Is it true women see some guys as lovers, who they'll fuck almost immediately and do all manner of depraved things for...

Is it true women see some guys as lovers, who they'll fuck almost immediately and do all manner of depraved things for, and other guys as providers who'll they'll only consider for long term relationships and make wait for ages before sex?

Doesn't this bother you guys in relationships that you're the latter??

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yeah sounds about right

Dude, go back to r9k

I fucked my husband on the first date, the fourth or so date was anal.
Hes just so hot that I'm keeping him forever

Only incels from Jow Forums and Jow Forums believe that.

Not true, like this user , my last gf licked my whole body and fucked me like she had a hoover between her legs in the first date. And my current date is making me wait, but not for long. It depends on the person.

Was it that or was it because you gave him herpes? Be honest

Not really. I'd never fuck anyone casually and never did. But I wanted to fuck my boyfriend since before we even got together and I did all sorts of depraved stuff for him.

I think it really depends on a woman and how that woman knew you. Because maybe you're just hot so she want to give her all or maybe she knew you aren't on that thing.

Yes, but those guys are very few. The true Chads that every woman will fuck without question. Like how there is always some woman that a guy will cheat for

I think it might seem that way because of the very clumsy way that single mothers present their predicaments, because while they want to ask for help, they are also receiving a ton of positive feedback assuring them that they did nothing wrong and that this isn't their fault. So they have to play it off like "oh, that last guy TRICKED me, so from now on I want to see some money before you get with this!"
I can see how that's unattractive. It looks like entitlement, even though it's mostly just a very, very naive woman dealing with something she's not ready for. If there are any women like that here, you'll do better to act like you're a loving little 50's-style house that's just waiting for papa to come home. Humility and respect over black girl jive.

In reality, you are not going to have a healthy, longterm relationship unless you can be both. You can be like my father, hopping from woman to woman, leaving bastards in your wake until your drug habits finally claim your life before you're 60, or you can be like my town's treasurer, hiding in a little warehouse he rented from neighbors he hates, while his wife lives in Florida riding a cock carousel.
Or you can just pull yourself together, tackle your flaws to the best of your ability. Little steps, all the time, so that when you find someone worth loving, they can love you back.

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They're one and the same for me. Once I find out I like a guy I become sexually attracted to him. I see him as a provider, want him in my life long term, and want to fuck his brains out.
99% of guys I have no interest in but I have to get to know them a little before I can figure that out. I mean 1-3 dates, not months of leading them on.
But, I've also been burned before by a guy that basically lost interest in me once we slept together. It was too soon. And however seriously I treated him it didn't mean anything to him. So I hold back and really try to find out the guy's intentions now.

Why waste your time with single moms?? You ain't broken or something are you?


i know a 27 y/o 5'8' baldman who brags about being in the second group.

The moment I stoped hunting, I was hunted down. It truly works to just be yourself, especially when you’ve gone though some life changing shit that makes you grow as a person.
I gave up on love, I was ready to just be a single dad who does right by his kid.
Then this woman who’s as crazy as me decides I’m what she needed in her life.
I was so tired of conditional love with women trying to change me when I was accepting of them. It felt like they had this mold of a guy they want and tried to push me into it. That’s shit isn’t love, it’s filling a lonely bitches bed and bank account until she decides I’m not good enough. That’s American women in a nutshell, I highly recommend seeking female relations abroad.

You work with Jason Statham?

Because my mom was single, and I kind of feel bad for them.
Having a flaw is bad, having a flaw that EVERYONE ELSE is working to affirm and justify for you is worse, because you're never going to wake up until you're holding your child in a little, black box, roughly the size of a brick, thinking about how broken they were mentally, about the parade of abusive and useless men you lead through their lives, about the father they never knew because you couldn't make that relationship work.

If no one even tries to wake her up before that point, though, what right does everyone else have to ball her out for it?

Sorry op didn't think about your scenario. You do agree though it's pretty much off the market for men who don't have any faults to want to develop a relationship with single moms. Those left are probably are not in it for a relationship or they are in it to be controlling or they are also off the market for marketable women. It's hard to be reasonable when they don't have a whole lot of reasonable options. It's a shitty cycle.

I like to distinguish between females and women. Female humans follow that pattern. Genuine women (aka people) don't. This doesn't mean I think there are many women, if any at all

Try Canadian women. I'm Canadian and they are not so codependent and would just leave because life goals aren't the same. Very clean cut but polite. I had 3 major break ups in my 30+ life. I am all still friends with all of them and I have hooked up with a few of their friends after too. No hard feelings. The bed thing I agree but not the bank account thing. I find that they were all very accommodating to me considered that I paid for the furniture or most of the food for example so they wouldn't try to take what was ours. My 1st ex told me some regrets about moving away to study horticulture to be a hippy but I am married now and we are not the same naive carefree kids to try again. I think of the could'ves from time to time but I am comfortable with my life and my wife isnt bad to me. Besides who is to say I wouldn't get a 6 figure promotion in 5 years and trade her in? Maybe I could afford to be carefree and just pay her off. I got lonely and suckered myself with someone I compromised on and isn't really my best option but I was getting towards my mid life so it is what it is. I wouldn't have kids so it will be fine in the end. Anyways, we are all are passengers on this bus called life and we all have different destinations and stops. It's nice to have pleasant company on the journey. If someone happens to be on the same bus and destination then great, but if not, who cares if you get to where you wanted? We all change goals and destinations anyways. Just stay positive and believe you played the best hand with the cards dealt.

They're not entirely off the market, from what I've seen, so long as the mother herself can better her flaws and properly balance keeping the new guy happy with caring for her children.
It helps if the mother herself is something useful like a nurse, then it's more like dating a single dad. Yeah, she has kids, but she's also the one paying for them.

There are a few great guys that'll do it, but they're not going to look at her facebook, read "Don't hmu unless you've got green," and think "yeah, this is going to be a reciprocal relationship."

Yes, but the second group is only when the women are 30+. When they're younger they'll try and secure Chad as a provider and a sex object

you try too hard

>Try Canadian women.
the worse kind of woman

What do you mean?

Your talking about sluts. It all depends on how she was raised by her parents.

all I'll say is its rare a guy is both

you put too much emphasis on suble nuances that nobody cares about, besides normies

it's possible. the solution is be both and they'll all be dripping for you.

Can you give me an example of a subtle nuance that I could be putting too much emphasis on?

Yeah! Totally worse than Somali's borned with AIDS and costs a toonie for a day.

Be honest. Don't you divide women the same way?

all of your post seems like you are heavily invested

I am? I want to find a husband and start a family. That's what I've always wanted.

As do most women. "So I hold back and really try to find out the guy's intentions now." ~ you are interpretating new experiences with your old, unfortunately it will only cause pain for you, also it boasts an arrogance, as you mentioned you slept with a man recklessly, that is a red flag for the man, not you, so the fact you put emphasis on protecting your heart is also stupid.

I said it was too soon for us, not that it was reckless. But go ahead and make whatever assumption you want. You sound like a creep. I don't care what you think.

You have reckless sex with men you barely know the intentions of. You thinking i'm 'creepy' is like a school girl insult, go on though.

I asked a girl friend this and she said it's true

No I see cute guys as lovers and that's it. I only consider long term anyway and I don't want to do anything depraved at all.