Has anyone ever had positive results from using this board...

Has anyone ever had positive results from using this board? Was it actually therapeutic or gave you advice that improved your situation? Both positive and negative experiences welcome. Pic unrelated.

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I've given advice in a few threads where we certainly lent to a stronger solution, all things considered (whether they'd have gotten there on their own notwithstanding)

My problem is twofold,
A) could those not just be really good bait? what's to say the experience isn't just a whole lie to begin with?
B) could they really not have gotten the same by asking someone they knew, a professional or googling some related sources?

The real problem with Jow Forums is people come here to hear what they want, and they seldom want to hear the solutions Jow Forums offer because they're usually critical because you're usually getting critical kinds of people on Jow Forums; the other half of the problem is a buttload of posters nowadays are just bitter incels who are jealous that they kept trying to land 10/10s as a 4/10 tops, and lash out at anyone else.

I've been thanked many many times

I agree with the problems of this board, that's exactly why i want to hear if it has actually succeeded in its purpose for anyone. Curios what the success rate and the factors that go into it.

I think firsthand accounts from someone who came seeking advice, which yea is as unverifiable as any post here, would be the most illuminating.

But if you will, could you share a specific story where someone said things got better from advice you gave?

If you don't mind, could I hear specific accounts? Also was it somone thanking you before they tried an advice? I know the likelihood of someone coming back to a board to report what happened after the fact is slim, but those are the most reliable.

Bumpin cause will reply tonight if not tomorrow mornin in 10 hours or so.

I've been here for like a decade

people like encouragement NOT being told where a line is (boundaries)

people like the truth when it is actually helpful

people like comedy

We had a dude who came on with the following story.
>ex-partier, gave it up for marriage
>wife was out of town
>old friend offers 'one wild ride for old times', a party with drugs etc
>he goes, gets high
>blackout high
>when he regains consciousness he's being straddled by a woman
>does not want
>splits and leaves
>intends to bury it beneath his history and forget the whole thing
>woman is pregnant.
>OP comes to us in due panic
>after initial discussion we determine he needs to talk to wifey
>after further discussion the consensus is that he made a dumb fucking degenerate decision; however, he did not consent to what that woman did
>he goes to wife with the story
>all is better than expected
To believe his accounts on his return, his wife was understandably pissed but agreed that his error was the drugs, this girl took advantage of him (presumably passed out or catatonic given the drugs involved)-- wifey got mad as hell at the girl and demanded OP demand a pat test and when OP returned to the thread some time later (a day or two?) the case was that this woman had a serial case of babies to men all by much the same stories. I think it was a number like 7 others, of which 5 had been taken away? Welfare queen, at any rate.

If it were all true, it would be a happy ending. We convinced OP to take the straight and narrow after his mistake and not only did wifey forgive, they allied against the woman and her baby-money scheme.
There was the Wolf thread but I think we all agreed it was elaborate larping.

That's pretty neat, thanks for your story. Don't know about the Wolf thread, haven't been coming here regularly in a while, though that sounds like something someone would do here.


You have just experienced this board helping you

It's helped me to some extent. Even if it's just to vent frustrations and anxiety.

It was a thread about a guy whose friend fucked him over and it culminated in a rooftop fistfight.
You can understand our skepticism

I love talking to you guys and gals.

Hmm, yea if someone wants to do something they don't like being told they can't. I think it also relates to people in denial, which i understand.

I think stuff like this is might be helpful in understanding how to deal with pple in emotional stress, others and myself.

I would like to think that all the people who listened to the calls for them to commit suicide are in a better place.

I have been frequenting Jow Forums since its inception and I've provided guidance to many people in that time. A number of which thanked me afterwards and a few people even showing up in various general threads thanking me months afterwards.

Not everyone is receptive to being on the receiving end of advice as giving advice introduces an element of authoritarianism to it, much the same way traditional psychoanalysis and therapy does. With empathy this can be avoided to some extent, however, some people are pricklier than others and for those types of personalities it's best to point them into the storm as it's the quickest way for them to resolve their problems as there's nothing you can say to them that will change their course. This may seem cruel but you will know it when you run into this person that it's the only option. This is also a tactic used by Zen masters with students who are in conflict with the world and, while dangerous, might be the best way to truly help someone who's in state of conflict with the world.

All acts bear an element of selfishness to them but the act of helping others anonymously is as close to selflessness as you can come. Anonymous advice also doesn't have as much of that authoritarian element to it as a therapy session. People can be more open without worrying about their ego being harmed or a therapist playing the Freudian transference/counter-transference game with them. Traditional psychoanalysis has a fear of empathizing with the patient and, conversely, a fear of the patient empathizing with the therapist (heaven forbid if the patient realizes that you have your own neuroses!). It's my opinion that a union of trust needs to be formed between the guider and the guided and when walls are put up this does not happen in a genuine way. Jow Forums is special because the walls are able to come down in a way one-on-one therapy is rarely able to do.

This board does nothing but make me feel worse, and I have no idea why.
I don't even ask for advice. I mostly lurk, and occasionally give advice, when I actually know anything relevant to the topic at hand.

The advice I got from here cost me the only good thing in my nearly 30 years of existence, the only reason I had to get out of bed and not succumb to depression, and made me an absolute failure in every other aspect of life. Since then I've been trying to give advice that will actually help others not get into the situations I'm in before I eventually an hero.

>blackout high
LOLLLLLLLLLLL what a fucking copout, lest he was doing opiates or some shit

What's your story user? Not here to edify, only curious.

I had an incredibly happy relationship for several years with the first woman who really accepted me for who I am (not even my mother did this) but she was asexual and I'm mildly autistic with 0 friends because I'm looking for deep relationships/camaraderie like the olden days and today everyone just wants to use everyone else and move on. She's a real, true friend of the sort that you just don't find anymore. We met, became friends, and got together by total accident over a year, and after another year or so I wanted and still do want to marry her, just something told me to wait before and that same voice has been saying not to give up on us for the last 6 months, even now. I took the advice of the retards here and ended up pushing her away because they told me our problems stemmed from the fact that I wasn't getting my dick wet. I suggested going down on her which she declined, then asked if she'd be willing to give me a handy which triggered some issues of hers which activated my autism and made me double down on pressuring her for sexual stuff. She didn't like it and after a few months dumped me saying I'm just like every other guy after all and we'd been lying to each other for years- she said she's never been happy in our relationship despite wanting to get married after finding out I'm broke living with my parents and I'm apparently just after sex.
It's been 2 months and we've met a few times since. She's absolutely totally done with dating (she said she'd get back with me before she'd even consider a woman) but she formed emotional and romantic bonds with me on top of a genuinely deep friendship that she can't shake. I'm hoping we can work this out now that we've aired our real issues but she's adamantly saying no. I respect her stance, but just don't see why we can work out other major issues and remain together but she's suddenly done. She helped me overcome some big issues of mine, and now I feel it's my turn to help with hers.

This board helped me not fuck things up with the last girl I got into a relationship with... and then helped me accept dumping her when I realized things weren't right.

There has been some other strong information over the years, but that was the best.

I like to think sometimes I give some good things back, especially when it relates to careers in business, since I'm pretty high up and successful there.

I was going to write a long ass several post long thing but i will just keep it short. I had my two first non-date dates by helping people from this board. They were lovely french girls that were pleasent to spend friendly time with. I would like to hope i helped them with some troubles and any other anons thread i posted.

How this board helped me? Fuck if i know mate

This board encouraged me to go to my parents at 16 instead of killing myself. Otherwise not afaik.

I found my gf on this board.

For me personally, this site is a good way for a reality check. I don’t have any of issues that these people have. I love a simple life by choice and this is a good place to see how bad life can be. For me every day is just fun times, but that means I’m in a danger of complacency. So thanks to all the messed up fucks.

Story please?

Don't want to give details for now, but one day if it goes farther then sure. It's the usual really, pure coincidence. Both posting on an inconspicuous thread, turns out we live close to each other, decide to meet for the hell of it. And it took off from there.

Yeah and no, I like trying to help people when I have gone theiugh a similar experience and tell them what I did or explain I know what they are feeling and they arent alone.

And if I have a problem sometimes it takes writing it out here to see the solution.

Huh neat. I am this user , good luck to oth of you.