I can't get past bitch shields

Like the title says. I can't. I always fuck up and make it awkward. Here's the crazy part: I'm not even trying to date these bitches.

They're coworkers, and I'm just trying to make idle conversation or be friendly. But they're young and think every guy that talks to them wants to fuck them. Don't get me wrong. I've checked some of them out and if we met outside of work and they were dtf I'd tap that without question, some of these girls are pretty hot. But at work I have no ulterior motives whatsoever other than idle chit chat but their bitch shields still go up every time.

The only ones that don't do this are the ones over 30 that know what's up. Everyone else seems to have them on in perpetuity and only turn them off with male staff they know well (I'm newish, worked there for about 3 months). How the hell do I get them to tone this shit down without being direct about it since directness is just going to have them denying anything whatsoever untoward is happening.

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So, this hot women that would would totally fuck but you are not hitting on them are cold towards you, right? Stop bothering them, then! They clearly don't like you, so hang out with other people. If hyou have no ulterior motives, just hang out with some dudes.

I do, when they're there. But some days there's no one to talk to but these bitches.

Frankly, I don't believe you. I have a hard time believing that every girl at work is mean to you and that you're the victim. Logically, this just doesn't add up. You play some kind of role in your interactions with these people. After all, you are roughly 50% of that interaction. If you constantly find that people are standoffish with you then its only logical to examine what the common denominator is. The only common denominator is you.

The thing is many guys they meet do want to fuck them, and it's better to be preemptively distant and be wrong in some cases than to be chewed out for leading someone on by being friendly.

All you can do is act like you don't notice their behavior, make the majority of your comments about work, and keep the rest supersafe. Not even "what are you doing this weekend" just "going to a concert with a friend on Saturday, really looking forward to the end of this shift". Or comments about the weather. Or a joke about a customer. No "get to know you" questions.

I know you already said it's not an option but if there's anything that screams emotional investment it's making a big deal out of the way someone treats you. The best way to show you really are not interested is to take a step back and likely the ice will break over time.

So dont talk. You clearly have a phone. Shitpost silently like a normal person.

Tough break. It's sad to work with people that don't like you but if you tried your best and it didn't work, then it's not your fault, right? You didn't hit on them, but well, they don't like you even enough to have some small talk. It happens.

They don't let me use a phone.

I don't believe in 'bitch shields'. I've been a college student for years (aka met tons of young women) and i rarely experience this.

If women always seem to put up walls against you and act bitchy/unpleasant it's probably because you're creeping them out lmao.

>I always fuck up and make it awkward.
I guess this kinda explains it.

>I have a hard time believing that every girl at work is mean to you
It's not every girl.

If you want me to break it down There's this little Mexican hobbit girl that thought I wanted to date her because the some members in a different dept thought it would be funny to spread the rumor that this new guy wanted to get with this chick. So she bitched me out really hard. I literally don't even know her last name and to be frank, the idea of her little pancake titties flapping about and her tiny lumber jack neck dripping in sweat disgusts me. She's a giant drama queen who just so happened to be having an affair with some other guy in our dept. Who in turn thought the rumor was true and played up the thing he was having with hobbit lady until it blew up and someone said something and now the hobbit isnt talking to one of the older girls and idk wtf.

Now both of the chicks that hang around the hobbit lady have been acting bitchy towards me. One's fat and goes from being nice towards me when I'm minding my own business to being a bitch whenever I reciprocate. And the other one, who is by far the youngest. is just bitchy all the damn time when before she was kinda sweet.

So out of 8 girls there it's really only 3 that are the issue, the others run the gamut from neutral to cordially friendly (which is how I like it). I guess I should have been more specific and in rereading the OP it does seem like the majority or even all the women are just being cunts towards me when in reality it's just 3.

>Now both of the chicks that hang around the hobbit lady have been acting bitchy towards me.

Then you know what happened, they think you are a creep. All you can do is not be a creep and wait until they see that.

By the way, this pent up resentment makes you look like a creep.

>So out of 8 girls there it's really only 3 that are the issue
Ok. I don't mean to completely dismiss your problem as a non-issue but it seems to me like the solution is to just engage in as little contact with these people as possible. They've got some mystery stick up their asses about something and its literally not your problem. I bring this perspective as someone who has worked security at bars and events for years. My job is literally to walk around and make people mad at me. You gotta shrug this shit off. If they aren't doing anything that clearly and distinctly cross the line of professional conduct you're just going to have to learn to live with the fact that a small handful of people don't like you.

Well it's goddamn annoying. I just want to have a pleasant conversation and I can't because this dyed hair, acne faced goblin she-bitch decided to listen to the comedic ramblings of a glorified dishwasher.

I mean ffs. I thought I could maybe make some damn friends, maybe laugh at some shit together or something, but nooooooo.

This is bullshit is what this is.

>I thought I could maybe make some damn friends, maybe laugh at some shit together or something, but nooooooo

You have 5 girls and I don't know how many guys that can be your friends. Getting hung up on this makes me think you actually were trying to get on her pants on something and it backfired. I don't understand why you are so bitter if you really don't care about her.

Because she's clearly talking shit about me behind my back and I don't know how to handle it.

>Well it's goddamn annoying.
Well, that's life, unfortunately. Gonna have to deal with it, OP. I appreciate that you're not super happy with your work environment and all the people in it but that is an issue that nearly everybody has to learn to work around. Like I said, you have to learn to shrug this shit off. 3 people not liking you isn't the end of the world.

Don't be a rage whore like you are being right now. Be the better man, show people that you are not what the rumors say.


Stop wanting things from people and they'll stop disliking you.

People can sense when you want something from them; women moreso have better sensors and like you JUST admitted the reason for you talking to them is cause you want to have sex with them.

But I don't. There's literally only one that I find attractive and she's waaaayyy too young for me in my opinion. The other two are a mexican indian hobbit without a neck and a fat land whale.

here's my general rule of thumb, don't talk to people at work and this won't happen. You're there to earn a paycheck, not socialize and to be fair to you half the people at your work if what you describe is accurate sound like shitty people. If it's that much of an issue to you I'd just start looking for a new job and start fresh, co-workers make terrible friends and can fuck you over at your job if you get to close to them so why even risk it?

also continuing off of what I said, unless it's affecting your ability to do your job you shouldn't confront them or say anything to them at all, they've made their mind up about you, there's not much you're going to be able to do to change it, trying to intervene more is going to make the problem worse. On the off chance that their behavior is affecting your ability to do your job somehow I would just file a formal complaint to HR or whoever handles that, if you go to HR first and everything is recorded that looks much better for you if they decide to get back at you and file a fake sexual harassment complaint or try to come up with some other bullshit way to get you fired. Otherwise cut your losses.

maybe they just dont like you. or maybe theyre assholes. probably the second one desu. corporate bitches are awful. just dont talk to them i guess

>women see some creepy guy
>intuitively know that he is the type of guy to go online and call them bitches repeatedly
>want nothing to do with him

Maybe be a decent respectful human being and people will treat you as such?

>Maybe be a decent respectful human being and people will treat you as such?
You'd think so but you'd be wrong.

Reading this thread makes me hate you to you fucking punk.

Why? He is naive to think you can make friends at work but other than that he hasn't done anything worth being an asshole.

You got to let those bitches be bitches, they’ll only drag you down with their high maintainince bullshit.

I can 2nd this, the world doesn’t follow the golden rule.

You sound annoying just stop talking to them and mind your own business

I'm sorry about all of the garbage advice and agitation that you've been receiving in this thread so far. It's just what happens here. You have to open up about your emotional problems to ask for advice, only to have people use that knowledge against you.

Normally I would suggest confronting them, but with you so obviously being such an excitable person that may end badly until you learn to control it. And you probably won't learn to control it if you keep getting showered with negative feedback.

Perhaps it would be better to stop suppressing the anguish and let the other person see how negatively this is affecting you, when they treat you without enough dignity to talk about the weather. But then again they might act like the posters in this thread and use it as an opportunity to dunk on you. So best not to do it at your workplace. Try it the next time it's done to you by a stranger you'll never meet again. She might even explain what it is about you that made her do it. Or you can figure that out with a shrink/group therapy, which cost money.

Finally, "bitch shield" sounds like """dating guru""" vernacular. Toss that material in the bin where it belongs. Don't poison your mind any further.