At what point should I stop taking care of my grandparents? I've been doing it for 15 years and it's only getting worse...

At what point should I stop taking care of my grandparents? I've been doing it for 15 years and it's only getting worse. My grandmother is a packrat and has made the house barely livable due to all her furniture and decorations. She constantly shits on the floor and since neither of them can bend over, I have to clean it up. Anytime I have to fix something, I have to move 20 some odd decorations or pieces of furniture out of the way first in order to do it. Neither of them bathe, so when they use the toilet, they leave literal shit on the seat. The living conditions are terrible. The sad part is is that neither of them feel bad about it or feel like there needs to be a change. I don't know what to do.

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Send them to nursing home. They are not your problem. Just give them good bye. If i was old and did this to my grandkids i would kill myself. No joke.

Send them to a home or hire a nurse, if you can afford it. My grandma was the same way but with severe dementia, the family all chipped in to hire a nurse to take care of her while she lived at my house.

Time to take over power of attorney and lock them up in a dingy old folks home.
Sell their old house and live like a king.


Also once you sell the house take pictures off all of their possessions in a dumpster. Tell them it was all for nothing and now their collections and hoardings will decompose next to baby diapers and trash.

I know this is the logical option, but I feel terrible sending them to one of those places and they'll never agree to it.

my father is getting to the age where he forgets. He told me when he was drunk that if he will ever forget my name and will shit his pants i have to go to garage and get his old shotgun and shot him in woods. His friends even agreed that if i wont do it they will do it. Insane motherfucker.

Tell them that you’re taking them out to the cracker barrel. Tomorrow is turkey And gravy day, old people will never say no to cracker barrel.

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Leave them to roy in a hole like the filthy animals they are.

We had a cat that pissed on the floor. So my mother took the cat and dipped it a bit in the piss and the cat never pissed again on the floor.
I guess GIF kinda kinda related

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The Japanese have a word for this...

First, a family would choose an elder, usually a woman, to “do away” with. Carrying her on his back, the old woman’s son would hike to a mountain peak as she grabbed pieces of twigs and limbs from nearby trees and dropped them on the ground.
These small markers would form a trail for her son to follow when he returned from the mountain peak, indicating that those abandoned chose to participate in the ritual, sacrificing their own lives for the long-term well-being of the family.

Once they reached the summit, the son would leave his mother and begin his descent from the mountainside. The old woman would do nothing more than wait alone night after night, until eventually meeting her demise due to starvation, dehydration, or hypothermia, or a particularly horrific combination involving all of the above.
Not all legends had old women carried to the mountaintops; some families opted to desert their loved ones deep within a heavily wooded area. The variation in location comes because the main objective was to position their elderly in a location where food, shelter and human contact would prove scarce if not impossible and eventually guarantee death — albeit a slow and painful one

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If neither of them are willing to cooperate then it's time to send them to a home or hire a nurse. Preferably send them to a home, fix up their current one, and take it as yours

Be sure to take pictures of all of the empty rooms, empty of their cherished possessions...

as long as you can give them a life with a minimum quality of living conditions without seriously selfharming your finances or health. Beyond that point thy need nursecare or send them to a home

Don’t feel bad, there are other elderly people there they can socialize. My grandma was way happier in an assisted living home than with me

Take them to a home where they can be properly cared for.

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At least at a home they wont put up with them shitting on the floor like the pushover bitch OP is.

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Take them to the dr. And sell allof their things.

Fulfill your responsibilities until they eventually pass from age. You sound like an awful grandson, and somebody who will be alone once it becomes your time to pass away too

reality is you can't supply the care they need and it will only get worse. You are a good person for even trying. And it is shitty of them to put you in this situation, but it is what is best for everyone, and your relationship will actually get better when you can just visit with them, and share pleasant memories. try and upsell them like it is semindependant or like a condo. They really only give them the help they actually need, so its not that bad.
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To answer your question, you stop sometime after they're dead, when the estate is cleared up and you've paid for the graves.

If you can afford it (or if the city/county/state provides it, get a home help for them, to clean up and keep an eye on them. If they resist, present it to them as just a maid and say the city is paying for it.