General help. Down on my luck

So here's my life in a nutshell
>be me
>BA sociology
>live with dad yet pay rent
>on probation for 6 mo or 1 yr if I mess up
>no gf
>no friends
>not in shape
> 5' 11" - around 6'
>about 165 skinnyfat
>no skills
>no professional work experience
>7.5/10 face
>unusually confident
>generally loud
>not enough money to move out
>no car
>fastfood job

Hey adv
Wondering if anyone has any advice to generally improve the quality of my life provided the circumstances I posted above. If you want to know more info about me feel free to ask. Thanks.

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No car?!? Dude you need to have a some wheels and better job. What was your charge you caught?

a car wouldnt really be a necessity because, fortunately, I live in the Northeast and public transportation is great where I live ( a car would make life so much more enjoyable though. I just can't afford one.)
A better job on the other hand would be great right now.

It is an attempted theft charge.

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Beaters cost 3-5k. I’d use your fast food experience and call it customer service. No issue to lie on resume just be presentable.

At the end of the month I make just over 1k. If i were to but a car, I would have to pay insurance, gas and everything else involved. It is way out of my price range.
As for jobs, I am really scared to apply anywhere since I am on probation and I know that would make it very difficult to find a new job. I could always lie and say I have never been arrested but if they run a background check and find out that I am on probation I am pretty sure I would be fired.
One clause of my probation is that I must maintain employment. So if I do find a new job and get fired, I would be unemployed and my probation officer would file a violation which would then force me to serve 1 year of probation. And if I continue mess up I could end up incarcerated.

Lay low OP. Times are hard now but look at this as an obstacle to go through. Keep your nose clean and stay out of trouble Man for the next 6 months. Fucking jail is no joke. 6 months will fly by then you can apply elsewhere.

You are right. Getting thrown in to jail would be the worst that could happen right now and not going to jail is easily my top priority.

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> be me
>19 years old
>once called a "genius"
>got accelerated twice
>top of the class everything
>discovered league of legends
>pretty much made my high school life yolo lol because of it
>dropped out of college(that was 5 years ago, I was at college at 14)
>be 19 year old NEET with failing relationship with medtech girlfriend
>having suicidal urges everytime I wake up
>lurking at /adv

>>BA sociology

Go back to school and get your six year degree. I'd start there.

>basically just playing league almost everyday(roughly 6/7 days)
>my mom doesn't know i dropped out
>she left me a kinda 7/10 house for me to live in alone
>god i always feel so useless
>my old classmates are either graduates or have jobs
>those stupid faggots who cheated my college algebra quiz/exam answers
>shoplifting makes me forget all these dreadful stuff because the feeling of doing something illegal and not get caught is 10/10
>idk what to do with my life :(

you're a genius
you'tr a moba gamer
get your crew together
plan a heist

desu user i'm thinking about it. breaking in a neighbor's house. I live in a decent subdivision. Could rip off some homes I think. But all of this is just "planning" and "thinking" no real action.... because muh duprussion

At least you are bright and young you have a lot to look forward to
Sort of hard to do that considering I pay rent and practically support myself. Also, I have bad credit so I dont know how I would be able to go back to school.
Yea shoplifting is fun. Until you get caught, arrested, and screw your record up. Shoplifting may seem juvenile but it can lead to a jail or land you in probation like me. So be careful.
Even worse idea. Planning a "heist" would get you a prison sentence.
That could easily get you arrested for burglary at worst. If not, attempted burglary, evading police, breaking and entering, trespassing, and possession of burglary tools.
If you are caught for breaking in to atleast one home and get caught for burglary, that would be a felony. Considering it is your first charge you would probably be let off on probation. But if you end up violating probation you could do jail or prison time.

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I'm 30 with a BA in Sociology but I make 75k writing code, lull, took me about a year to learn though and from there years of experience to earn what i earn.

Could you tell me how you learned and dont give me the usual "i learned online" response

Down on your luck huh... and what about the person you stole from? Did you care about them being down on their luck?

What’s on your background? Most employers will do an evaluation on a case by case basis, and will rarely not push your Background through based on the situation. Typically things like Assault, Domestic Voilence, and Felony drug charges will not be pushed through. Anything else will be decided depending on your situation. This is most always the case with local companies. Some national companies may have more restrictions. You’ll be surprised what you’ll find. Don’t be scared to at least apply.

Working out and getting your diet in order would be good. Pretty much all other aspects of your life would improve with that.
Being fit means you feel mentally and physically good. Just makes everything much easier.

>be me, 27
>massive procrastination issues since beginning of university, procrastinate all assignments and studying by wasting whole day in the internet with things that interest me more than the fields I study but cannot bring money, like literature theory etc
>Growing depressive episodes because many exams failed obviously, feel like worthless piece of shit
>If I dont have do start by myself I am good, like courses where you are in the lab all day working on the subject and thus learning, the few days of preparation for those exams I manage because Im invested. everything that requires longer planing is hell
>if I fail enough and get depressed I usually stop contacting anyone and dont leave my room anymore, either spending time on the internet or having Obsessional Thoughts or Ruminations, break off contact because hearing phone ring etc leads to panic attacks because Im reminded of my shitty situation
>barely make it through bachelor because of help from my parents who usually came to me after not hearing for months and then literally studied with me
>uni psych counselor says make behavioral therapy, my mother says no because runin with psychotherapy might lead to be included in lists of crazy people,so worse off in insurance stuff, might not get certain jobs like working in high risk lab etc so I dont make the therapy
>fast forward to master, contrary to my expectations still not mastered the problem
>pass all the special subjects with lab work as described above
>pass none of long term lectures with massive amount of stuff do learn on my own
>Get fired from TWO master places where I wanted to write thesis due to working mistakes
>flee in internet fantasy worlds the worse it gets to distract me, grow more and more depressed and anxious
>tell parents everything is going well because I dont want to show them yet another breakdown and am afraid they are loosing patience
>mother does massive pressuring because I get to old 1|2

i really did though, though a friend kind of told me what to learn first and I learned things in order from there. HTML, CSS, Javascript, some backend language, Mysql databases

That's the order you do it in. You can whine about it or do it. It takes a while to get your first job but you can make it.

>mother does not believeI have depression,does not understand what procrastination really means in my case (sometimes go two days without food because I cant get out of room, shower etc)
>cant tke pressure,think I can still pass the exams with rigourous, herculean effort in one semester and then say i need just a bit more for the thesis, so lie that everything goes according to plan and ill graduate in may, lie to my father and brother as well, scared of being seen as failure
>big surprise, flunk exam, get kicked out of second master place even though promised mother it would nothappen again
>nocontact.exe, hide in room searching escape
>panic attacks whener I hear anithing,little food since i seldom can leae room

plan is to commit self to psychiatry tomorrow mornign so I hae something to show, hopefully they realise then that it really was serious and Ididnt lie on purpose or maliciously. what do you think ,any other ideas?

Hah you sound exactly like me. I'm undergrad but I get daily texts from mom "Are you graduating in May? Please please say yes." and I lie every time. When it turns out I'm not graduating I am fucked. I hate myself and want to die but I'm not going to kill myself. I don't know what I'm going to do honestly. I try my best but the dread is making it hard to focus and sabotaging my grades/social life/health. Shit sucks. I keep positive though and every day I just try to do my best with what I have even though I basically checkmated myself months ago and can't fix it.

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college, apprenticeships, etc. are all still a very good option, you just need to go out and do something with your life

It sounds like you need to try going to an easier school. Theres tons of diploma mills everywhere. At least you would be able to show your family you did something
The answer above might work for you too
That sounds difficult to do on my own. I dont know where to get started.
This is something I wish I could do. I used to be in decent shape. Now that I have a fastfood job and need yo buy everything outside because my family hardly feeds me it impossible to get in shape.
It is a felony charge. And I am currently on probation. I am sure that would pop up on any background check

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>7.5/10 face
>unusually confident
You'll be alright. Just go into the trades.

another user, i'd like to start writing code, can you be a bit more in depth? sorry if it's too much to ask, the steps to take, etc. a small guide. if it's not too much to ask.

Do you have any experience in skilled labor? Any tips?

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