Is it weird inviting girl for a coffee over internet, if you never talked to her? She keeps staring at me...

Is it weird inviting girl for a coffee over internet, if you never talked to her? She keeps staring at me, but she doesn't talk to anyone but her couple of friends.

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I'm gonna go with "yes, weird". If you see someone in person often and still make your first interaction online, it's weird.

Yeah it is because she won't know who the fuck you are and fyi the staring thing might just be a coincidence. I had girls stare at me only to find out there were staring at the clock and happen to gaze at me for a second or staring at the guy next to you.

Be a man and go up to her, introduce yourself and ask her out. Yes you can get rejected but at least you won't be labelled the creep who asked me out and I didn't know his face guy.

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Why do that when you can just go over and ask if you know her?
It's not a weird question if you say you think you recognize her but can't place her name.

Ok, I give up.

Just go and talk to her you pussy faggot.

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Just do it. Nothing to lose and you'll probably never see each other again and she won't care.

I added someone I've never met on facebook once. Wrote her as soon as she accepted, and she was so impressed with my straightforwardness that she asked me out on a date. Made out on the second date, but never took it further since she was moving to another city.

The worst that can happen is a rejection.

No, I use Jow Forums to write down my thoughts to see if they are stupid or not, I am idiot for thinking about doing that. Can't go up to her and talk when she is constantly surrounded by her friends and doesn't talk to anyone else.
She probably finds me scary/creepy, not attractive, that's why she stares at me all the time. That would just make it worst, don't want any trouble.
Don't think this girl is slut. It'd be stupid messaging her anyway, as she wouldn't recognise me, becouse she probably doesn't know me by name and my profile foto is old and ugly.

So don't message her and don't talk to her, instead you will be thinking about this girl for a long time in the future and wondering what could have been.

Don't live your life with regrets. If you can't approach then do the shitty creepy alternative and message her online.

I will try to approach her when the opportunity arises, where there will be something easy to talk about and she won't be surrounded. There's only one first try, it's not good to squander it on stupid shit.

You said she is always surrounded by people and so I highly doubt your chance will ever come up and besides compound that with the pressure and nervousness and you see how this could end in diaster.

If you feel comfortable doing it online then do it that way, don't force yourself to do something that you will regret because some autists online are self inserting as you said so.

A few months ago I texted a girl I've been with in social settings twice before, I think she gave me her number, but anyway I asked her out for coffee cause I thought she was pretty (didn't tell her this) Her reply was, "I don't do coffee with people I barely no but let me know when you're hanging out with other people so I can join in"...which was a "polite" way of saying, "I'm not interested in getting to know you that way"....It hurt for like 5 minutes...and then I moved on. Now I have a girlfriend who is absolutely amazing who actually approached me first and asked to meet first.

tl;dr Do it anyway and if she rejects you then she rejects you, it's not the end of the world and you get to move on from wondering "what if"

Don't think messaging her Is good idea, how to say it, her online presence is not very active, or whatever. It would be extra weird to message somebody who doesn't know you and takes care of their online personal information. I wouldn't like it myself if somebody I didn't ever talked to messaged me out of nowhere.

dude are you me?

i'd advise you to ask her out face to face, but if you're hellbent on doing it through the internet, then why not

You're in 2019 not 2004. If you go out and look at people in public, 99% of them are staring down at their phones checking how many likes, new notifications and messages they've gotten.

Then why the fuck did you suggest it in the first place?

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Do you know why it's a bad idea? Because OP knows her. He could talk to her, but he isn't.

Let's imagine he reaches online, goes out with her, and then... what? They pretend they don't know each other around her friends? They see each other everyday and don't talk?

Of course not, he will hang out with her. So why doesn't he do it right now? His attitude indicates he can't hang out with her, so it sends a bad vibe.

It's not like this dude , where it made sense to reach online.

>Because OP knows her.
That's precisely why he should message her otherwise what's the point of being connected to social media?!

Unbelievable the kind of cowardice permeating men these days. Keep making excuses you'll never get anything done.


>I will try to approach her when the opportunity arises
This is exactly what betas say while other dudes go around and fuck their crushes.

You'll wait forever pal

He should walk up but if he cant do that then he should send a message, but since hes so scared of even walking up, it probably wont work for him.

Cool story.
What happend after you woke up tho?

I make better judgment when I write down my thoughts.
Doing nothing is better than doing something in shit way. I have experience with this. Obviously men are more careful with this nowadays especially depending on settings. However I also have low confidence becouse I was bullied by girls my whole childhood and adolescence(from ages 6 to 18) becouse I was ugly and even though I tried to better myself, I still think I am disgusting to girls.
Pretty much this.

>Doing nothing is better than doing something
Talk about having it completely backwards.

Doing nothing will cause nothing, doing something in shitty way may cause all kinds of trouble, for you, for the person, or for anybody else, especially since lately the "progressives" are active in the background.

You know how it works.
If you are attractive she would be so pleased to hear that, since most girls are into guys that make the first step.
If you are not then you are screwed

>Doing nothing will cause nothing
So why did you even make this thread? Keep doing nothing if that's what works for you.

I don't know if I am attractive, I get reactions all over the spectrum from people all over the spectrum.

>Got out of /v/ to evade spoilers
>Gets them either way
Well, they could atleast toss out the anime hair, Vergil would look better with Wesker's hair style.

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