How do I stop believing in god?

How do I stop believing in god?

It’s brain cancer.

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That's kind of extreme...
Who cares if you do or not. Just don't be a dick about it either way

Believing in god is for the weak and/or stupid.

Religion has been the feeding ground of wars, murder, rape, torture and abuse. Many many people have lost there life due to this and many of those people didn't deserve it.

It isn't brain cancer, it's world cancer. And you supporting it just keeps the tumor alive.

There, hope you consider.

Of all the theories on origin, god is the most boring and simplest one

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I belive that if i kill myself i will go to haven and get 72 loli's

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>tips fedora

I'd rather die in a war for something I believe in than live my life as a slave (both mentally and physically) in a godless society like so many people do today. Anyways lets not act like religion was the reason for any war at all lmao

What about Buddhism ? Arent they like super beta or some shit?

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Religion was an excuse. They might have found other reasons to do evil anyway. Still I dodge religion cause even today pedo priests abuse their power to touch young boys. I don't want to be part of that.

Fuck, theist - 1 atheist - 0

Exactly, it was an excuse.

Pedo priests is a much smaller problem than it's made out to be, and exclusive to Catholic religion. There's other religions. I'm religious and when you think about it a little, you realize that religion isn't just believing in God and going to church. It's a social frame thats helps maintain societies. It teaches values and ideas that your parents might not be able to teach you, it sets rules to live by. The alternative is modern western countries, a bunch of identityless rootless cosmopolitans who believe in nothing and, in consequence, gobble up any retarded idea that is shoved in their face.

Even if you don't believe in the supernatural aspects of religion, you can still appreciate it's usefulness.

Killing yourself is a sin user

you are lucky.
i wish i could believe in god

Well we dont know if god exist, even einstein believed in god. I believe in this

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You don't have to stop believing in the gods. Just stop assuming that the Jewish god from the desert is the default one. The cult of yahwey the jew god is the problem.

After my divorce I had sort of a love affair with weed for a few years and that's how I "dumped" my addiction to my religion. I was born in southern America and the majority of the religious options down there are Christianity-based. Baptist, First baptist, catholic, Presbyterian, etc...

I began by being bored and stoned one day and going down a google rabbit hole and doing some historical research. I wanted to learn about Christianity's origin, learned about other religions BEFORE Christianity and how it went through and wiped out a lot of them and also adopted some of it's time period, names and customs for itself to make them more easy for peasants and shit to identify with and integrate into the collective fold.

(For example: Easter, or Ishtar's history: )

(Another example is the use and symbolism of the Christmas Tree: )

and after I learned about more of the dark side of Christianity, such as the holy crusades and fighting over stupid superstitious shit with other religions, I started to dig dipper. I dug until I hit dinosaur bones. Neanderthal bones. Science. A simple question popped into my head - If we have proof and physical evidence of Dinosaurs, and we know that they didn't exist WITH humans, then why are they not mentioned anywhere in the bible? Unicorns are, oddly enough - but where are the dinos? I never could get anybody to answer this.

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>If we have proof and physical evidence of Dinosaurs, and we know that they didn't exist WITH humans, then why are they not mentioned anywhere in the bible? Unicorns are, oddly enough - but where are the dinos? I never could get anybody to answer this.

Quit the weed man, it's making you retarded. Why would the Bible mention animals that existed millions of years ago ? I'm not Christian but afaik it mostly talks about humans

I also looked at the physical bible itself. It says it's the "King James" version, right? Who WAS King James? Why should I trust what some old dude with (probably) his own reasons and ulterior motives for translating the "correct" version of the bible. What version of the OG bible did they translate from in the first place? The dead sea scrolls? The Muslim bible? Was it a collection of scrolls or old books or stories that were condensed into one? Where are those things now? Lost to time?

We have evidence of other "books" and chapters that have been written FOR the bible, but edited out. Is the bible not the word of God? Why edit out what God wanted us all to know? What missing stories and chapters were left out of the King James version? Why?

So I went down THAT rabbit hole too. Lots of tin foil hats, lots of pseudoscience, lots of religious-based arguments, etc.

I could rant forever and spend all damn day with my findings and my "spiritual quest", but the TL;DR of it, is that I realized that an organized religion is basically your belief in SOMEONE ELSE'S experience with God. Being open minded and spiritual means that you basically have your OWN experience with God.

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Seriously quit the weed, you sound like a particularily stupid child who just read his first book

think about all the things that exist on this planet and then look back at our depictions of the creator of the entirety of the universe. it's a human. that makes no sense. it could just have been a tree or a squirrel or some bacteria if we're rolling with something from this planet.

"In the first sip of science is atheism. At the bottom of the glass is god"

- A guy that lived it and was smarter then you

Who said God is a human ? The image of God you have of an old man with a beard is exclusive to western societies and I'm pretty sure it comes from Renaissance faggots insisting on painting God. We muslims never depict God because you can't depict something transcendental

think about all the stupid rules that come with religion, why would you follow something so meaningless but also restrictive in the way you live. it can also make you feel guilty if you mess up.

also evolution? we are just lucky in that we we born into intelligent beings, now use that intelligence of yours to realise you are just a physical machine with thoughts(sorry i sound rly aggressive). also think about how pigs n shit r also concious because we r all just biological beings and nothing more

I was just assuming it was a western belief of god. most depictions of god in the US are of either jesus or an old man in the sky.

either way if he's transcendental it makes no sense for it to care what humans do with their lives.

No one fucking cares what you dont or do believe in

I learned that MOST religions use FEAR as a tactic to keep you coming back. Sin and forgiveness are tools to keep you coming back. Fear of burning in the after life. Fear of failure. Fear - is the weapon and it's used to guarantee that your ass won't go nowhere and that you and your mother and your father and every other person sitting in that church every sunday pays 10% of their income. All in the name of fear.

Fuck fear. Fuck men who use your fear against you. Fuck the idea that a god would create imperfect beings, then judge and blame them for their imperfections and threaten to burn them for all eternity if they don't agree to willingly be his cheerleader. Fuck the idea of a god who sees and knows EVERYTHING that goes on at all times, and has sat quietly and watched every murder and rape and abuse of men women and children for generations. Fuck the god that uses fear to keep you loyal.

That's not what my version of god is anymore. My understanding of god is very different than when I first started this journey years ago.

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Yeah that's understandable if you're american

God being transcendental means that we can't understand it, which is why we needed Prophets to bring us His message. Does God care about your life ? I don't know, but I believe in ''mektoub'', which means ''its written''. God has written a path for me, and I'll discover it along the way. I'll pursue my dreams and if I don't succeed, then it probably wasn't written.

>It’s brain cancer.
This realization. This is how you stop believing in god.

i sincerely hope you're younger than 18, otherwise this is sad as fuck

Why is running around a mountain a waste of time, but running up and down it apparently a-ok?

If you've ever picked up a bible and read the first page, you'd see why this is a relevant question.

I did not. Why is this question relevant ? Does the BIble dress a list of every animal that has ever existed on the first page ?

I appreciate this post, it’s a true pearl.
Thanks user.
I felt the way OP did when I was younger but faithlessness truly leads you nowhere good.

It's fine to talk shit about my views. You can't teach someone who isn't ready to learn, after all. However, I'd challenge you to share your "superior" perspective and experiences with the class and let us judge you too. Are you brave enough?

How you gonna argue against something you don't have the first clue about? I might as well try to fight with a blind man about the color of the sky. gtf back to /b/. read a damn book sometime. ANY book. try to use those brain cells for something other than picking your nose.

>which is why we need Prophets...

what makes these prophets any more capable of hearing god than you? they could easily bullshit you.

Thank you user, good to see you found your way back. It's hard to keep your faith in modern societies, so I respect people who can keep it, no matter which one

Reading this literally sums up the hive kind that is leddit. This is the most leddit thing I've read since I first witnessed Jow Forums. It's like, if I went back and read the blog post my edgy 15 year old self left behind.

If you read the Bible and take it literally then it says more about you than the book. The Bible literally references evolution, amoebas, it predicted that the earth was round, etc. When you say "Christianity is the dumbest theory ever", you're basically saying science is retarded, too. There's a reason tons of scientists have always been religious. Not a religious Christian myself, but got to admire all the insane things the Bible predicted. Christianity isn't as big of a meme as you would think, surprisingly.

>How do I stop believing in god?
Believe in yourself more. God is simply a construct for all of the things we want in life; protection, love, divinity, wisdom, etc., Humans created God because we needed him. He is instant purpose. Instant clarity. I completely understand the impulse, however, you won't need God if you learn how to grasp the unknown in your own hands and manipulate it yourself instead of sitting back and waiting for a mysterious being in the clouds to do it for you. You are God. You are the master of your own reality. Your body is yours. Your mind is yours. Now use them.

Why do you think it is brain cancer?

I never really had it. I just took the agnosticpill, which lead me to all the logical conclusions that people like OP come to, but I found that ultimately being implies having been “been’d”.

Conciousness is seperated only by the physical. Krishna is a cool guy we should base our ideals off of wisdom from Jesus and stuff since Jesus is literally the penultimate Thad (God, the universe, nature, etc. being the prime Ch*d)

You are just buying into the group think and social pressure.

Your interpretation of reality is just flawed and busted right now.

I don't know, it's kind of weird honestly. I feel like in different times of my life I've been more drawn to a "divine power". I grew up Christian and then I got into atheism/agnosticism and now I'm trying to rebuild my faith. You didn't ask for my story but I'm gonna give it to you anyways:
A devout Christian friend of mine died December 2017. At that time I wasn't really interested in religion in general. The extent of my interest was just reading a bit of taoist literature.
When I went to his funeral I saw all these people gathered here to remember someone so great and so wonderful. He loved people unconditionally, he helped people when they needed help, he was strong and caring.
I pretty much had my "epiphany" then and there. That feeling of a stronger presence. There was something to this funeral. Something that removed all previous doubts and assumptions I previously had.

Point being is that even though you may want to get rid of this idea of God, you really never know when that presence is going to be with you again or when you'll need it. We all go through different shit ay different times and that's okay. Whatever you do user, I hope things go well for you.

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>agnostic calls buddhists beta
maximum overkek

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>cringey autists running amok in a religion thread
Every time

don’t poopoo on people discussing their faith user, it’s a wonderful thing to express! the ultimate thing to express!

come join in user, you’re already amok us just too autistic to notice.

So correct it. Tell us yours so that we may see perfection.

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To stop believing in the abrahamic God is a step towards freedom, but finding real spirituality is important for some people. It's not that hard to do. Just start reading about other gods and then philosophy, namely ancient greek. You'll come around

Read about other religions and expand your knowledge on belief systems. Evaluate afterward.

just believe in God if you're gonna
if it feels like brianwash just don't do the brainwash and see if you still believe

How can you not see the irony and intense hypocrisy of your own post?

You're assuming all religious people are slaves to the religion, but some people genuinely come to believe things on their own, without coercion

It's easy.
You will escape God's laws then.
Unless you do that, you migth have a problem.

Think about the state of the world and ask yourself if there isna god why it would give the world to the devils hands?

He only chooses to love a small percent of the world population and gives them riches comforts, and sends people to slaughter the rest.

If you understand human psyche it's very obvious the religious works were written by those who want power over others. That's why it is sexist and racist and homophobic, each works is a group of people's way to feel superior. Each group thinks they are chosen and special, each religion is like this. It doesn't make any sense.

I enjoy a sense of spirituality because like science, while both are theories and guessing games, they both align at some point. And so it can bring a comfort because no human is capable of truly understanding the universe in its entirety. Since people find it uncomfortable to not know everything, to not have a path, they fill in the blanks.

Anyway each person finds what works for them. I highly suggest not transferring it to hate, but indifference. Don't even give it much thought.

>Humans created God because we needed him.
Oh, I wonder if it's not a biological need like reproduction (look for a female), security (make a house)? It even seems that God has placed this need within us, so the majority of the population prefers to seek some deity. It really makes you think.

>Just like he placed fatal diseases into poor people, and gave all the medicine to rich people.

>le bad things happen so i invalidate your argument

You're near the finish line and you want to give up, if anything your faith in God should increase, you should pray more and read God's word more before you meet him, don't be discouraged by the disease of the flesh, the soul is what's important, you're merely a traveler on this sinful world and this corrupted earth which is ruled by Satan , don't fall now soldier , you're so close to entering your true and final home .

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Do you have definite proof that God does or doesn't exist?

I'll never forget the day I saw the clouds part and angels play trumpets while a pot full of gold descended slowly until it came to rest at Bill Gates's feet, making him from a nerd to a crazy rich man...ARE YOU COMPLETELY FUCKING STUPID?!
"God gives money to certain people". No. Some people get rich by working hard. Some people are good at scamming. Some people are born into money and have better opportunities. God has nothing to do with it or with the wars and slaughters.

>That's why it is sexist and racist and homophobic, each works is a group of people's way to feel superior.

Nevermind, you really are completely fucking stupid. The irony of your own beliefs eludes you.

Everyone is prone to deseases. Developing and producing medicine costs money. The people with money can pay for it and also have better living conditions. Because they can afford them.

>OP this is why you shouldn't be religious.
>They're all so out of their minds lol.

>You do know they're mocking you right?
>Obviously not but I love rhetorical questions.

Eat a couple tabs of lsd and go meet "god"... You will be fine after your trip and this god notion will be taken care of..

Are you nuts? He'll start worshipping the mechanical elves instead.