I stopped doing dxm, dph, alcohol and porn and my life is going to shit, I am failing two university courses and now I have a job IDK what will happen when my dad Finds out, I feel like shit and dont study because I feel like shit

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I'd suggest seeking help from your college; they should have some counseling service there. I had a rough first semester in college, and counseling was the only thing that helped me.

Courses can be taken again. Most people fail at least one course throughout their years as an undergrad.

If you don't like your degree, switch.

If you don't have any motivation, try to find what you want to do with your life by trying new things.

It's never too late until you are literally dead.

Call your fucking dad and explain that you stopped doing DXM, DPH, and drinking, because you were becoming an addict and need more help than you can handle on your own.

Trust me, he'll be mad, but he's gonna feel a shitton better that his son is coming to him for help instead of becoming a total fucking washout, which you absolutely are if you've become reliant on goddamned over the counter cold medicine.

Get some help dude, now is the time. As someone who was homeless at one point, get the help sooner rather than later, especially in school where it's "free."

Its a small private college with no such thing

Ive failed one already :/

I already had that talk with him but only about alcohol and I just replaced it with drugs Now if I do it twice it feels like im so useless and retarded
Im 18 soon to be 19 And I feel like lifes too much for me

What degree you in Copernicus?


What will happen if your old man finds out?

nothing except he will have to pay a shit ton of money for the courses I fail because im in a private law school

He will also try to get me to stop going to work but I love working as a legal assistant Is the only thing that makes me happy and proud

I want to take less courses next semester maybe that will solve some issues

at least im not on drugs right now

Huh? I thought you could pay for the course at the end of the semester. If you could drop the course, I am sure the late fee is substantially lower than paying for the entire course.

How many courses are taking this semester and how many are you passing?

I live in central america, cant pay like that for the courses
Im taking 5 days per week which is the standard and last time I failed one and now im probably failing 2.
But last year I passed all of them all year

I feel like such a loser Ive never felt this bad before.
But at the same time i understand its not like im dying or somethkng (well I was killing myself when I did drugs)

Its also ironic that now Im not using anything My academic life is falling apart

You said you failed one right? Pass the other four, quit cold turkey. Would you rather be homeless or have a warm place to go home to? Normally I would give advice on seeing the school counselor but you seem pretty set in your ways. I guess fear is the only way to light a fire up your ass.

I failed one last four month period of courses (we dont use semesters here)
Now Im scared this period I will fail 2

Theres no school counselor in my uni

Fuck are you doing? Putting a thumb up your ass? How is it last year you passed all 5 but this year you are struggling this badly? You cut off all the vices in your life and yet you are struggling? How does that work?

I never really studied, this is the second year of the career and shits getting harder. Also Ive been completely sober for only two weeks

Only sober for two week because I got my driving license, so I got a Job

When did the school year start? And what do you mean you never studied? How the fuck do you go to university but don't study? Are you retarded?

This january started the second school year. Last year I passed every course except one.

I dont know I never studied before because I was always drunk or slacking off or addicted to porn.
But now this year started with OTC drugs so Yeah But now im not consuming ANYTHING
I feellike going crazy and alm my responsabilities suddenly hit me like a truck

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how do I fix my life, I feel like im waking up from a dream to people I dont even know

Oh, you’re one of those who think drugs and alcohol is an enhancer and want someone to say that it’s okay to be a functional addict.

You burned 70+ days only gotten sober in the last stretch of the semester. Failed on already and are on the verge of failing another. Have no school counselor and are now clear of mind.

As someone who is always clear of mind and not a retard, I would tell you to study your ass off right now and try to salvage whats left of this shitfest of a semester.

-Go to the tutorials
-Ask questions if you don't understand anything
-Go to every lecture and take notes
-Immediately go to the library and write the chapter note in the book, then combine that note with the previous lecture note
-Search online to lecture slides if you don't understand something from a different university
-Meditate to calm yourself down
-Use the pomodoro technique to study, which is to study for 25 minutes consecutively and then take a 5 minute break.
-Drink plenty of water and during your 5 minute break do some light cardio to get the blood pumping

The rest is up to you. Either you take this seriously and pull this out of your ass or you fail and could be homeless if your father is tired of your shit. Good luck.

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If that was true I wouldnt be sober right now for two weeks

Addicts have been sober for longer... keep at it.

Thanks I really needed this post

im capable of this