How do I stop disliking female personalities?

I honestly want to change my perspective. I never meet girls who are charismatic / funny / charming. People make fun of incels with terrible social skills and all that but with women it seems like each and every one of them is a sperg, and the most likable girls seem to just be ones who are nice / down to earth, not having any extraordinary qualities about them. There isn't a single female personality on the internet I ever want to watch.

So my question is, how do I deal with the problems that arise from being a heterosexual male who doesn't like female personalities? And if you think there are actually good female personalities out there, can you link me to some that are actually interesting and might change my perspective?

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>is a sperg
Do you really mean that women can't pick up on social cues or are you just horrible at explaining what you mean?
I literally have no clue what you are claiming that all women are like to provide an example that would counter it.

I mean how often is a female celebrity famous because she's really funny, or really smart, or really talented in some way? Pretty much never. They all have extremely bland personalities.

Then don't watch women on tv? I don't understand why it would matter that much.

>I mean how often is a female celebrity famous because she's really funny, or really smart, or really talented in some way? Pretty much never.
Don't mean to refute your point, but that's fairly often the case with male celebrities too. Is rapper XYZ more special than rapper WTFBBQ?

That was just an example to highlight a more general problem I have with women in general. I don't respect them or appreciate their personalities at all, so it's hard to have relationships with them.

Meet more women and talk to them. I know many girls who are intelligent, funny, charismatic or charming. It's not even that uncommon.
Maybe avoid the standard bar slut if that's your impression of women.

I sympathize with you OP, I just like their bodies, the greatest inventors in history are men

Not really in the mood to change your perspective. You can just wallow in this sad state forever.

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To give advice to people deserving.
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I'm sure it is because of intrinsic qualities of women, and not because they were heavily discriminated against till not so long ago.
Women didn't have any legal rights (not even private property) till 150 years ago. Till 50 years ago it was legal to discriminate against women in higher education. I met in person the first woman who became a medical doctor in my country. Women weren't allowed to vote till 70 years ago in many countries.

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It sounds a lot like you are only talking about female comedians and just lumped the others in.
TV personalities aren't based on who is the best at something so I don't know why you are holding them up for inspection.
It's literally just based on how many people will consistently tune in including people who hate-watch the show.
Comedians have probably the worst filters for women performers. You are required to start out at local clubs and even if you are really good it might take years before you are successful enough for a producer to take interest.
If they cater to men then they will never be as popular as a male comedian because men will assume they cater to women when they see a female name outside the comedy club.
If they cater to women then you will obviously not relate to at least half of the set or more. These are the ones that get scooped up by producers to market toward other women.
Someone like Mitch Hedberg would never be popular if he was a woman instead. He was always hit or miss which would be a career ender for a woman. The set he wrote for his special didn't get any laughs so he had to extended it to include a bunch of old jokes that actually got laughs so they could cut the original material. So he was a medium comedian at best but many people still consider him a GOAT.

tl;dr ?

Why does it matter tripfag?
You aren't the OP.

I don't watch tv or standup comedians. I mostly just watch internet media like youtube, podcasts and livestreams. Every time I listen to a podcast with female guests I cringe the entire time because the girls on the podcast add literally nothing of substance to conversations and are only there because they have big tits and a large viewer base of white knights.

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Which podcast?

The problem isn’t females dude
It’s you.

Your so feisty. If I keep using mistakes in my replies will you keep focusing on them and not you're flaws? I think so.

If your this easy to flip a lid, I don't think your being honest about how amazing you're personality is ;)

Women are for fucking, not talking.

>So my question is, how do I deal with the problems that arise from being a heterosexual male who doesn't like female personalities?
Date straight bull dykes and or ftm that never want to transition below the belt.

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Is Scrubs man accusing her of stealing a joke, even though that isn't a joke, or is he making a joke in response? I am deeply autistic, please help.