Jesus Christ I want to have sex so much it is consuming my mind all I can think about is sex and hot girls

Jesus Christ I want to have sex so much it is consuming my mind all I can think about is sex and hot girls

How the fuck do I keep my libido in check

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Sex is cool, but not as great as in porn or whatever your fucked up idea of sex is. Your hand gets the job done fine, she won't be yelling and moaning losing her shit like they do in cheap pornos. Real sex is kinda plain, unless you take a passion to it. Have you ever thought abt taking an online test to find out your kinks and turn ons?

Take spiro, or cut your balls off.
Get a cock cage and flush the key.

Have you heard of masturbation before?

What's libido?

What's preventing you from having sex?

No willing partners.

What about unwilling partners?

oh shit

I know you're joking but no point having sex with someone who doesn't want it. Also what's stopping me from just paying for a whore but I think I'll just have to admit it's the only way I'll have sex sooner or later.

Dunno what country you're in but where I live there are forums dedicated to reviewing prostitutes.
That way you'll know if you'll get someone who actually enjoys sex (or is good at pretending).
So you'll have a better chance at getting a good experience.


I have a stupid high libido, SSRI's kind of fuck with that. Not my favorite side effect but it might keep your obsession in check. Plus shit is cheap

Jack off you jackoff. This is not a new problem, there's a release valve front and center for a reason

there are videos about tantric sex teachers who didn't fap since 16 years.

they say: use your sexual power to do something else. maybe stretch yourself, go jogging, do sports

That's retarded

Think about average and ugly girls

I used to have high libido between 10-14 then it died off between 17-20 and came back very shortly for 2 years, now I can feel the hormones, but much shallower yet annoying, like I feel the need to piss.
I wonder if there's a way to get rid of the hormones completely.

Are these all you OP? Have you tried getting a girlfriend? How old are you? Do you have some problem that's preventing you from meeting someone?
Just try some dating sites. Read a girl's profile, make sure you're looking for the same things in terms of relationships and send her a message about something specifically in her profile. Women get tons of messages but most of them are a copy paste comment. If a guy writes something to me that shows he read my profile I always respond after reading, even if it's just to say I'm not interested. But keep in mind, I have over 1,000 likes on OkCupid and who knows how many messages. A lot of women not responding is just because they get overwhelmed.

>just get a gf
Why do people pretend this is easy

>she won't be yelling and moaning losing her shit like they do in cheap pornos

Not all women, no. Some? Absolutely. And it's awesome.

It's not easy but most people are self defeating and never even bother trying. If you show no interest in any woman and don't socialize there is no way to get a gf or have sex.
Be thankful you're a guy and CAN try. If you show any interest in a guy half the time they think you're easy so after one or two attempts most women learn not to approach guys.

It's practically illegal to show interest nowadays. Even if they dont call the cops and press harrassment charges theyll tell the owner and you'll be banned.

This sounds like paranoia and reading too much shit online. When has this personally happened to you?
Go on dating sites if you must. Those women want to be approached.

What the fuck? DATING SITES are your first piece of advice? Dating sites are the worst and should ONLY be used as a last resort. You're telling the poor guy to punch way below his weight from the outset, he's going to think he's ugly based on the beasts he pulls from online.

This guy needs to be meeting people through friends, going to parties, indulging in weed and booze, and meeting girls there. That's where the hot girls are. That's where the slutty girls are. That's where the hot AND slutty girls are. A few drinks and a puff will get him directly in some qts pants.

Never give advice on getting laid again you worthless piece of shit.

important question: have you ever had sex before?

dont do this. i was on prozac for years and i started compulsively masturbating and never feeling the orgasms, and i was so mentally dulled it never occurred to me how fucked up it was. thats far from the only negative effect it had on my psyche

He sounds like an introvert. You think he can just go to a big party do a bunch of drugs and get laid? No everyone is wired like that.
I'm also an introvert and I think dating sites work well for people like us.

Combine being terribly shy with not being very attractive and things get really difficult
Yeah I guess we can approach but we're also putting our confidence on the line, and some men believe it or not struggle a lot with it. We're not these stalwart bastions of self confidence women want us to be

I'm not btw

I know it's hard. I've asked out guys myself and been rejected.
Are you unattractive or actually ugly?
Do you just want to get laid or do you want a relationship?

Dating sites might work well for women like you, but they're bad for men all around. Even if he isn't "wired" for parties (which is bullshit, he's a human being and craves social interaction and approval, people who claim not to be wired for it are usually afraid of rejection for various reasons), he should still go there first and do his utmost to get comfortable in those situations. This is best not only for his sex life (which, if you've read the thread, is his primary concern), but for his social skills in general, and will greatly help him throughout his entire life.

Don't encourage him to stay in his comfort zone you fucking devil. You're a truly vile person for suggesting this, and still suggesting this.

So you are too much of a pussy to approach and think online dating sucks. Enjoy jerking off and screeching on adv on how to lower your libido.

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I'm unremarkably ugly. Like not someone that stands out, but ugly.
I don't know. I guess a relationship might be nice, but so would be just sex

Being unremarkable is not the same as being ugly. Ugly people are noticeable. What you are is "plain."

You make me laugh. Someone has a different view than you, so they're vile? I'm honestly trying to help this guy.
Plenty of ugly guys get laid but it's usually because of their personality and it's by a girl that they're dating.

Nah not plain, uglier than plain. It's just that I'm not ugly in an interesting way, just an ugly person overall

You're probably less ugly than you think. And even if you are, women aren't as attracted by looks as men are.
I think it's easier for less attractive people to date than to hook up. Hooking up is all about looks, dating is more about personality so you can really shine here.

learn to transmute the sexual energy into something productive

Be older than 25.

You're vile because you're encouraging the poor guy to stay in his comfort zone and use an inferior method to get laid. If he accepts that advice, it is going to hinder him his entire life. He'll probably end up on Jow Forums. You can see he's already falling for some of their memes ("I'm ugly because girls don't approach me first" which is totally wrong), he's in a very precarious position and you're sending him the route to damnation instead of salvation, towards doomer instead of bloomer, or whatever way you want to phrase it.

Guys punch waay below their weight in terms the quality of girls they pull off dating sites. This guy is only going to get messages back from girls far below what he could pull irl. This is going to reinforce his feelings of inferiority and convince him more of his ugliness, sending him deeper down the spiral of Jow Forums's poison.

Maybe but that's where being shy and socially retarded hurts me, you see. Nobody is interested in meeting me off looks so I can't even get my foot in the doorstep.

>Have you ever thought abt taking an online test to find out your kinks and turn ons
I have had specifically this idea come to mind, but my lackluster search engine skills fail me. How can I discover new turn-ons?

ok but wat if i dont have frends and therefore cant go to parties?

Just a guess, you are probably consuming porn daily or almost daily?

Being sexually active and/or beind erotically/sensually charged is not a problem in itself. It's completely healthy and normal. What sounds like an issue, though, is that you describe this as a problem and describe these compulsive characteristics.

There are two main categories, why this could be happening.
Either you are frustrated or unhappy about something else in your life OR
you have developed a compulsive habit that is supressing your healthy behavioral patterns and replacing them with non-satisfying compulsive patterns.

If the first option sounds like that could be it, and you notice you're coping with things like stress, loneliness, moodswings, medical condition, a frustrating living situation etc. Starting to work towards fixing that will start fixing tge other issue. Rest enough, exercise and go outside regularly, engage in social and free time activities, fix that thing that had needed attention for quite a while now. Get your medication updated, get rid of your ex's number, make a realistic budget, do the thing that is not necessarily nice but you know you need.

If you recognize yourself more with the second option, you probably know what you should start with. Leave porn, uninstall Tinder, stop following cam girls or whatever is your thing. It is time to explore _your_ sexuality, find the real you and get out of the frustration spiral. Start looking for positive bodily experiences from exercise, swimming or bathing, sauna, skin care... look beyond wanking and figure out what makes your whole body feel good. And when you masturbate (this is not forbidden), do it on your own pace, reading erotica or just fantasizing. Learn to stimulate yourself in versatile ways and stop performing masturbation like it was a mechanixal job.

You're most likely a porn addict and need to quit that self destructive "hobby"

Go to bars. It's socially acceptable to go to a bar by yourself. Chat with the people around you about their day, their job, how their week went, their interests, and so on. Some of those people are going to be girls, and some of them will be open to engaging in sexual relations with you. If not that night, then by maintaining a friendly relationship with them the possibility will be there in the future.

Also note that if they reject you, stay friendly with them. Keep that friendly relationship going, because she has friends who are girls, and if you're her friend, you'll meet some of her female friends, some of whom will be open to engaging in sexual relations with you. Rejection happens to normies all the time and they just brush it off like it's no big deal, keep the girl as a friend, and move on to the next chick. Normies have an amazing ability (not really) to approach girls they find attractive first, then develop feels later if their approach is accepted and all the other factors for developing feels are met.

channel that energy dipshit
after a while you'll ooze sex appeal bcause of all that energy

kek, is that how it's working out for you?

I read this thread and I wonder... How do I heighten my libido? I'm not ace but I hardly ever get any urges or desires to have sex or masturbate. And when I do it's because I'm bored and touch myself or whenever my boyfriend wants me and I like to please him so I'll arouse myself for him. I enjoy sex when I'm in it but revving up is a task.

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>Get a cock cage and flush the key.
I am literally at the point of wanting to do this because I have no self-control. However I did research and chastity devices are incredibly bad for you. You might as well take a sledgehammer to the nuts if you are going to wear one of those for a long time.

libido is pretty standard. you're most likely just a regular woman

That's depressing.

How to get friends and invited to parties?

Lol this maybe works when you're 40.
I'm in my early 20s and it is weird for a guy in this age to participate in the nightlife by himself desperately asking normies for personal info that are already involved with their own social circles.
It's over for him unless he finds a cool people and is lucky enough to meet people who want to be more than acquaintances

Save something disgusting in ur phone, everytime ur horny , open ur phone and look at it, i think about people eating shit.

I'll grant that it's more difficult, but it's certainly far from "over." I know because I've done it many times since college. Unfortunately, because he's a retarded faggot who wasted his days on Jow Forums instead of developing socially OP has a steep climb to normalcy no matter what he does. But going to a bar is by far his best bet, way better than the other retarded faggots in other threads saying "durr just pick hobbies man," and better by FAR than internet dating. Some other ideas:
>If he lives in a big city, he could go to a bar in one of the tourist areas and pick up chicks on vacation hoping to make "memories" of their trip to wherever.
>go to a bar when it's not "poppin" on the weekends and pick up girls in their mid twenties through their thirties just hanging out for drinks and attention
>pick up a bar game like darts or billiards and chat over a game

He has to do something if he wants more than just complaining on Jow Forums in his life. It'll be harder for him than others because he's a retarded faggot, but he has to.

Since it's on the subject, I was thinking of getting a hooker but have no idea where to start. Op have you tried that at all?