Never in my life have I had such consistant thoughts about about killing other people...

Never in my life have I had such consistant thoughts about about killing other people. My hand go for weapons that are not there and swinging a pipe through the air feels unrewarding. I don’t have any specific person I’d target, I just want someone to hurt at this point.

I don’t want to have these thoughts. I think it might be stress that’s taking it’s toll on me. The stress of not finishing work on time, to have to give up another year of my life to something I hate doing.

I don’t want to think about how I could kill someone with the things around me every time I walk into a room and then feel the anger and frustration inside me that urges me to do it.

Help me out. How do I get rid if these dark thoughts.

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Punching bag user. That or go hunting. If you’re gonna kill, kill to eat and survive.

Go to a gym and beat the hell out of a punching bag

By hunting, I meant animals like deer. NOT humans

This is actually pretty terrible advice

Care to say why? Or are you going to just going to say it's bad without offering anything

Op here
Hunting has actually crossed my mind before, my graps lives outside of the city and is an experienced hunter. If I were to ask him nicely he would probably take me. He is very active dispite his age.

Though I think that this might just feed the bad thoughts and I’m afraid that I turn the gun on myself or another person.

Punching not does not seem like a bad idea. I’ll probably not go to the gym or buy one but I do have an old rolled up mattress that I could probably tie up.

Thanks for the advice anons, I’ll take them to heart.

Meet me in the mud arena (naked) and fight me to the death you pansy ass office fag.

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I mean, if we're really at the point of the church scene in "The Kingsmen," then like that would suck.

Watch that movie, if you haven't, and then report back as to whether or not that's the kind of thing you're talking about.

Free-form human violence is a meme, after all, and it's no more of a thought-process you have to follow than any other.

Politeness is halfway there, and free-form human love is on the other end of the spectrum.

Just chill out, OP. You'll be fine.

I have seen the movie and I know the scene you’re talking about and it’s a strong maybe. I’m unsure what aspect of the scene you’re refering to though. But if we are talking about the general feeling of rage everybody seemed to experience in that scene then yeah, it’s something like that. Though I would hope when I finally crack that I wouldn’t just go berserk. But that is what I’m afraid of.

If I let my thoughts wander I usually get these dark thoughts and not until I feel my arms try to preform the actions do I snap out of it.

It feels like the only thing that is stopping me is my fear of what I’ll do and the fact that I know I can’t take on multible people.

Go to a boxing gym and tell them exactly that you just wanna hurt someone.
They will most likely provide you with an opponent, so you can live out your fantasy :^)

I too was like this. I have never gotten rid of it but I learned to manage it through exercise and sports.

> I’m unsure what aspect of the scene you’re refering to though

Well, the part where he kills everyone in the church.

Then he gets murdered.

That part.

But don't focus on that; there's a whole movie after that scene that's worth watching.

Meh it's not as fun as it seems.

>there's a whole movie after that scene that's worth watching

As long as you stop before you hit the sequel, because that's terrible.

Research shows this is a aign of you feeling a lack of control/power.

Take control of your life

Then it is time to kill. Opportunity is your key to success. Plan accordingly and make your move when presented.

Only pathetic pieces of shit kill innocent people, join the military if you want to kill for a living. At least then you can take your rage out on the enemy.

take MDMA and it'll change the way you see the world.

Yeah, then when he comes down he'll chase the high again by going on a killing spree retard, fucking junkies jfc

Try meditation. Maybe read literature about characters going through things similar things to what's happening to you and see how they deal with it.

The enemy being innocent civilians yet again.

Are you people all fucking retarded??
Before you actually start killing people. You can still get help now, later it will be too late.

Hi OP. You sound like me when I was younger, I'm 31 now. I did much of what everyone else is saying. I buried myself in football and boxing in high school. Then I tried college but dropped out because I had no sports and devoted my time to chasing girls. Then I enlisted in the infantry and was once again able to focus my negative energy during that period, though if I did good things during that time is certainly up for debate. When I was discharged I was worse off than ever before because I actually got to hurt people. It didn't feel good or help me at all. It just made things worse. So I decided to find a new sport and took up hunting. Go all out with it, any game animal and any legal method. Bury yourself in learning hunting ethics,tactics, shot placement, skill and talent. I found bow hunting to serve this well because ammo is expensive unless you reload. Eat everything you kill, respect the animal while alive and even after death. I bury all bones and entrails I don't use in a kind of mini funeral just to show my appreciation. Killing an animal and eating it makes you aware of how fragile and precious life is. There is nothing worse than a senseless or worthless death, even for your enemies. So don't ever seek to harm others just because you can't control yourself. You need to create discipline and self mastery and the best way to do that is find a intricate sport or hobby and devote to it. Hunting will serve you well if you truly have dark urges, but you don't need those to hunt. Hunting is not about killing but about self sufficiency and reality of life and death. Work on whatever it is, devote your time to it, and watch how it will work on you in turn.

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>A hit - a very palpable hit!

>Hamlet, V; ii, 283

OMFG yes. Like, who makes the anal-sex-dungeon-princess a main character? Because that's what she was at the end of that first movie, and as much as I admire elevating anal-sex-dungeon-princesses to fully fleshed-out characters, it doesn't always work to just go ahead and ship them like that, because the whole thing becomes wildly imbalanced and hokey, and becomes a complete farce.

But, I still feel the need to champion the idea of "The Kingsmen 3: How the Anal-Sex-Dungeon-Princess Saves the Day"

I mean, she might, and if you disagree, then you're basically a misogynist.

This is not sarcasm, either. There's no reason why an anal-sex-dungeon-princess can't princess her way out of the anal sex dungeon.

Maybe that's what happened in the sequel that I'm missing, though.