She gave me her number

>she gave me her number

What now? Should I call tonight? Tomorrow evening? What'sUp first?

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dont call her wtf

Fuck waiting the next day or that shit, call her right now user and set up a date. Fuck are you going to twiddle your thumbs and wait for day break to call her? You got time now romeo, sack up and be a man.

try texting first

why not? is that not good enough for getting pussy? is it "weird"? fuck it just call her OP who gives a shit what a woman thinks dont listen to this faggot. you'll drive yourself insane thinking about what is the "right" move with women. theres no right move its like playing chess with a squirrel

>its like playing chess with a squirrel

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Why not both?
First, text her "I'm going to call you in five minutes. Charge your phone just in case."
Then send another text when only a minute remains, saying "Steel thyself, sister."

It's unique, you gotta give me that at least. Made it up just now, so no idea if it'll work or creep her out. Why don't ya try it out for me?

I will call. I left a very short txt and will call later. She is one of those that tests those things and if you hit the right 'buttons' like a rhythm game. She called me out for stalling to ask for her number.

If you are good looking, send a selfie of you smiling. It does work. Say thinking of you.

First of all, these days, young people text first.
Second of all, don't overthink this shit or you will come across as awkward and needy.
Text her when you have the time, feel like it and have thought of something you wanna text.
Do what you want, not what you think she wants.

she's a tease, abort


Dorky. I kinda like that and would totally answer in hopes you could keep it up.

I believe so. I will go with it and calls her. Meet for coffee to see for myself.

>theres no right move its like playing chess with a squirrel
Lmao, very true though. The only thing you can do is be a man, be confident and don't overinvest into a girl too early on. Everything else will come natural if she's into you, she won't make it harder than it already is.
And don't even start searching for meaning or hidden signs in her texts, reactions etc. If you have to ask on Jow Forums you're overthinking it.

Dont text, calling her will put her on the spot making it more likely she will accept

having to put someone on the spot to make them accept does not bode well for a date.

Be a man and do whatever feels right.

She doesn’t seem very intelligent. I’m a woman and I never understood why do women do those tests. It’s nuts. Why not just enjoy your time? Why waste time analysing every single thing

Not him,

Yeah, can you eelaborate please.

I never had a relationship so i am clueless about these stuff. But i seem to be doing something wrong because it always feels like i am doing somethign wrong when texting. Like open up too soon or message too eagerly. Maybe they are not interested in me, but i dont want to disregard the chance that it would have worked if i didnt misstep.

text right away, then call whenever you think you need to talk again.

wtf is up with this board and calling to set up dates? Is this a non-American thing?