Boyfriend likes it hairy but why?

My boyfriend has told me to stop shaving down there, and even goes so far as wanting the full bush and that I shouldn't even remove the few hairs that go on my thighs or butt, too. Basically not let the shaver touch anything in the whole area.
I'm pretty self-conscious and I wonder why?
When asked it's just because it's "pretty" and no further explanation. So far it's growing and feels natural but I feel kind of concerned of this being bad or smelling worse when he goes down on me, or how this feels a little awkward or unusual in general.
Elaborate your onions ITT

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Who gives a fuck. It’s his fetish, there’s no need to worry about a deeper reason. If you don’t like it then shave it.

Some men just think bush is hot. Smooth skin is nice but the bush kind of marks a forbidden area you're not supposed to see, it's exciting and if it's well kept it looks nice. Personally I also like how it feel when rubbing my hand on it.

It is a pretty harmless thing. It is your body though so if you prefer to shave it bald just tell them. I've had this conversation with some girls and some do not mind growing it out and some just like shaving it off. Either way works.

Why does it matter?

It's a matter of personal taste - think about how some women like bearded man, whereas some others don't. I suspect your boyfriend might also assume it's easier for you to keep it unshaven. As to the bad smell, afaik part of the evolutionary reason why humans retained pubic hair is BECAUSE of the smell. It's supposed to be an enticing one.

Fucking shampoo and condition it even. Your coochie deserves it.
If he digs the bush, give him a bouquet.

Girl here. I don't shave my pubes either. Every time I do I get nasty red bumps so I've just stopped all together. A hairy pussy makes sex feel better too since it's smoother.

Dont shampoo it. It should not smell. I have hair and its clean. I just trim the top every now and then, and shave the bottom every after my period

It's normal. We evolved to enjoy this.

Men are visual and there's nothing much to look at when it's shaved.

One of the jpg's I most want back is a side shot of a woman whose bush is like projecting off of the pubic bone like an inch and a half. She kept the hair on her thighs shaved, though. Looked great, but porn is bad for your brain, so I had to stop.

Ladies, do you like a bush?

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Because it’s sexy to guys like us, your boyfriend is a good egg. I’d be more concerned if he can only fuck blad pussy.

I don't mind a bit up top kept back if you prefer oral. But to eat ass, you gotta shave/wax that underball bush.
Idc about getting oral myself, shit causes uti's no matter how much you brush/floss.

A short trim is perfect

now that we are in the topic.
How do women like men to be groomed in the crotch area?

My grandma used to say you only get UTIs when you dont say I love you before

I always thought pubic hair to be erotic. Maybe it's because I read some old Italian comics and the naked women would always be shown with a bush

I dunno, I think it makes sense, pubic hair is a sign of sexual maturity. I just trim my pubes a bit and no one ever complained, and I prefer my man not to shave his pubes (or any body hair for that matter) either

All us guys need to worry about is a little trim from time to time, if she’s into sucking your balls then do your best to make it a more present experience for her. Just don’t snip your sack, that goes without saying really.

Pleasant* fucking voice to text.

Sounds fucking gross, at the very least keep it trimmed

Nothing is wrong with pubic hair, but there’s a risk with having pubic lice. Just make sure you trim and clean your area and you should be fine.

Bush is hot, and just preference. Your man knows what's up. Hair is associated with a sexier/mature woman.

As long as you wash every day and keep it clean before sex, I wouldn't worry about smell.

Lol maybe if you live in a prison or third world country.

maybe he likes it or maybe he thinks its a pain for you and wants to make things easier for you.


Some guys use it as a cheating alarm, if you get crabs... he will know.
So just know you’re both might be insecure cunts

I wouldnt worry about the smell, if he wants it unshaven hes probably fine with that too

How do I properly shave mine so it looks like a child's?

> I feel kind of concerned of this being bad or smelling worse when he goes down on me,
Soap and shampoo wash every other part of your body why would your bush be different. A huge bush is a fucking lovely thing just wash every day and it will all be fine. And ignore all the people talking about ulterior motives, he probably just loves bush, a lot of guys do. especially if he watches porn with women that have bushes. There is also no increased chance of catching anything if you have a bush, you can't catch crabs unless you fuck somebody whit them or share underwear

>But to eat ass, you gotta shave/wax that underball bush.
If that's what you like fine but I enjoy the feeling of pubes tickling my face when I eat hairy pussy/ass.

There is something ever so slightly paedo about a grown woman with pubes as smooth as a child's.

some people like it like that because it's natural

Wow your boyfriend is actually normal be happy

I'm really not looking to floss though, and I know most men do not even pay attention to the underball bush.