How do I cut?

How do I cut?

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Don't. Not worth it.

i mean it’s kinda self explanatory but you shouldn’t do it OP

Down the road not across the street.

Aim for the jugular, faggot

Imagine encouraging self harm

Just tell me how to cut damn it

Do you honestly want to die or are you just looking for places you can self-harm because there's no other way to get the pressure out?

If you want to die you want to cut as many veins/arteries as possible. There's large veins/arteries on the inside of your upper arm, the inside of your thigh, and the side of your throat. The forearm--from the inside of the elbow to your wrist--is more of a cry for help cut, but can be fatal without pressure or medical attention.

If you just want to cut yourself to relieve mental pressure: anywhere without major vessels and covered by your clothes.

Why do you want to die? Answer me that, at least, OP (and it makes for a conversation google can't answer in two seconds).

Don't die.

I’ve just lost feelings for everything. I’m so numb right now. Nothing interest me. Even the thought of being asleep forever doesn’t sound so nice, but it’s the only thing I can say I want right now.

you don't cut to hurt yourself. you cut to hurt the people that care about you.

if you don't have that sorta hate you can't do it. My last... I dunno even what to call it... sent me pics whenever she was upset. it was actually kinda funny cause its a turn on for me so halfway through our relationship she'd send the pics and go like "oh wait you like it dont you :("

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Imagine being so retarded that you have to ask Jow Forums how to cut yourself. It's self-explanatory. You take a blade, put to your skin, and cut. Easy. Now get to it, you worthless faggot.

Why not do something crazy like hike a massive thru-trail? It'll get you out in the sun--outdoors and sunshine can have a huge impact on depression--and you'll meet a bunch of crazy characters and you might die anyway, but at least you had an adventure first.

Here's an hour long storytime from a hitchhiker:

Start drinking and steadily take benzos until you reach a comfortable level of self-loathing, hatred and delusion. Grab your nearest kitchen knife and go to town, don't get blood on the carpet.

If you're male you go right down the middle. Lay in a tub as not to make too much of a mess. If you're female you cut across and take pictures to post online.


I like a little blood but mostly nosebleeds. Cuts just leave scars when milky smooth thighs are God tier.

Also what the fuck that's a penis

Speaking from experience OP, it’s not worth it. It’s only a short term solution you don’t want to depend on.
Let’s talk about why you’re cutting instead

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Up the street. Not across

When you grow up you have to explain to everyone the scars you leave. If you think it will be embarrassing.. Then don't do it. My bf got offended when I noticed his.. Pretty stupid to get upset over but its not the best choice of action either

I'm self-destructive as hell but for the little life of me I'll never understand cutting
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