Hello, amateur cam couple here. Do you new friends have any advice for cam shows you'd like to see? Also...

Hello, amateur cam couple here. Do you new friends have any advice for cam shows you'd like to see? Also, any advice on how to increase our web traffic?

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Have you tried not being a disgusting degenerate?

Love you too

You have a nice butt. Keep posting it on /b/ and you’ll get some regulars

The people in your chatrooms can't help with this?
Pretty sure they'll give you tons of advice. Just create a strawpoll in one of the chatrooms or cast a vote of something. How to increase your web traffic? Seriously? Be hot? Fuck? Is this a career path. Jesus.

this is an sfw board so bad choice of thumbnail tbqh, however that can be your strategy because straight guys are that easy you can just spam your mediocre ass and theyll be on their knees for you

Spend more time fucking than messing with your stream. Get a moderator/operator so there can be more sex and less staring at the camera.

cuck stuff while your bf jacks

Cute butt, but one of the issues I have with cam shows is how fake it comes off. The moans, the sex, everything.
I get that it's about the money and not the pleasure, but I can't stand when cam couples are so focused on the screen and numbers that they forget to do any actual fucking or even enjoy it.

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tbf being a hot girl online can definitely pay better than student loan debt and entry level internships

Would you not take all means to find success that you could? Also, hard to talk when people are typing one handed... :P

Thank you very much. Would a watermark help with posting like that?

It's really nice to be able to channel genuine pleasure with one another, and to share that with others. Thank you for confirming that it works both ways :)

What are some good avenues to find a trustworthy moderator?

No. I'll never pay for porn, it's ubiquitous these days, and I think everything that can be done in porn has been done. The best advice I can give is don't be ugly and maybe invest in good lighting?

This. Vanilla shit ain't gonna cut it with your average body.

You want to drive traffic to your cam site? Make regular vlogs on youtube or something. Do something extra on the side with whatever content you think would be interesting for people to watch.

When people find out they can watch you two fuck on cam you’ll get a lot more clicks that way.

As for what they’d like to see, it all depends on what there is to show. Use your imagination and come up with scenarios and interactive “games” to incorporate in the stream with audience participation being the center of it all.

Watermark that links to your page in the corner would probably help
As for shows, do some femdom. I dont know your audience but I do know theres so little good femdom content out there, mostly because its between total strangers with no relationship. It's so fake. Between two people that love each other though, its hot

set up a patreon and accept money in exchange for a video request, for example i want you too dunk your feet into bucket of notchoe cheese but you dont do it for free because ill pay you with money you see what i mean

This but do the cheese video for free as an example of what kind of things donors can request

Is that butt male or female?

Stop sexually exploiting lonely men

stop being a wench