn't check her messenger often)

>if she wanted to tell me something, she would.
Let's suppose she did like you. Why would she tell you now? You blew it up in her face at the wrong time. Or she might think you're pissed off because she spilled the spaghetti and might not like her anymore, and consequently might not want to fuck things up more by talking more. And on top of that you snapped at her for babbling. If she doesn't have anything clear and well-thought-out to say, she's gonna worry she'd piss you off more.

And let's suppose she didn't feel that way about you. Why would she say anything now? She effectively rejected you, and is surely gonna figure you're hurt and angry. You sure seem to have acted hurt and angry. She probably wants to stay friends, so why would she reach out when you're probably hurting?

All in all, you did a dumb thing that gave you no clarity and anyone rational could've told you would have given you no clarity.

>5 days to respond to a text

Read the other criticism you've received. You not only appear to have no social life, but are convinced it's unnecessary. That's reason enough to deem you a loser.

I have a big thing for short haired girls, and I always try to match them on Tinder. But somehow, whenever I tell them how much I love short hair on girls, they don’t like it and we don’t go further. Why is that? Am I “objectifying” them or coming of as desperate? Is there a way to make a compliment about their hair?

When are you bringing it up? Just during opening conversation when you've first matched?

"I like your hair, it looks great on you".
Make the compliment about her and not about her fitting into your personal preferences.


Ehh. I like to go on about personality and stuff and just get to know her during the opening rather than talk about looks. Talking about looks can give the impression that you're after a one-night-stand. And even if she'd do that, you don't really want to open with that impression. Half the game is giving the impression that more could happen.

No, a loser would be someone who’s desperate for social life but looks and acts too embarassing to have friends. I’m not desperate for one.

Well, I don’t want to come off too delicate, but I get your point

You don't even need money, just be charismatic.

God you’re so defensive.

I think it's very important. I think there are some acceptable reasons to not work (just lost your job, family problems, personal problems, studying, so rich you don't need it) but on average I would want with someone whose long term plans involve making enough money to provide for himself and our kids.

it's me again
she never told me she has a bf. i had to look her up on fb. if i hadn't looked her up on fb i'd still have no clue. she tried to deceive me.
she has a kid as well, although the kid doesn't bother me

should i just ghost her?

I'm not hurt or angry. I barely know the girl. I'm as confused as she (probably) is. Her friends had originally told me she didn't like me, but now claim that she has recently taken a liking to me. So I messaged her to clear things up.

Now, I know I'm a social retard and I suck at flirting. But I also hate playing (mind) games. If I did come off as an asshole, then I'm sorry, it wasn't on purpose. I do appreciate it however when people are straightforward with me.

If you can’t handle being her crying shoulder, with or without getting sex out of it (you probably won’t) then get out of there.

Again, she's probably in denial that she likes you. She doesn't think she's doing anything wrong---you're "just friends", after all, and she "doesn't like you like that" of course. She probably is intentionally hiding the boyfriend, but it's probably subconsciously.

Of course, I'm being generous here. It might not be denial.

As for what you should do? As someone who's been in the boyfriend's situation, I'd have preferred that the situation stop.

Okay well, you fucked up in a lot of ways. First off, her “taking a liking” to you doesn’t mean she has a crush or anything. It might mean she finds you attractive but that’s all. Confronting her was uncalled for. Nothing she was doing or her friends were doing is a “mind game”.

Well, time to move on I guess. No point in dwelling on this situation anymore, it's unsalvageable by the looks of it.

i'm ok with that
i'm addicted to helping people and i'm practically asexual
i'll talk to her tomorrow (we have class together) and tell her that we should go our separate ways, but if she ever needs someone to talk to i'm here for her, and then i'll stop initiating text conversations with her

she says she wants to hook me up with one of her friends but i can tell she's really doesn't, and frankly i'm starting to like her too much to just be "friends" and date her friend. i can see this turning into the kind of situation where i'm dating her friend but we're having an affair together, and i really don't like that because there's kids and guns involved (gotta love the USA).

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>I’m practically asexual
>I can see this turning into the kind of situation where I’m dating her friend but we’re having an affair together
Lol what the fuck

she's cute
if she's lonely and wants to experience a new dick i'll fool around

>practically asexual

that doesn't mean my dick doesn't work

Learn how to compliment women you autist. Chubby chaser dont say to their obese gfs how juicy big asses they have. They pretend their gf is thin as paper. Do the same with women who have short hair. Dont fucking mention it. It will only make them more insecure.

You are retard. Ask her on date. You as a man are only say one phrase: me too baby. Ask her on date and forget the whole concept of love. Thats her job.

Its literally the first question everybody asks you: so whats your job?

Pic related. Next time use google for proper statistics.

Talking is boring. Go take her watch movies, play vidia with you, go learn dancing together and have sex. Men dont seek women to have a chat with them.


She wants you to ask her on date.

Do handholding and invite her for netflix and chill.

Its extremly easy to ignore womens advances. What will she do? Rape you? Pretend you dont see her advances.

From the first day. If you dont see it the same way, you are male equivalent of slut.

By getting (internet) friends. Duh. Try joining some discord.

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Are women oblivious to their own nature, or are they just lying because dat agenda?

is there some sort of automatic archive for 4 channel for super old threads?

>4 channel
>super old
uuhhmmmm the site is like a month old?

A Gaussian distribution that includes a variety of mixtures, with most of them being half oblivious half lying.

>Its literally the first question everybody asks you: so whats your job?
aaand if I want to dodge it because I don't want a girl to consider me as a wallet, what should I say?

Use google. Most boards have third-party archivers that go back quite a ways. One of the archives that indexes this board goes back to 2014. There were earlier archivers that I remember existing as late as 2010, but they were on-demand (you basically had to get a bunch of people to vote for the archiver to scrape it). I don't know what became of them or if their archives were retained by anybody.

>aaand if I want to dodge it because I don't want a girl to consider me as a wallet, what should I say?
You should say "check please" and leave, because the date isn't going to go any further.

The reason people talk about their careers isn't because they're doing a wallet biopsy, but because they want to fucking know more about something you spend half your waking hours doing. It's like asking what someone's major is in college.

Get creative. First thing which comes to mind: i aspire to be professional stay in husband, alas no woman wanted me yet.


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You are free to do the exact same thing yourself if you want to. How do you think single mothers are made?

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but I don't want to do it, I just want nobody to do it

So, I have a friend that I'm interested in. She's really great, and sweet and ridiculously smart. We've stayed up till 4-6 am almost every night for the past 2 1/2 weeks just texting or video chatting, and we've sexted a bit.

I want to ask her out, but I prefer asking people out in person, and she lives a couple hours away. I don't mind the drive at all, I do a lot of long distance driving anyways, but everytime we make plans they always get cancelled for one reason or another. I'm bad at gauging when people like me, but I feel like she might, so it would hopefully go well.

I'm getting impatient though, and want to somehow show my feelings, one way or another. Should I wait till I see her in person or find a good time while chatting to try it? If I should do it while chatting, how's a natural way to go about it?

ask her to do something casual irl and then ask her out on a proper date there