A girl that will break the rules

ur cute

be my gf

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Get a room yall


She's prolly a fat retard dyke.

Do you honestly think what you're doing is worth your time?

Go volunteer or something man...

Into the orbit you go

You've got a better chance than me. Apparently she doesn't like the brothers

I'm not native european, only relative.

no she's amazing

i'm honored (´・ω・`)

nice try lithit but you blew your chance with me

absolutely 100 thousand %

Neither am I. I immigrated here from the US. Would you send me an email [email protected] ?

>nice try lithit but you blew your chance with me

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But I only like twinkish physiqued men with no melanin at all in the 18-32 range.

It's a trap you know that right?
Then again op is gay so it works out.

I'm you man! I'm white as snow, 27.

Dating or not, I would like to be penpals with you, seeing as we both tripfag on here.

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like you’re any better

oh boy here we go

yes you're sweet lithit but you were so mean! If you stop hating me we can be friends tho. Send me an email too

he's just jelly. don't blame him

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I'm not like the other tripfags...

But seriously, those two are degenerates, and now they're engaged in some public mating ritual. I would like to think I'm at least marginally more proper than that.

Literally Hitler is an OG on this board- despite his controversy there is no denying this

How's this? Literally me rn. Am I beautiful enough?

>some public mating ritual
It's called flirting you autistic _______!

Or something like that. More like
>one party inappropriately flirting
>other party toying with the attention

yeah he does keep to his morals. I admire him too

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oh and forgive the rings in my eyes. It's 5am

Lol PB I'm not Literally Hitler, I just hit on ol girl in another thread earlier today

Peanut Butter....

God dammit man

what are you doing?!

It's not going to work

oh how boring. If I wasn't already head-over-heels for agtwbtr, I would totally hit on you

This is an advice board... can i offer some? Add a tripcode. They make you like 10 times more attractive! :)

I should be studying French right now but this is way more fun.

I'm not into men homie, but how do I add a trip code. I'm on mobile btw

In your name, where you wrote "a man that will break the beat"

Add to the end of that a space, two hashtags immediately followed by a password

Peanut Butter ##password

I was on the fence about the increasing presence of tripfags on this board but now I'm convinced you guys need to be lined up and shot

Haha, thanks for the laugh at 2:40am, I needed that.

She's fat and doesn’t leave the house. You should see how much she spends on uber eats and other food delivery services.

I heard the bitch had milk delivered by amazon.

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Fuck off, twink.

Fuck you

thanks for the warning haha psyke!

I'll take my chances, the woman of my dreams is only one tripcode away and I must have her...

Agtwbtr, will you be mine forever? You're the jelly to my peanut butter.

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See that's the thing about tripcodes. They stop impostors ;)

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I agree.
It's gotten way out of hand.

don't act so innocent. you started this

tell me honestly.

how do you feel about me? Do you still hate me or do you understand me? If you pay attention, and consider that the ends always justify the means, you'll see that I am precisely on your side; as I was in the beginning. Of course you hate me for some superficial reasons, i get it, but if you consider the impact my posts have, I think I am your best friend on this board. Think about it. Really,.

Impact over truth.

Anyways! if you stop hating me then you can be my backup plan if agtwbtr rejects me! ^_^

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This is why tripfiggery is so bad. It ruined /sp/ (along with jannies) in 2013.

I fell asleep, I'm awake now.

All the tripfags just in one thread, can we just nuke everybody in it?

It's me, CuntBag! Let me in on the orgy! Tripfriends unite!

Not unless russia makes a bigger one.

trip fags congregation

Jannies clean this, if i made this i would have been permabanned

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