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I hate em!

I ate em!

Stay out of my head olease. You're too good for me and I dont stand a chance of having you.

I'm super nervous about our date. I really hope I won't say something stupid.

Been dating my girl for 3 months now and I think I'm just trying to make myself believe I'm not bored with her.

Don't worry, saying dumb things can seem cute.

I fucked up my last opportunity with a girl and now Im sad and angry at myself for being a useless faggot. and know I wont get another chance because Im an autistic anti social faggot and rarely find people I can even be friends with let alone date

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I am sorry that you couldn’t fight anymore for our relationship. Does it mean you don’t love me anymore?

How'd you fuck up?


>get a vacate notice
>have 1month to move out
>so depressed I can't pack for shit, just dwelling more into how useless I am

Hah! You're leaving thannnk jesus! I can enjoy work again without your annoying ass. Hope your new coworkers dont develop the urge to stab you in your Jugular and watch you bleed out. Relief is an understatement, please don't just stop by to say hi on days I work either. Man.. One more weeeeeeeeek!

Just burnt a bunch of bridges to be with this guy and now he wants space. I feel so fucking lonely, I don’t have anyone to turn to anymore. Eventually I’ll find new friends but goddamnit I’m terrible at talking to people.

not making a move every opportunity I got until the literal perfect opportunity came up and then I didnt take that either. and now shes gone forever

There's absolutely no way you can contact her about it now? Text? You should try. The worst feeling is regret..wondering about the what ifs

no the ship has sailed I think

I'm a pathetic piece of shit since I was a kid.

I'm 20 and have never had any friends, people to talk to, not even my parents as they are outgoing and like to joke a lot, so I don't find it sensible fo open up to them or anyone else. I've always stayed in my room, playing games or talking to people online because I've always felt lonely, but didn't know back then.
I used to get bullied, and I swear that's the only good thing that happened to me, because I wanted to change my lifestyle after I got out of school; I did, but like always ruined it. I made a good bit of money trading, but ruined it because I always feel like the world owes me something for the way I am, also ruined it because I fantasized too much about all the friends I could have if I kept getting money and I always got obssesed with random girls I've seen online. So, I preferred to keep daydreaming instead of really working on myself.

I feel like I've already burned all my bridges. I did nothing 2 years of my life because I constantly lied to myself and I was lazy. I could have gotten in college and be almost done before 23, but I'm pathetic and think I'm not good enough for anybody.

As I grew up I realized life is hell, living in a world no different from a cell. And I ask, what's it worth?

That sucks. I am in a similar boat. If I ever see her again I will talk to her instead of pusssying out though.

I have no one to talk to irl about relationship stuff. I dont want my family and friends to think Im a pathetic incel :(

i miss you i can't take this anymore

Well, you should. They can help you out.

I hope you are doing well, J.

I never crossed your mind, I should've realized that.

What is it with me and always doing things without question? "I have to do this so this could happen" it's not healthy at all. How I did reach a point in my life where I dont do something it's the end of the world? I keep looking back to the past to see anything I've been doing like bad habits but the mentality I have was never like this and not a couple months ago so why now?

I'm afraid I'm at the lowest point of my life. I am so lost and alone.

You're always on my mind...

The great pretender...

I hate being brainwashed to feel like I am a loser for not having a gf when I am pissed off at girls and prefer to live alone. I constantly feel like a loser now, but I wouldn't even want to be around the person if I did get a girl.

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One of the last times I saw you you had a gf and seemed fairly happy though. And you always had people coming to visit you, you were better off than I was.

Friends drifting away from you is such a painful, inevitable experience.


why do you keep hiding things from me? you know i'm not stupid. i wasn't born yesterday. and you're going "out of state" next week? for what? why? you're leaving your 3 year old son with your parents for 10 days. strange behavior. you're about to fail out of college. what's going on with you? why can't you just tell me? we're friends you know. i want to help.

"It only takes one friend to cure fifty enemies"

I dialed my old roommate and we are still on the best of terms.

Thanks Lonny for still being a true friend. I know you are actually the smartest and most sane of our group so in the end I don't mind losing everyone else.

I'll throw my ten year high school reunion now for the kicks of it, but we will see who comes

but to clarify I lost touch with everybody else so I don't mean to brag or anything I am a lonely fuck too

why I am on Jow Forums


This should be fun! I can't wait to see what lies you come up with on the financial affidavit to try to show you're a functioning productive adult. Can't claim the drug deals.

It's all fun and games until the IRS, Jury Duty, and Credit Card people come knocking on your door

Then they weren't friends to begin with.
I've hung around with trash too, but the difference is I realized it right away and got new people.

Nah, we were really close friends. It was long distance, but we talked a lot everyday and told each other everything. So her becoming distant was an inevitability.

It hurts, but not unexpected.

Quitting social media, avoiding shitposts and drama wars was one of the best decisions I made. Like lifting a huge weight off my psyche.

I'm leaving my whole life behind for you. I think we can make stuff work, and one way or another gain everything back.
Im not really losing much beside my family and support network. My job isn't that great, but I am scared of moving over to your state. I wish I had more money to deal with all this, but I guess I'm retarded enough to go through with this.
Is the fear I feel my gut trying to warn me? Or is it me having to risk everything for a chance that all this will work out?

I guess seeing that I'm 30, if this fails, well I nothing left. I hope this cones out positive.

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Im in love with someone who Im pretty sure is in love with my best friend and he likes her back.

I really thought things were going well, but fuck me I wouldn't mind if it was Literally anybody else but WHY did it have to be him.

Cheers to that Pal


Good luck user

Every time I see you I feel like shit. It makes me want to yell at you and tell you how you made me feel, but the kind person in me always just shuts up and keeps it to myself.

My brother finished his IT study last January. He now works at the company (10 employees) where he completed his final thesis and internship and works from home (with the bi-weekly business meeting) because he only has to write quality code.
Since he behaves like a lazy fuck and doesn't really have an own oppinion or interresting social life, he still lives with our mom. I, too, live with my mom because I can't yet afford it to have a place of my own because of my current study. This means that I have to put up with my brother, which is frustrating and makes me angry sometims because all this stress can get too much for me.
I try to put my mind off these things by getting Jow Forums and focussing all my resources on my study while spending my free time listening music and trying as hard as I can to be more social by hanging out with friends.
It will be at least 2 years before I can move out and have a place of my own, but am not sure if I can keep my sanity for such a period.

Everyone I know is trying to hook me and this mutual guy friend up. I always hear how much our personalities go great together, how our interests and hobbies match great, etc. etc.
I keep asserting the whole "We're just friends guys" meme and asking them nicely to stop, but it's starting to get overbearing and my friend and I are both very uncomfortable by it. I'm just tired of it being brought up every time we all hang out as a group and we can't even hang out together with out someone asking him or I how our "date" is going.
I just want them to stop, it's rude, and it's ruining our friendship.

They don't even know. They 'bout to.

Sorry to hear that user

pull through

Bonding with Siblings is tough because of sibling rivalry

Cruel larp is cruel

Thanks user
Also, checked

It's me. After all, I'm the one preventing good things from happening. Whenever I have an issue, it takes a lot longer to solve... because I do everything in my power not to solve it, in the end. I pretend that I'm handling things, but it's almost as if something is telling me that it's better this way. Better to be in trouble. Better not to take the easily available way out. Everytime it happens... everytime things look up, I can't handle it. I stop it or refuse to continue.

I rejected an offer today that was really good. It was a golden opportunity, really easy, would very likely solve my problems. But I couldn't do it. I couldn't take it. I'm still in the mud and someone willingly gave me an amazing opportunity. I decided to step back. It was me, not him. Not "circumstances". I willfully fucked it up. Just like 2 years ago. Just like everytime things are real good for me.

Are you sure it's too late to take that opportunity? I've realised recently that sometimes there's a way to make up for shit decisions if you just suck it up and risk embarrassment.

Maybe you could try explaining them why you don't like it, that it is ruining your friendship and that you feel uncomfortable when they are saying such things?
People tend to have more respect for behaviour of others when they know why others are behaving the way they do. So if they understand why they are hurting you two, they might be more willing to stop.
It's a tough situation either way, I hope you'll both be able to find a way to fix this. Best of luck user

I'm not even 18 and today i lost 200€ gambling on a dice site. They were all my savings from the last 3 years (mostly birthdays and other festivities). I didn't feel this bad in years.

I have no body to blame but myself.

You will make it back when you get a good paying job.

It probably is. In this case let's say that things looked so good that I couldn't put my trust on that. However just as it looked to get so good so quickly, I also quickly rejected it. It's like I learned to fuck myself up that way. If anything good happens, is because anything bad is going to happen. It could be that I'm just being a dumbass and not accepting what's good for me. Most likely.

Basically I'm in need of money and I rejected trading something I have just because I thought I wasn't gonna be successful at selling whatever I was getting instead. Might not sound like a big deal, but... I have a feeling I was told the truth about that item selling better than what I currently have.

Its better when people don't know my suffering, it would just burden them and make me feel like an emotional leech.

So tired of girls treating me like shit.

We both had and they said they would, but it seems to be only face value from them since it starts up again. So it makes the situation a bit worse.
And I hope so too user, thanks a bunch.

Exactly. Now you will make progress. If you choose.

Can you not contact whoever it is and ask if they are willing to make the same offer? Like I said, it might be embarrassing but it's worth a go if it's really what you want.

Nvm I love you but it doesn’t matter. This hurts too much.

I love you dad thanks for working hard for me I will make you smile if not proud one day(I am dick to my dad usually)

I love not being the bad guy for once.

I miss my boyfriend so much.
I just want to cuddle up against his chest, kiss him a thousand times and tell him how wonderful of a man he is.

today is my dads birthday

I started buying groceries

I am taking my whole family out to eat tomorrow from my first paycheck from my new job

I am just giving him as much space as he needs

He worked really hard for our family

Fuck, you’re a good guy.

That's wholesome as fuck. I'm proud of you user.

Fuck off, you bipolar sloot

I don't want that creep anywhere near her. She is naive if she thinks he changed. I just want to protect her, but there is only so much I can do.

I want absorb your suffering and bad memories and carry that weight so you don't have to. I also miss seeing your beautiful freckles.

I'm locked in a feedback loop where I just sit here thinking about every single way I can self-harm myself in a fatal way.
I can't even get distracted by doing whatever, I'm just... trapped

Why obses over someone who don't care about you if you really want to just pour your feelings out in a better way like a letter or just talk to her about how you think your dick might be something she could have inside her vagina(jk but u should go straight forward with love if it happens it happens it doesn't happen then better luck next time)

Cliche advice but it might help just to go outside and walk through nature. It'll help point your thoughts away from yourself if that makes any sense.

god on this particular day in this particular moment i really just want to bash my head in and go to sleep

yeah I'd totally do that at 12am

I used to.

How’d you know tho?

Oh word, going out at 12am probably wouldn't be a good idea. Are the thoughts you're currently having borderline suicidal?

some are
some aren't
it doesn't matter, it isn't like I have someone else to say this here, you know. I'm alone.

Another cliche bit of advice but do you sincerely feel grateful for anything going on in your life? Meditation is becoming somewhat of a meme but it doesn't hurt to try out mindfulness meditation and being alone is the best time to do it.

I am really proud of myself. I got a call from an unknown number today and despite being in the middle of preparing dinner and anxious about who it could be I picked it up. It was a recruiter calling me about my resume she found, somehow, and we ended up scheduling a meeting tomorrow at 9:30am. I was a little freaked out at first and fucked up talking about my experience and shit but I did it. I even responded to her email right away, corrected the incorrect resume&email she had on-file and was able to list the references she wanted. I have been feeling really, really, really shitty lately and hopeless like I would never find a job and there wasn't even a fucking point of trying anymore. Then this recruiter calls me with an opportunity exactly like I've been searching for and actually wants to meet with me. I feel happy, actually hopeful, maybe things are going to be ok and I can find a job and become a normal person after all.

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why would a grateful for a shade of a life that I've gotten myself into?
It's nobody's fault, just mistakes made by me, and any amount of time meditating won't change that fact

Although I love you, it’s been some time since I last felt in love with you.

I haven’t really been able to keep it up, and I’m sorry that I’ve been growing more and more distant over time. I really should have broken up with you way back, but that would have messed things up and I didn’t want to hurt you.

Instead, I just extended the expiry date further, and gave up on everything I was just to not feel like I was abandoning you and our dog and making you hurt.

Now that you have left me because of my lack of affection, I can’t help but think that I really should think more about what I want, but I don’t really know how to do that anymore.

I’m glad that we just finished this, that we did it in good terms and are still friends, but I can’t avoid but think that all there is left of me is an empty husk.


I am glad for you user, you can do this!

If you could open up to me a little and allow the conversation to flow naturally, we wouldn't be so far apart.

I believe in you user
You got this.

I wish I was a dapper ded guy

We are dating and lets just say one of her (ex)"friends" is someone I am not fond of. She knows how I feel, and she hasn't tried to argue on it, because she knows I have a point that he is a thirtsy creep, but she is very forgiving and naive when it comes to things like this. I am just worried she will actually let him back into her life and drama will ensue. I could give her an ultimatum, either never talk to him again or we are done, but I don't want to be a controlling boyfriend and want to trust her judgment.

If only you let me love you. It wouldn't hurt as bad as it does.

The girl I love spend all of our time together telling me about her ex boyfriend and about how she still loves him.
He goes to her house all the time because originally he was a family friend and she spends that time fawning over him even though he wants nothing to do with her.

This girl has rejected me, there is 0 chance she will ever love me back.
She rejected me 2 years ago and I still can't get over her.
We work together so I see her all the time, sometimes for weeks at a time I could not give two fucks about her but then she does something cute and it all comes rushing back.

I'd give my right hand to stop loving her.
I am even doing something as drastic as applying for other jobs just to get away from her.

God I love you J.

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not even meant for me bur i guess it is WOW

Cut off all contact

Once I get the new job that is the plan.
She won't let me go quietly though.