Should I steal 500k from my parents and move to a foreign country? I hate my life :/

should I steal 500k from my parents and move to a foreign country? I hate my life :/

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yea, just fuck shit up with the only people who care about you.

eh, wont matter when I never see them again

Do they have that money tho? As far as you know they could be broken

ye, I guessed the password to one of their bank accounts and there was 500k in it.
They might have more idk, but I would just take this

Don't bother. Just marry a rich foreign dude and then start looking for good divorce attorneys.

take only half of it

Nah. They'll just hire a PI or a put a bounty on you.

Haha yeah do it you bitch I bet you wont
Hit us up when you're on the run

1. Im a guy
2. I would feel really bad if I did that

>leaving them enough money to hire a foreign invesitgator/prosecutor

why not all?
but it would be exciting and fun, like my life is movie. Also its the only chance I have of escaping my shitty life.
sure, ill make a thread about it if I do

ok edge lord, you can take the money and cut contact sure. just realize your a sad edge lord.

what makes me an edge lord? genuinely curious, I thought those were like Jow Forums nazis.

Fuck yeah!

Unironically kill yourself

if your parents have more than 20k in the bank then u're a fuckin faggot and I hate you

the old ask advice and then act like you are cool because you don't care.

huh? dont care about what?

cause lifelong poverty has engendered in me a hatred for ppl who were born into conditions of relative financial stability dont take it personally bro its a society thing

just want to correct u here edgelords are atheists and I won't tolerate any abrogation of this definition.

oh, sorry to hear that. I hope you are doing better now financially.
oh ok thanks, well im not an atheist either.

Allright, listen up you stupid little shit. That money can be traced. ANY electronic transfer will leave a trail behind that the cops will be able to follow. As soon as you touch that money, they'll know where you are, and then you'll have the fuzz crawling up your ass.

I know you're just larping and giving us a good fantasy. But just in case you're for real, understand that YOU WILL GET CAUGHT. 500 grand is a nice chunk of change, your parents are not just gonna forget about it. They will press charges, there will be an APB, you will be hunted, you will be found and arrested, and then prosecuted. For embezzlement, for theft, for fraud, for what the fuck ever. You will go to prison, if you actually act on this.

You think your life is shit now? Wait until you have to do time in the big house, where Bubba makes you his girl and rapes your virgin asshole 5 times a day, because it's the only pussy he'll ever get while serving his life sentence for murder.

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