Would any femanon be willing to to edate me provided youre ok with my looks and personality?

would any femanon be willing to to edate me provided youre ok with my looks and personality?

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She doesn't exist, turn back now, you'll waste precious years of your life chasing esex and this will continue even when you get an egirl

You shouldn't want this. But I get it. But if this is something you really want I'll say this from experience; try Omegle. I personally like the 'youtube' tag. It gives a decent ratio of younger girls, and people less likely to skip you. I've made a few acquaintances from omegle. Actually been keeping up a pen pal type relationship with a girl from peru for over a year now. Tagless is good too, just can get pretty annoying with bots and there's a lot of dudes jerking off.

Wrong board, you want Jow Forums

Not this again sweetie ;_;



I'll consider it... take a picture of your balls and post it on /soc/
I'll wait

not doing this

Post pic and a bio on a discord/rate thread hotlink here so we can judge you too

This is me:
I like books, programming, music, and fitness. im a neet making ends meet by doing landscaping and other odd jobs for people in the neighborhood

You look like a cutie, but I did request balls.

Are you a blue eyed blond?

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my eyes are green :3

Cuute ( ˘ 3˘)
But I don't really like ldr
I'd talk though

yea me neither... just a fatal clause. Just gonna drop my discord and play it as it comes.
red# four nine one seven

please add me

Please dont let this be possible..

I'm having to muster every moral fibre I have available to resist adding you and pretending to be the girl you crave to love. I am a male (male)


i didnt get a request

thanks bro u're a good friend

fuck, dyslexia, now added