Debt collector is threatening to sue me. I’m going to call up and try to settle it rather than go to court...

Debt collector is threatening to sue me. I’m going to call up and try to settle it rather than go to court. Assuming they refuse to negotiate and they would rather sue me they’ll get a judgement. If they get a judgement they can go after a wage garnishment. What are the chances of a company firing me if they get a wage garnishment?

Wage garnishments cause the company more paperwork I’ve heard. The debt is $2,500

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Do you actually owe the debt?

You won't get fired for that, are you dumb? It just means they can take some of your paycheck.
Also how did you get sued over $2500? Thats like fucking nothing... You probably could have worked out a payment plan of 10 dollars a week.

You very well could if you are working for some financial services companies.

I work in a factory

So, in general, what happens if you get sued for a debt, it ends up going to wage garnishment, but you don't work? Obviously the kikes get their money somehow, but if you don't earn wages, then they can't take wages. What is the next step in their plan? Arrest?

No such thing as debtors jail unless you owe the government. They’ll basically just ruin your credit for decades because they resell the debt which resorts the statute of limitations

Debt is $2500. They'll almost certainly settle for half if you can get it paid quickly. That's $50 a week for six months. Get a moonlighting second job

I see. Thanks for the info

Call em up and tell them a long fucking sad story. I heard a fat guy on test boosters, tell me that when went into debt for getting a 5000 dollars to invest in bitcoin. He pays 5 dollars a month now.

>The debt is $2,500
This isn't worth going to jail over my man

I’m just losing sleep worrying about getting fired.

What kind of debt is this? Credit or other?

There's lawyers for this, but most of the time you can settle a debt by explaining you fell on hard times and are struggling financially. The thing is that it's not hard to fight if it's credit card debt because the courts know that those companies are making 90% of the minimum payment into interest and it'd take like twelve years to pay off at that rate.

>getting sued for 2500

You’ve got to be the most retarded person in the world if you can’t manage to pay off 2500 which is nothing, payments of 50$ a month would work depending on you’re situation.


How do I pay? Check?

did u not watch this op

If they take debit and you can setup automatic payments then do that if not then check is you’re best bet

This. Scam artists will cold call people and try this shit. Sometimes they actually do some research on certain targets they think will be sure hits. Use something like credit Karma and actually see if you have any debt. If they call again ask them who they collected the debt from and which form of credit it under. Call them both and see what's up. Collectors don't sue over 2,500 and will often try to negotiate a lower payoff than the original date after a certain point. Since they jumped straight to scare tactics this makes it reek of a scam or a not so clean agency.

They're not gonna go to court over $2500.

Are you making payments? Are they trying to get all the money now? If you’re failing to make payments, odds are you could negotiate with them to have lower payments.

Going to court over that small sum of money would cost more than what they would get back. So if it is a legitimate debt you owe and not some scam, they should be willing to negotiate instead of throwing themselves in a hole trying to get the money.

Now think about how you could’ve incurred that debt. Was it a hospital bill perhaps?

Once your debt is sent to collections, you don't have to pay.
The debt collector assumed the debt and it's in his best interest to collect but they can't really sue you.
Threatening a lawsuit is a scare tactic.

This is not accurate.

OP, if you get sued for the debt, call your local Legal Aid immediately. If they are anything like the Legal Aid where I practice, they can advise you or assign a no-cost lawyer to represent you. At the very least they can help you declare some of your property exempt (car, etc) from seizure to satisfy a judgment (though depending on your state you may not be able to declare this before a judgment is entered.) Debts and judgments both fall off your credit report eventually, so it's not the end of the world if you lose in court. Finally, if you do agree on a settlement with the owner of the debt, avoid the trap of making small payments over time that don't really reduce the principal.

I’ve seen it before. Sam is a smart guy but is wrong on this