What do I do

I have terminal cancer (bone I dont know why I got it so young im only 18) and I might live for another 6 or eight months, ive lost a lot of weigt because of it and I dont know what to do. I dont have any money to explore the world or do anything.
pic is my arm

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Fap I guess

Why are you here!? Shouldn't you be making a list of things you want to do or something?

do you taste like curry

shoot up something and write a meme manifesto

Research epitalon on malignant tumors

install https everywhere

Fuck every girl you can

Pity sex still sex

try fasting

Try raising funds from treatment or bucklist activities. Maybe a crypto wallet or idk some crowfunding page.

Go to a therapist. Right the fuck now.

Reflect on what life means to you, is it fundamentally purposeless or constant opportunities of subjective purpose? If you choose its purposeless then you can spend the next 6 months doing anything you want without having to take any real accountability or responsibility for your actions. If you choose that life has attainable subjective purpose then differentiate good and evil inside, find out which you ultimately are, and pursue meaning with your own subjective moral standards

just play vidya

Good luck with everything in your life

Your situation sucks and is a painful reality and a sober reminder to the rest of us


Spend this time doing things you already enjoy and can afford to enjoy. Spend it with friends and family if you desire

If you are concerned about your weight loss then go and pig out at fast food places. You are going to die anyways so who cares what damn delicious garbage you eat

I'm getting treatment but still

You can't wish me good luck, I'm already dead

I'm not going to tell you anything than , try to know Christ Jesus , even if you don't really believe and you say he doesn't exist, why risk it, if he does exist an eternity separated from him and his father would be excruciating, if he doesn't then you didn't really lose anything, try to believe in your heart that he exists and he died for your sins and you will be cleansed.

>Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

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Can you get a hold of LSD it can make you at peace, we love you man,

Go sky diving. Prices might vary (where i live you can do it for less then 25 bucks). I don't mean to sound depressing or negative, but it might help you discovering yourself in the little time you have left.

Do as many hard drugs as you can. Maybe high dosage is shrooms or dmt will help you accept it or at least cope

(From a dealer he'll most likely call it acid, also look up ego death on LSD)

>using a dying man's fear to proseltyse
nice, christians!

If it means saving his soul, by all means, I'm not asking him to do anything else, except believing.

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i agree with a previous poster go to a therapist they are extraordinarily more equipped for this kind of issue than people on this site

Ask your doctor to get you in touch with any universities who are doing studies using new cancer therapies for which you would be one of the first human test subjects on. You're gonna die anyways right? May as well try some new treatment not tested on humans yet.

Unironically this, OP

Dude fuck the therapist.

First of all, get funding. Bring your story to Go Fund Me or Facebook or whatever crowdfunding shit there is. Think up of something that you've always wanted to do that can be achieved with money.

Then see if you can get in touch with some kind of charity or make-a-wish type of organization that would be willing to set up a third party (escrow-like) account for you - this would establish more trust since the fake-cancer scumbags have hardened people's hearts.

In your crowdfunding pitch, make a promise that you would release a video of your preparations for the thing that you want to do as well as the thing itself - not because you want to prove that you did it, but as a last attempt to make some kind of mark in the world and that you actually existed on this planet. Then also have it set up where any extra money goes towards the charity or organization or towards cancer research or something.

I mean, that's what I would do if I were dying in 6-8 months and I would spend every waking moment working on this and with my wife/family.

Why tf would he want to put so much of the energy he has left into getting to do some stupid and meaningless shit?
Outside of fb, nobody cares about your selfworshipping vids of you skydiving and hiling up some stupid mountain, let alone meeting some fucking selebs pr what not.

Spend time with the people you love, op. There‘s nothing else left to do for you that holds any value.

Do whatever you've restrained yourself from doing in the past. Enjoy the time you have left. Make sure you spend some time alone in nature though for quiet contemplation.

I'm sure you mean well, but you can't just decide to believe something.
"I'll give you a million dollars if you genuinely start to believe that the Earth is flat." "Convert to another religion so you don't go to hell." "1+1=2.5 or I'll beat the shit out of you."

try heroine

Go on tinder or a dating site, mention u have a terminal disease and want to spend last moments with a gf, fuck like crazy

Make a go fund me, ask for money to spend last moments doing something u like, spread the link every where.

death is an illusion

Sorry to hear that OP. It is sad to see someone meet such an untimely death. Make the most of your time left in this world. Spend it with the people that you care about the most.

Read the book "How not to die" by Michael Greger

At least you aren't balding

This read some studies about lsd and psilocybin helping with the fear of death in terminaly ill.

youre so fucking lucky, i was i was given a doomsday clock.

>acquire gun
>rob bank
>make it interesting, wear a costume/mask, blast music when you do it
>get the biggest adrenaline rush of your life, if you get caught, youre dead anyway
>have 5 minutes of internet fame

are you jaundiced?



Read the bible or something.