In love with two women. One I've had a long term relationship with, the other gets along with me in every way, shape...

In love with two women. One I've had a long term relationship with, the other gets along with me in every way, shape, and form. Can't bring myself to choose because they both hold a place in my heart.

What should I do bros? Suicide? Legitimately need help. Please.

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Stop being so pathetic. You already had a relationship with one, why did it end and will things be different now?

Didn't end. I am seeing both in secret.

I'd guess the long term one because they've proven their loyalty, that they're mentally stable enough to hold on to a relationship. Might be trading wife material for a quick fling.

fyi I'm a raised-by-the-internet sperg that's never had a decent LTR, I'm just responding because I feel like it. Best to wait for other responses, see what they say.

I agree with honestly.
Pretty much anything I'd say, is there.

Neither, don't cheat.

2 late

There's also the fact that I don't feel physically attracted to LTR partner, but I feel emotionally linked to her. The other I feel both attraction and emotional rustling for.

Suggest a trouple. It’s modern times, we can live as we want to.

None of them would fancy that desu, I tried suggesting it lightly here and there, as a 'joke', none of them were receptive of the idea.

Well then you are out of luck. Do a coin flip and tell them that’s how you gonna choose. See how they react and then go from there.

Obviously go for the person you are attracted to. I think you know the answer here. Why are you in a relationship with somebody you don’t find attractive

happened over time. Still love her though.

End both relationships, as someone who went through the same thing. End both start again
You'll always question your decision and you'll always regret choosing one over the other. End both and be alone for a while

If you can’t regain attraction then stop the relationship
Or end both

Convert to Islam and marry both

Read David X's Be relentless
Stop being a faggot

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This is the type of thinking that brings progress to humanity

Had the same scenario.

Ended it with my gf took a leap of faith on the side girl.

Best decision I ever made.

>man cheats
>gets all sad and plays victim
ditch the long term relationship so you don't get divorce raped; you're not capable of sustaining a marriage

It's always beat to go with your gut.
How long have you and the new girl been together?

Second one. Pick her.

Year and a half. It's incredible how stressed and unhappy I was without even realizing it when I was with my ex.