WHen did you realise you are not unique?

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Never happened, I'm all of the above.

Around 6, but took many years to really understand how insignificant my life is, no matter my success and failures.

uniqueness is subjective
though we all bleed and shit our blood and shit contains a unique DNA
it's all simply how you want to view the world and what brings you the better comfort or means of operation

never because im very unique

I never assumed I was.

First year of engineering when everyone was valedictorian in their high school

I actually had the opposite experience and realized I am actually unique and it is why I have been so depressed. It actually gives me some relief I don't have to blame myself for everything anymore.

same lol deviated truth boys unite

Whatever helps you sleep at night


I am a weirdo and it has caused many problems in my life. I supposed you could say that I found out years ago that I wasn't unique in any beneficial way.

this is something an average person would say cuz average faggots always believe this shit about not thinking you're better than other ppl, which is a belief that doesnt work out when u actually are better than other ppl

fuck off with your negativity

everyone's unique

Sometime around 7 or 8.

i agree. for love this is very important. once you leave or lose someone you slowly realize wow, there will NEVER be anyone even close to them in my life. they are a unique appearance in your life. so when you have someone you really want to keep, you shouldn't take them for granted and try your best to stay with them.

if you think 'i am not unique' what you are really saying is 'i cannot be loved' or 'why would someone love me when they can love someone else just like me', on some level..

Being better than someone is only a social aspect. Is there really something wrong with killing someone if you remove morals? No, we are a tiny ass spectacle on a rocky watery planet. So no, no one is unique.

lol, I was gonna post this. First year in my engineering major. Huge hit to my self esteem to realize I was dumber than the average student by quite a bit.

Not who you replied to but Its okay user. We all learn at different speeds. A lot of the students that seemed like geniuses I knew burned out after the first semester and I was actually excited for my next classes.


>Being better than someone is only a social aspect.
Only it isn't just social. There are very real differences between people and their abilities to do things, including survive.
>Is there really something wrong with killing someone if you remove morals?
Yes, because even without 'morality', Life is still precious.
>No, we are a tiny ass spectacle on a rocky watery planet. So no, no one is unique.
Just because something is small, doesn't mean it isn't unique.
Take your balls for example, yours are really tiny but contain very unique dna.

Proof? I mean, I get that NPCs follow pretty similar lives so if that's what you mean, sure

Middle school. Realized I was slightly more self aware than the other kids in the nerd and loser circle. Helped me realize I wasn't above anyone and made a whole slew of friends in highschool from all different circles and a few friends in college as well.

But if everyone is unique then nobody is.

How does that follow

Women definitely aren't, they all have the same hobbies and are always interested in the same guys which is why PUA works.


few days ago. I have autism, assburgers and depression. On the other hand, I'm good at history, mathematics and advanced computer stuffs

>"Hello, I'm unique."
>"Me too."
>"I am also unique."
>"Same here."
>"Hey sup guys, I'm a unique kinda guy."
>"As am I."
>"Unique person coming through!"

You see where I'm going here?

Well, yes. When unique is the sole identifier for individuals involved, then sure that works. But most people who think they're "unique" don't identify as such, and instead use it to mark a state of possessing a unique set of traits, instead of simply being "unique." Even if they were, everyone saying they're unique doesn't preclude them from actually being unique. That'd be like saying no one is human because everyone identifies as such

Two different things. Being human means having a certain biology. Being unique means being extraordinary, someone standing out from the norm. When everyone is unique, it becomes the norm.

That's an interesting definition of "unique." What you're describing is more like "special" or "extraordinary" but not something that is the only one of its kind. Furthermore, there is no inherent definition of what "human" involves, and so there is no inherent norm. By virtue of having a certain biology they are unique. Even genetic clones will mature differently and be unique individuals

>Furthermore, there is no inherent definition of what "human" involves, and so there is no inherent norm.

Wrong. Like every other species, humans have a certain set of biological rules such as the number and composition of our chromosomes.

>That's an interesting definition

It's not. Unique is a term of rarity. One of a kind is also unique. My point here is that the mindset that everyone is unique is a feelgood catchphrase much like everyone is a winner. It cheapens the meaning of the word and strokes the egos of people who are different in such tiny ways that everyone would say "big whoop".

I agree that it implies a sense of "special" when used as a positive attribute, but, unless you deny biological variation, then people are unique simply because they have different biologies. Yes, there is some overlap of course.
The first definition on Google (not my favorite source, but I agree with it) is "being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else."
So yes. The way the word is used as an ego boost is silly, but each person is actually unique in a literal sense

I don't need to tell you how unique I am; my actions (and distinct physical appearance) speak for themselves

Yes, but big whoop. Take LEGO for example. All heads of a certain print must be printed perfectly or it gets discarded. Misprinted heads are extremely rare and fans both demand and pay crazy prices for them in the secondary market. But for the rest of us their Silmarils are some smudged/defective little pieces of plastic from some kids' toy that you can find in any store. Big whoop.

>I don't need to tell you how unique I am; my actions (and distinct physical appearance) speak for themselves
so basically, you're a faggot

Actually, scientifically speaking, you are unique. This is apparent in DNA, fingerprints, etc. Are you insignificant compared to billions of other individuals? Maybe, but that's no reason to not has a sense of self-confidence, which seems to be the problem with yourself, OP. Believing that you are capable of deviating from the normal standard of human accomplishment isn't being irrational or a "snowflake". It just means that you set your standards higher than most.

people like you are the main reason our world's going to shit. i.e Women believe they're more unique than DiRtY mEn

I'm not sure what "big whoop" means but so long as you're not denying biological variance, or unique manifestations of the human form, then whatever you say. Your problem stems from importance, which is derived from a relative standpoint (i.e. social validation). So if someone says they're unique, they aren't wrong, but for them to think that makes them *important* is goofy.

Also, I want to say I don't think comparing biological organisms to mass produced plastic is very genuine

I kinda am unique. If nothing else; I have more money than like 99% of people and just living like that makes it impossible to relate to normies.

You are whatever you believe you are. The universe will manifest around you according to your thoughts.

When everyone is trying to achive the same goals

I haven't. Life would be unbearable. Even more than it currently is.

>People can do
All we HAVE to do is hunt to eat and drink water. Everything else is social.
Everything you said was moral. Morals were created by us and in the grand scheme don't matter.
>unique DNA
Except that anything down to the molecular and atomic level aren't the same. Being exactly the same actually creates something unique. That's a real phenomenon.
Don't really give a shit if you realize it now or later. No one is unique it's all social and pointless.
>gives life meaning

>Life is precious
We don't know if there is an entire Galaxy filled with life everywhere so no I don't think it is. But also that's social. Every point you made was social.

Big whoop is the same as big deal. It means the thing in question is not impressive. What does something being very genuine mean?

You're kinda right about inability to relate and that is why intellectual properties are tanking so consistently nowadays. How did you become so rich?

Everyone is unique but the things that make us unique are pointless
What matters isn't unique and you should be glad of that

But I am. I'm the best :3

kys, swiftly.