Any way I can improve my looks?

Any way I can improve my looks?

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lose weight

I can do that in the future just not right now

start taking zinc supplements twice a day

Loose some weight, try cardio and weights everyday. Get a new haircut, you have nice hair. Start dressing more casual, something more youthful. You're not ugly, so you only need to do some superficial changes.

Losing weight is #1, acne is #2.
The color, thickness and health of your hair looks great though, pretty envious of you on that one. Maybe(?) a bit greasy in the pic, but that's easy to fix.

Why cant you lose weight right now? Not enough time, You would benefit greatly from cardio. 2 mins of walking at 2.5mph 30 secs of running at 7mph. Get a planet fitness membership, Get some skivvys running shoes and black t shirts.

Why the fuck not?

Also use the speed interval mode at planet fitness.
Jog speed at 2.5mph run speed at 7

Lose weight. Fix your acne. Eat better. Get contacts, the glasses emphasize the roundness of your face. Get a haircut that gets rid of the sideburns and sides of the hair to try to make your face longer. Wear casual clothes no collars.
Confidence as well makes you feel and look better.
Good luck.

You remind me of that one food reviewer.

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I dress formally every day, even when doing errands. I like it and I think girls like a well dressed guy. I only wear 3 different shirts daily though, hopefuly nobody will notice.

I don't really need to go to the gym I don't think because I feel girls want a big guy to keep them warm if y'know what I mean :)

Please be bait

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bro you look like a dickheaad shut up

Let me tell you the reality of things OP if this is not bait, Girls don't give a shit about your appearance until they can even see themselves with you. You might find the special one, But it will take a while, and it won't be a 9/10 girl.

I'm gonna find a hot girlfriend it's only a matter of time maybe a year or so but I just need some polishing up here and there

You need to lose fucking weight and fix your diet, and maybe dress less like an autist

lol this is bait

You don't have to be so rude pal. I'm only 29 I'm still really young I can lose weight a long time from now it doesn't have to be tomorrow I just want to improve my facial features

It's bait that I'm a confidant guy?

This fucking thread

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>I just need some polishing up here and there

For a 3/10 or more you're gonna need this

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OP should reconsider life.

Losing weight will improve your facial features. Don't worry I promise you that girls like non-obese guys too

Hit the gym
Based, i am guessing if you lose weight you will look 5/10, but with shity personality that puts you on 3/10.

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haircut. Go to a nice barber and ask for a hard part combover or a tapir or something. It'll make you look a bit younger too.

What's with the faggoty look? Post a normal picture first.

Just go to Jow Forums.

Wear contact lenses or less geeky glasses.
Eat healthy
Hit the gym
Wash your face when you go to bed and when you wake up.
Look at r/malefashionadvice on Reddit.
Go to social events and talk to normies.
Stop fapping
Sleep and wakeup on time.
Better hygiene though

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Workout more and take care of your skin. Wash daily, use cortezone cream, change your pillows/bed sheets daily and don't touch your face with your fat sausage fingers. Don't dress like Mr Huxtable, wear nice clothes and not this shit that makes you a simpsons character.

Yes you fucking can. I work 80 hours a week and make time so can you, if you make excuses you'll never break your bad habits.
Don't be an asshole. And wipe the smarmy grin off your fuckin face because it ain't helping your situation

do something about the acne, get more stylish glasses, ditch the stuffy sweater thing and find a better clothing style. hair is okay but maybe try a new look. you're not ugly but you need to improve

lose weight, fix skin, and drop the dumb expression

Honestly you're pretty good looking apart from the acne. Burn the fat and put on some muscle, it always helps. For the acne I'd talk to a dermatologist and try different treatments. If the creams don't work they might put you on acutane which will definitely clear it up

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A hammer repeatedly to the facial area.

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If you are fat you should never take pictures while laying down. Your neck dissapears and it makes you look fatter.
Your glasses frames even emphasize your cheeks wrongly, making you even fatter. And the acne makes people think you don't bathe.
>gain a skincare routine
>lose weight
>get a more adult haircut than typical kindergartener
>have at least 14 outfits, not just 3 shirts (but work on that after you lose weight for a confidence booster)
>different glasses frames

I told you guys already I don't need to go to the gym right now I can do it in the future, I get plenty of exercise walking around my house already right now.

Even though I have only 3 different shirts I wear daily nobody notices so I save money that way.

I was at a restaraunt 2 days ago and my server who was a girl smiled at me twice so I know that I'm pretty charming and well off I just need to maybe get rid of 1 or 2 pimples somehow and I'll be golden

I don't even care if this is bait anymore

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Yeah, I'm washing my hands now.

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>acne cream
>skincare routine (face wash, moisturizer, and sunblock is a start)
>get a fashionable haircut (yes it is possible to make ginger hair look fashionable)
>contacts, or more fashionable glasses
>get a sense of fucking fashion, you dress like my grandpa and he's dead

Girls like well dressed men, look at Don Draper from madmen I think my sense of fashion is good. I wear alot of dark red also because I read that wearing red makes you look more attractive so i think I'm good fashionwise

Acne creams make my skin dry I can't really use them, I'm looking for something more natural

You got that rockstar vibes bro, keep it up!!! don't let this faggot incels drag you down

I don't want rockstar look I just want to improve my suave mysterious handsome guy look

What are less geeky glasses? These?

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He's actually not baiting, lmao

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>I don't really need to go to the gym I don't think because I feel girls want a big guy to keep them warm if y'know what I mean :)

Nigga stop guessing what girls like, you’re not ugly, just loose weight, although it’s real girls like a body to warm up, they don’t like a lardass as a boyfriend, wash your face, and go to a dermatologist to help you with the acne, and get a diferente haircut/style, that way people will notice you’re trying to do something about your looks, girls appreciate that.

No? Why would I be baiting with legitimate question? Also not op.
Also do you know how hard it is to find decent looking glasses that don't make you look like grandpa? Shits not easy.

cut your hair and keep it fresh. also dermatologist

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>wants advice to improve looks
>makes excuses 5 seconds into getting advice

Yeah good luck with changing nothing.

>I don't need to go to the gym right now I can do it in the future, I get plenty of exercise walking around my house already right now.
Fucking hell, you are so stupid, jesus christ

He really is

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How am I stupid? I have time to go to the gym it doesn't have to be today I can do it in the future just not right at this time. I have a life too you know

Ok, continue doing what you’re doing and keep wondering why girls aren’t attracted to you, it ain’t my shit

If you actually read what I stated before girls do give me positive attention I just need to fix the little errors I have with my face so i have the best chance possible I already can tell girls are finding me attractive I'm just being lazy in doing something about it

Wtf where you live, let me come, i mean why the fuck am i working out and trying to gain weight when i can be just lazy virgin fuck and get compliments from girls.

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>A female employee at a restraunt gave me two smiles once

>on the nose as well
looks like a food allergy

>honestly doesn't believe that servers are supposed to smile at every single customer ever
Please check your autism, it seems like a heavy disability for you.

I don't know how many times you have to be told, but your fashion is shit. ALSO ACNE CREAM IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOUR SKIN DRY THAT'S WHY YOU USE MOISTURIZER. If you really want something natural, try fish oil supplements or tea tree oil (tea tree oil smells a bit bad though)

>I get plenty of exercise walking around the house already

walking from the couch to the refrigerator doesn't count as exercise, faggot

1. I don't have autism I graduated from a good uni in computer science and make 140k a year with full benefits

2. She was making eye contact with me and laughed at one of my knock knock jokes so she was treating me better than the other people so I knew I charmed her already

3. I'm just looking to improve my very minor facial errors, everything else in my life is pretty much sorted out at this point

>people still replying to this obvious bait

Yeah, it’s on the internet so it must be true....

OP you're below average looking (AKA incel).

I'm not a woman or gay, but you look like the guy I would talk my problems to and tease about fucking to gain benefits, but still wont fuck.

Like I said, lose weight and lift.

>but women dont need that
>how do I become more atractive
women are atracted to low body fat faces, facial fat make them think you're a good beta provider.

google "black pill"

>Autist savant doesn't think he has autism because he's high functioning spectrum and not low disabled spectrum.
Please give me an indepth report on what made you think the hostess at the restaraunt found any attraction to you that doesn't involve basic manners of being a hostess which includes:
>thanking you
>greeting you into the building
>bringing you food
>refilling your drink
>saying "come again soon"


You're not even reading what I already told you. She was giving me good eye contact and smiling and laughing at a good joke I told her and went out of her way to treat me in a better way than the other customers. If she didn't find it funny she wouldn't have laughed

women do this all time dumbass.

>eye contact

she just saw you as a beta orbiter/provider.

And what you fail to understand is she did that with 8 other guys that same day. It's her job too. I'm sure you have her a nice top yeah? That's why.

You are so deluded it's actually kinda sad.

>If she didn't find it funny she wouldn't have laughed
>seriously thinking customer service workers have the ability to not laugh if a customer makes a joke like their tip isn't in jeopardy
Please go to autism specialized therapy if you are over the age of 25.

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My other friend at the table made a joke but she didn't laugh, but she laughed at what I told her. That proves that my choice of words was superior and actually got a laugh out of her. You're probably just a bitter sour girl that can't find a bf judging from your username

Alright, are you foreign or something?
>girl only laughs at my joke
>she wants my d and only my d
>didn't laugh at my friends joke he's not funny at all
>I'm superior
This really doesn't say anything. Hostesess can do whatever they want, and still not give two shits about you.

And I have all the boy toys I need, if there were a man worth dating that crosses my path, I'd be dating them.

good attempt of a b8, 5/10 since you got several (You)s

Yeah sure whatever you say you're most likely a crazy cat lady or soon to be one anyway :)

When I make a good impact on someone I can tell

>hur you're gunna be a cat lady
>with several men at my feet
Nice attempt, Autismo.

Your online mmorpg bfs don't count. Go feed your cats

>Cut your daily sugar by 50%.
>Start using face creams and masks help improve skin.
>Take up boxing or Swiming.
>But most importantly, keep your head held high you will make it Bud but only if you believe.

kek the funny thing is that people exist who really think that

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>girls want a big guy
That big guy can lift the girl over his head. Go to Jow Forums, read the sticky


Cardio and weightlifting, do it

Also create a morning and before bed skin care routine, eat healthier and don’t sleep on ur face, don’t rub or constantly touch it either (wash ur hands)

I've never been in a gym before, does everybody look at each other when they work out?

Get a buzzcut

>online mmorpg
Ew I don't play those Autism Babysitter Simulators.

If you go to a gym in formalwear, better fucking believe everybody will look at you
Girls like independent and relaxed men

Dude, sorry to tell you this but you’re one fedora away from shooting up a college campus.

Very obvious you do, like I said go back to tending to your cats crazy cat lady :-)

I'm also allergic to those..
Why are you so mad that someone has figured out that you're an autist? You're still alive and can get therapy for it.

>I get plenty of exercise walking around my house

There's people on this board that actually want advice. Don't be such a dickhead.

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You're the sour one that's now making up fake allergies. I'm all smiles here :-)
I'm on here looking for ways to fix my minor situation not get sour attitudes from you

Walking burns next to no calories. You'll get tired twice over before you burn that Snickers. You have no idea how useless it is. That isn't what burns calories. You want to know how to really burn calories?

Now about your dressing. You see these women? How they had some much effort put into their hair, their make up, their nails and clothes only to look even more repulsive for it? These women are you. You can't dress up some things. You have to improve.

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Post feet.

stop eating meat. Masturbate everyday. Get rid of your autismo face

>No need to go to gym
>Own only three shirts
>She smiled at you.
Either you're poor or you're autistic. That girl smiled at you as a sign of courtesy. It's not like they'd have sexual relations after listening to your piss poor autistic reasoning skills. Get fit and study more rather than staying at your mom's basement

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>glazed autismo smile

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>Masturbate everyday

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When the fuck are you not shitposting? Are you a stay at home girlfriend, a larping basementdweller, or a neetbux reciever?