Why are quiet people usually disliked? They're just being silent

Why are quiet people usually disliked? They're just being silent.

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They are just necessarily disliked, they are just not liked.

Also quiet can be creepy.

Because it doesn’t express who they are and importantly it doesnt signal that they are safe.

Chad is trustworthy because he is expressive.

People who are uncomfortable with silence are only like this. As I get older I realize it’s better to be quiet sometimes.

How can I like you if I know nothing about you? Being tolerated and liked are different. I can tolerate working with quiet people. But im not going to go drinking with them.

Because Im ugly af and it doesn't matter

The fuck are you on about? Explain yourself.

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I am quiet because I'm ugly, people never look past that, If I express myself I further annoy people

The more quiet someone is, the more passion they have. They must sit there and not tell you to stfu while you say something that frustrates them (just an example). You want my advice? Embrace their silence. Join in on it. Instead of wondering why they are quiet, have your own original thought like they might be having right there in that moment. I can ramble on forever on this topic as I myself am quiet.

Not him, but as an ugly fat nerd i got lots of friends. No gf but i am working to it. You can do it bro

>just dont be annoying and read the room

Extroverted traits tend to be overvalued by society. People who are extroverted often take introverted traits personally, rather than understanding the differences in self expression between people. People assume quietness either implies being "stuck up" or too stupid to contribute, because extroverts can't imagine a reson to stop the noise.

They appear to have nothing to offer. People only like people because they can benefit from them. Not to say quiet people can't offer anything, what they have to offer is just not as frequently sought after.

Quiet is often seen as weak. It's as simple as that.

How can I appear beneficial to people?

Always be selling snacks wherever you go like the guys at baseball games.

quiet people aren't as fun to be around in a group

I used to work in a factory, in the morning if you didn't say good morning to everyone you met you were disliked. That was explained to me from the start and I could never work out why that was. Eventually worked out it's because everyone will think you are cold, aloof, better than everyone else, as if by not speaking to them you are implying they're not worth your effort to say good morning.

>factory worker
>don't care about my co-workers; want to do my work and then fuck off home
>always slip vodka into a drink and bring it into work
>the alcohol makes me extroverted and I end up saying hello to everybody anyways

You are so very wrong. I tend to want to chat with ugly people because they are usually really interesting and not prentious assholes about everything.
Its only weird if you just clam up and wont chat.

I’ve recently found myself in a situation when Im spending time with a lot of 18-20 year olds. That in itself isn’t strange but I have found it extremely challenging to have discussions with them because they seem to want to either say nothing, or state yes or no and run away. Bitch, just fuckin tell me your opinion so we can talk about this, we aren’t under penalty of perjury here.

Be chatty, be proud of what you think, and dont let other people's weirdness be a reflection of you.

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Be fun, you dont have to have a large personality or bombastic to be fun. Gauge the room and join in conversation where you can without being abbrasive.

Because life isn't fair

Normies are fucking stupid

Most psychos are loud chads on the outside

Maybe I'd rather remain silent than start spouting bullshit.

From the outside, shyness can look just like aloofness. You may be quiet because you have nothing to say, but it can look like you don't want to talk to them

This. Got a new coworker who's around that age and I try to make small talk to get to know them and it's always just dead-end answers and then they go in silence unless I say something else. It's annoying as hell.

Sorry for making an effort to get to know someone that I'll be working with. This is why quiet people get to be disliked.

I'm extrovert.

Silince is golden i agree with that. But for god sake, we are living in society . At first you talk shit but after you improve you speech skills you will say what is has to be said at the moment. Incuding beeing silent sometimes. What i'm trying to say. A man has got to know when to speak and when to remain silent. Silence isnt always a solution. It is like taking no action. It is a action on its own .

>it creeps me out when people don't speak
Why are women so fucking neurotic and sensitive that every little thing is creepy?

>it doesn't express who they are
Yeah it does. Being quiet expresses exactly this: the person does not wish to speak. I don't know what's hard about this.

This, being quiet is not bad and generally not looked down upon. Unless you talk to somebody and they don't respond at all, then the non-responder may be seen as rude depending on context.

And can be misunderstood.

>If I'm quiet, I'm disliked
>If I speak up, I end up disliked anyway

Well I tried.

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Not a women, also ssaid can be creepy, not always.

It can be fine to not always be chatty, but you wont get invited if you contribute literally nothing to a night out.

If you're quiet and ugly, girls will think you're a creep.

If you're quiet and good-looking, girls will think you're cute.

Why don't you want to speak?

Well adjusted people enjoy human interaction

Well. Keep on trying. But dont push any kind of conversation.

Protip. Not everyone will agree with your point of view. Especially if you are telling the truth

Can't be liked by everyone dude

the key to being a likable quiet person is speaking precisely and choosing words carefully, a lot of times when a quiet person decodes to speak it ends up just being boring or weird. you have less space in a conversation so you have to say things with impact. also making subtle noise when listening, hmms and mmns get you really far in an encounter

Fine, you dont have to speak. But in the absence of information, the mind will fill in the details. Being quiet means your plotting to hurt other people, hiding something, afraid. We do not trust you.

So go ahead and argue for your limitations.

Most complaints I get about me is that I'm too reserved and polite when they keep asking personal questions. These same people are also the sort to talk trash and gossip to everyone, so I sure as hell ain't telling them a thing. Not that it stops them from talking shit anyway.

Obviously not everyone is like that, but I'm very slow in trusting people in general.

That's fine and understandable, just wish they wouldn't blame me for not living up to their imagined expectations of how I am/should be. If I stay truthful or honest, I get disliked. If I tell them what they want, they still get prissy. Might as well just stay quiet and chip in on occasion to get them off my back if it's going to be like that.

On the bright side, solitude ain't so bad since you can devote more time into doing things you actually want.

>Being quiet means your plotting to hurt other people, hiding something, afraid.
>Plotting to hurt people

I don't think I'll ever understand that bit honestly.

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I guess being an introvert is a curse

I was abused as a child and now I have trust and emotional issues. The only cure is for someone to show me love but nobody will do it because I am quiet and creepy :(

why are you obsessed with me in such a negative way?

I don't to speak all the time. I'm not mute but I'm not captain extrovert either.

Literally nobody I know looks a quiet person and thinks they are plotting something. Worst I've heard is that they think the person is stuck up or just plain shy.

>Why are quiet people usually disliked?
They're not.

I will talk with you, tell me about yourself user.

People who are quit in general are just seen as being uninteresting. Maybe not uninteresting as persons, but to interact with.
People who say nothing while still wanting to attend social events or who just "join" a group talking and just stand there as some passive entity giving nothing back are basically social parasites that should be hanged, drawn and quartered. I'm not interested in going through the labour of trying to have an exciting, funny or interesting conversation without getting anything in return.

You can be quiet and still well liked.

I was a fairly quiet and exceptionally polite growing up, people who actually talked to me all said I was a likable person and went out of their ways to be nice to me. There was a subset of people who thought I was being purposely stabdoffish though and found that intimidating, but it was a very small one.

My problem with that group of people wasn’t that I was being quiet, it’s that I was being isolationist and, by other people’s perceptions, exclusionary.

I had another friend however that was also insanely quiet, but also one of the sweetest and most genuinely kind people you could ever meet. Everyone liked him. While he didn’t say much, He was nice to everyone, always.

People don’t dislike quiet people, they dislike it when they they feel they’re are being ignored, snubbed, or looked down upon. Past that, it’s hard to get to know someone who doesn’t actually say anything.

I'm a software engineer I am quiet but I can talk a lot of it is about the right subject. I am feeling kind of lost in my life and I don't really know what to do. I am also very lonely I tried getting help but it ended poorly now I feel like there isn't much hope.

Dont be lonely, there is always frens if you know where to look for them.

And being a software engineer huh? Thats pretty neat, i am studying to be a mechanical engineer myself. Do you have any hobbies to lift the loneliness and meet new people?

Thanks user. I do have some hobbies I was into drawing for a while although I am an amateur at it but I haven't drawn in a while. I also like going for a walk along trails I could maybe get more into hiking and meet people that way.

Ah, you can always join hiking and camping clubs than. And maybe even join in some drawing courses. Can you post sth you drew here maybe? I would like to see it..

Yeah maybe I should do something like that.

This was one of the better drawings I had but I messed up the cheek pretty bad.

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Because it's suspicious and creepy and ruins the energy of a room.

Yeah does look a bit skelly to be honest but still neat. Definitely better than anything i could draw. You should draw more and maybe take some classes where you interact people with.

I might go to bed soon (eurofag) so might not reply to your next message. If you want somebody to talk to you can leave contact or sth, or i can if the thread is up in the morning..

Yeah it wasn't great but I did have improvement with it. I don't really have an anonymous contact I guess I could make one.

Here is my kik: pgtfg

Going to bed now though..

Thanks user

They're not. Insecure people find reasons to put people down to deflect potential criticism from themselves, and quiet people are an easy target, or at least usually seem like one. Well-adjusted people don't do that and usually just think whoever is doing it is being a cunt. Take, for example, my time in football in high school a an anecdote. I didn't talk to any other players except when there was a good reason to because I'd never been friends with that crowd, but I was still well liked because people there didn't have any reason to try and find someone to put down. In that case and in many others, people find silence to be a humble quality, so long as you're willing to talk when there's a reason to, because you're not assuming everyone wants to hear all the bullshit stuff you have to say.


It takes me awhile to come out of my shell. Once I'm comfortable with someone I'll start making dumb jokes and shit like that.

They aren't disliked. Quiet people who come across as creepy are. Quiet people who don't come across as creepy aren't.

Its a subtle difference, but if you're the creepy type, you're considered awkward and incapable in social confrontations and situations. If you aren't, then you're considered intuitive, capable of talking to people when necessary, but only out of necessity.

I think thats your anxiety speaking. Quiet people arent disliked at all. I have several friends who are very quiet and our social group likes them very much. We have all been friends for over 15 years

Have you considered that you're the one who is annoying as hell? Your co-workers aren't obligated to be your friends, fuck off and let them do their job.

>Well adjusted people enjoy human interaction
In that case, fuck you and all "well-adjusted" people and whatever alleged enjoyment you find in that

>should be hanged, drawn and quartered
I wonder what you'd do to people who do actual bad things.

Kasper Gutman : You're a close-mouthed man?
Sam Spade : Nah, I like to talk.
Kasper Gutman : Better and better. I distrust a close-mouthed man. He generally picks the wrong time to talk and says the wrong things. Talking's something you can't do judiciously, unless you keep in practice.
[sits back]
Kasper Gutman : Now, sir. We'll talk, if you like. I'll tell you right out, I am a man who likes talking to a man who likes to talk

This is why the close-mouthed introvert who thinks small talk and banter are a waste of time always makes a fool of himself when it’s time to speak, despite possibly having something worthwhile to say. Communication takes serious practice.

Hahahahahahah faggot

>thinks small talk and banter are a waste of time
They are.

>quiet female
>happen to be very attractive
>people have always thought, just because I'm introverted, that I must be snobby and conceited
>have always kicked up drama to try and force me out of school groups and jobs
Neurotypicals should be lined up and shot. All I wanted was to live in peace. Kill all extroverts. Introvert uprising nao

Yeah, now imagine being kicked out of groups, not becsuse you are pretty but because you are ugly short dude. I am fine with killing extroverts but you got it lucky..

It's draining to try and talk to these people. I have one friend who will honestly just sit there in silence and not say anything in a one on one conversation, it's really awkward. Every time I talk to this person I know I have to drive the conversation and it's just not fun.

Some people like to hear themselves talk..

I once worked with an introverted girl at work at a 711. I would always say hi to her when she started her shifts when with other workers when I first met her. I was new and eventually I worked shifts with her.

>she would ignore my his and hellos never knew why
>girl was ugly as a fucking truck
>found out she was introverted. let it go
>I usually am nice to introverted/ugly people cause I know they have it rough
>started giving her the same treatment
>would stay quiet and would never say hi to her
>started noticing how quiet I got and asked me why am I so quiet
>I told her that's how I am (not really)
>feeling when she told her friend I was an asshole for not talking to her
> her friend I was cool with started giving me the cold shoulder

you fucking introvert motherfuckers better stop fucking people over. next time I won't be so nice and I'll curse you the fuck out, especially you flake fucking cunts. I fucking promise.


shut this thread down

I am introverted and I could easily talk to people about things the problem is the stuff I spend all of my time thinking about is either boring to talk about or kind of controversial and can really piss people off. I don't actually like making people mad but I'm a bit of a contrarian I guess not intentionally though. So unfortunately I keep my mouth shut a lot but I am working on talking more.

I'm a quiet person, generally. The best part is that I don't give two shits who does and doesn't like me, so I retain my peace.

They're not.

Seems like the thing you suffer from most is low self esteem. It sounds like a meme, but ugly people can still make friends and be charismatic if they don't shut themselves down first. If you are not insecure then you will come across well. This applies even if you are a fat wheel chair bound victim of severe facial scarring, so don't come back with
> but I'm really ugly tho

Making interesting chat is a skill. A good starting point is to get them to talk about themselves and hook in when relevant.

It can be kind of frustrating to draw a conversation out from a quiet person if they make literally no attempt to communicate with you. It's one thing to be shy and at least try to commit irate, and it's another to just act like no one else in the room exists. Especially if you are being forced or obligated to communicate with said quiet person for whatever reason.

Because people dislike the other and if anyone's going to complain, it isn't going to be the quiet people about the loud people. It's going to be the loud people complaining about the quiet people.

offer to suck dick, or offer to be beta.


why do fucks always have to open their mouths in the morning and say hi? this happens at my job all the time. everyone says like they haven't seen people in months.

fuck all that noise. I'm tired of saying good morning to faggot cocksuckers. even if it's a girl I like. I dont say hi/good morning/how are you its so fucking repetitive and needy

Just do your fucking work and if you want to have a conversation just walk up to me. you dont need to say hi everyday. It gets annoying

be yourself

They are boring and they lower the energy.

If you're quiet and people dislike you, it's probably not because you're quiet. It's probably because you either seem creepy or you look like a kid who could open fire at any time.

Only male silent people are disliked, because they're usually assumed to be incels or other creeps that never learned how to socialise.
Unless they're good looking. Then they're 'that mysterious hunk'.
Female 'silent people' are considered cute and mysterious, etc.

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case closed