My almost 50 year old dad recently started dating this woman that has a couple of daughters...

My almost 50 year old dad recently started dating this woman that has a couple of daughters, One of them is around my age. One of her daughters is almost exactly a carbon copy of me. Their mom has told me this one daughter of hers in particular is a lazy girl, watches anime all day and from her perspective says that I am a copy of her daughter. I haven't met her as in a couple of weeks we are going to have a BBQ at their house. I saw a picture of her and she's very cute and its making me nervous. Though she is a little chubby and I'm built far better since I work out daily and have muscles. Her mom also told me she has never had a boyfriend in her life, Compared to me I've had a couple of gfs and they all had black hair just like her. What can I do to not act like a total sperg and make a good first impression, Please help me out my social bros. I want to hear your thoughts.

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Turns out you don't have to try to have sex with every female you meet. Treat her like a sister or a cousin and you'll be fine. Maybe you'll get her to open up a bit and you two can be friends.

Sounds like you guys will probably click ez, just talk about anime or something. If shes like you then shes probably autistic, so if you just keep asking her basic questions about her interests she'll probably do all the talking

Why would I not want to date her, Even if she becomes my stepsister. I want a relationship and her mom has said to me that she wants a relationship since she hasn't had a boyfriend. I'll add too that her mom took a picture of me and her mom told me that she wants to meet me. So she's interested

Forget everything you think you know about her. That way, you get to know her even better. Ask her about her life, what stuff she likes, whats her passion etc.. Always give her attention on everything she mentions. If you two are alike, then the conversation will go smooth, and you'll be making a really good first impression. Always try to look confident, and be funny.

100% a woman wrote this.

Most likely, I'm introverted alone but extroverted when in groups. I like to be a leader.

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OP here, I did not write this. But I find it hard not to be attracted. Weeb girls are SO fucking sexy. Her mom is literally implying and brings up her daughter wanting to meet me every time she comes over to our house. If my dad is fucking why can't I fuck.

lmao, don't do it, you're being a sperg if you do. If your dad dates this woman in the long term it will make things super awkward, and he will probably resent you for dating one of her daughters. Don't fuck with him like that.

This isn't the only girl like this, go to a convention or something. Lots of thirsty girls out there waiting for that chad weeb D my dude.

I was quoting this person you idiot: Jesus how did you fuck that up?

I guess your right, I've had sex on tinder. I know a relationship is not needed always and that men should deal with loneliness. I feel so strongly about it because the last marriage my dad was in, His exwifes daughter I had sex with while she moved in with us. That was 2 years ago.

And see the thing is that she wasn't even like me, It was all physical attraction. Now my dads dating a woman who's daughter is the EXACT SAME AS ME and is my FANTASY, I'm going to get it one way or another.

I'm 20 now and I've never had someone who actually has cared about me, my interests or anyone who has been like well ME.

Dude fucking relax. You don't need to justify yourself to strangers you'll never meet.

Oh wow. You're going to be so disappointed in a few months if you do try to bang her and realize how fucking weird and annoying she is. It's ok, we all think with our dick sometimes. Enjoy shitting where you eat.

Neck yourself, faggot.

What makes you say she is going to be weird and annoying, If anything I want someone who is that. Because that is me truly when I don't have a mask on.

Well...oh boy. I...okay, that's not something I'd do because I'm pretty strict about family roles/boundaries but I have a feeling not much is going to stop you at this point. Seems like it's basically a fetish lmfao

Also just wanted to say to everyone reading this God Bless you and this website, it's threads like this one that keep me kicking on shit days like this one hot damn.

>Neck yourself, faggot.
I was right. Thanks for playing.

Stop trying to fuck your potential step-sister.

I don't have a fetish. He's not married to the woman,He's only known her for a month. The way I see it, We are not blood or related in any way. Even if we do merge our families together, I don't want that to stop anything.

If there is a connection, I just want to try as hard as possible to see if there can be anything there. Even if it is short lived.

I'm not a female, though. Could you hurry it up and off yourself?

You have no idea how real relationships work do you? Right now you're like xd she likes anime too and she's mildly attractive haha soulmates!!1 Once things settle in and the newness wears away that laziness and chubiness you used to be OK with won't quite cut it for you anymore.

My step brother hooked up with and had a kid with some crazy bitch just because she was a gamer girl and liked anime. Now they hate each other and she's batshit insane. Take a look at the person you're thinking of being in a relationship before you just hop right in, faggot.

Looks wise she is a 6-7/10, You can find an anime thottie on tinder just like her. I want a girl with my personality, I don't care about looks, She could be a 4/10 for all I care. I just want someone who is like me. I'm sick of all this fake bullshit of lets hangout. I don't want to hangout, I want to lay in bed watching anime, Talking about spirituality and satan.

I do agree with you even though I don't want to believe it, I just crave for someone to know someone who isn't a fucking retard thot and enjoys the things I like.

I will have to take a look soon enough and I don't know what she will be like or what I will find out, But if I take that look and I see a reflection. I will pounce on it.

I suppose this is a good enough answer to my query. Though I think the best strategy is to just be myself. Truly maybe my question was not how to make a first good impression.

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I hope it works user, weeb girls are the dream

I hope so too, To be honest guys. I act and speak so dramatically because it's a void on my consciousness. I've never related to anyone fully ever. My ideals, beliefs and interests are all alien to most people. Even though I can get girls on tinder or at the gym, I don't want that. I want a specific type of girl. Someone who is fully connected with me in life and even in death in the 4th dimension.

It's both a physical and spiritual attraction that I require. I'm not sure if I'll ever find that type of loyalty in a girl. I have a fire raging inside for the girl that comes across my path with this gift. One day I may find her, Sooner or later.

Why the fuck would OPs dad resent his son getting some pussy? You retard

Make sure to greentext when you spill your spaghetti everywhere. Thanks.

if you have experience with women then why ask here for advice ??

keep in mind even if you got anime gf and she treat you like her big brother then remember this is real life and no your dad nor his mother will support such relation in fact i can bet if they found out they will restrict you from her